Kim Delaney courtesy Lifetime
NYPD Blue vet Kim Delaney commands attention as a smart and sexy colonel's wife on Lifetime's Army Wives (Sundays at 10 pm/ET). We asked her to report on Season 2. - Megan Walsh-Boyle

TV Guide: No sophomore slump for Army Wives
Kim Delaney:
We're beating ourselves [in the ratings] - it's crazy.

TV Guide: What do you think is the show's appeal?
I think it's the writing and the characters. With Claudia Joy, there's this great love story between her and Michael, even though they've been married for years.

TV Guide: What kind of reaction have you received from real military wives?
Amazing. I run into so many military wives who are happy we're showing their side. [They're] unsung heroes.

TV Guide: Season 2 opened with the death of Amanda - that was quite a shock.
If you're going to end with a bomb, you have to do something drastic. [The writers] didn't want to tease the audience and not give them something. But that's what's good about our show it's not what you expect.

TV Guide: Claudia Joy is the "strong one," but does that change now because of her loss?
That's why I love playing her. She's like the moral center of the show, which is great, but she's got flaws, like all of us do. There are cracks and there are flaws and you'll see [more of that]. [Amanda's death] gives me other places to go.

TV Guide: How are you and Claudia Joy most alike and most different?
I think with any character I do there's piece of me. We're both moms with teenagers- I'm a single mom, so that's a little different. The hosting thing- I'm definitely good at hosting parties. I think my world is probably a little more unconventional.

TV Guide: What do you admire most about Claudia Joy?
Her loyalty and her love for her friends, for her family.

TV Guide: What's coming up next?
Claudia Joy goes through some bumps - she's navigating her way through losing her child, so she's going through all the stages of grief.

TV Guide: Now that your old All My Children costars are recreating their characters, we were wondering if you've ever been approached to bring Jenny back from the dead?
Uh-huh. I would do it. I love Agnes Nixon. I love the whole show. But I can't [now] - I have no time!