George Eads, Marg Helgenberger and Eric Szmanda at Chicago Musuem of Science and Industry by Sean Smith/
You know your show is a pop-culture phenomenon when a museum exhibit opens in its honor. But that's exactly what's happened to CSI. All the cast members from the CBS megahit came out to Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry last night to celebrate CSI: The Experience, which opens to the public on Friday, May 25. "This exhibit feels like a pat on the back for a job well done," says George Eads. After the ribbon cutting, William Petersen, Marg Helgenberger and the rest of the CSI-ers took a tour of the interactive exhibit, where visitors can gather evidence, run tests and crack the case just like the investigators do on the show.

While the cast gushed about the exhibit, they remained tight-lipped about the fate of Sara ( Jorja Fox), whose life hung in the balance at the end of the May 17 season finale. "We ended this season with Sara under a car and that's how we'll start Season 8," says executive producer Carol Mendelsohn. One promising sign: Fox, who's been in contract negotiations with the show, was in attendance last night. Still, she played it coy about her future in the Vegas crime lab. "This is the only time we've left it open-ended," she says. "If I did know, I'd smile and tell you I didn't. But I hope Sara's alive and well and back for a sexy Season 8 romance." And her costars feel the same. "If we find ourselves in the situation that she's not with us next year, we'll be in trouble," says Eads. "There's only one Jorja Fox." - Laura Moore

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