Janeane Garofalo by Cliff Lipson/CBS, Ming Wen by Michael Desmond/Fox
Apparently all is right with the cosmos. Janeane Garofalo, who recently was announced as a cast member of oh-so-serious 24, will play to her strength as a funnywoman in a guest-star turn on CBS' Two and a Half Men, series creator Chuck Lorre tells TVGuide.com. In the second outing of the new season, Garofalo will play a love interest for Jon Cryer's Alan (who, history is showing us, never seems drawn to the shrinking-violet type).

TVGuide.com has also learned that Vanished Inconceivable ER alum Ming Wen (nee Ming Na) also is visiting the Men, appearing in multiple episodes as a judge who seems to be out of Charlie's league - and yet we're confident she ultimately bangs his gavel.