Albert Brooks and Rob Morrow at Bucket List premiere by John Shearer/
At Sunday's premiere of The Bucket List, Rob Morrow (who plays Dr. Collins in the film about two cancer patients living life to the fullest) told TV Guide how the story keyed into his own philosophy on life: "Trying to have perspective and appreciation and gratitude is something I think about a lot, and that's what this movie's about."

Morrow split his time between his regular role on Numbers while performing in the film opposite Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. When it comes to his CBS series, Morrow says his mind is on the fate of the cast and crew. "A lot of people lost their houses in the [Southern California wildfires] and now they're unemployed [because of the WGA strike]," he laments. Thus far, the series has produced 12 out of 23 episodes, and one storyline fans have yet to see centers around Morrow's Don Eppes. "I've got a new flame, [played by] Michelle Nolden," he says. "She was supposed to come back and we had some stuff brewing there." - Bekah Wright