Katee Sackhoff by Billy Tompkins/Sci Fi Channel Photo
Battlestar Galactica 's feisty and beloved Starbuck, played by Katee Sackhoff, will now be Lost and Found on NBC.

Sackhoff has snagged the lead role in the new Dick Wolf-produced pilot, which was created by L&O scribe Chris Levinson, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The hour-long drama centers on offbeat LAPD detective Tessa (Sackhoff), who, after butting heads with her bosses, is sent - Fox Mulder-style - to the basement to work on John/Jane Doe cases.

After playing the tragically flawed Starbuck for four seasons on Sci Fi's Battlestar, "offbeat" will probably be a breath of fresh air for Sackhoff.

Are you excited to see Sackhoff in a down-to-Earth role? - Erin Fox

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