Anthony Edwards by Paul Drinkwater/NBC Photo; George Clooney by Daniele Venturelli/
Now that Dr. Greene has agreed to scrub back in for the final season of ER, he is paging his old pal Dr. Ross to join him.

Anthony Edwards, who agreed to appear in one episode of ER's final season, told Access Hollywood that his former costar George Clooney "would be a fool no to," come back to the show that launched his career for its sendoff.

Edwards, who will return in a flashback since his character died of a brain tumor in the 2001-2002 season, isn't the only one trying to coax Clooney back. "I know they want to do everything they can to bring everybody back," he said of the producers. "But who knows what'll happen."

So far, the only other originating cast member on board is Noah Wyle. Edwards has filmed his episode, which will air Nov. 13. — Adam Bryant

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Anthony Edwards Scrubs Back in at ER