Sam Raimi by Eric Charbonneau/, Sword of Truth cover art courtesy Tor Books
Sam Raimi (the Spider-Man movies) is bringing his flair for fantasy to television. He'll exec-produce a new syndicated series called Wizard's First Rule, based on the best-selling Sword of Truth books by Terry Goodkind. Sword tells the story of a woodsman-cum-wizard and a mysterious woman who team up to combat an evil tyrant.... A bright spot amidst all of the strike Sturm und Drang: CBS is producing new television! The Eye has ordered 13 episodes of Flashpoint, a cop drama about a city's Strategic Response Unit, starring Enrico Colantoni (Sheriff Mars!), Hugh Dillon and David Paetkau.... Judge Judy will be sticking around the judicial airwaves for at least another four years; a two-year contract extension will keep her gavel a-bangin' through 2012. - Mickey O'Connor