Hey! It's Colie! She's incredibly hungover and her hair looks disgusting, and she probably smells bad! Yay! First Brooke thinks Colie's too crazy, now Jenn thinks Colie's too skanky - she is not looking good.

I thought this was a really fun episode, minus the Brooke freak-outs. I know I always defend her, but I'm really getting sick of those. If I were her friend, I have to say, I'd want to smack her on this trip, or I would just try to ditch her whenever possible. I think the other roommates making fun of Davis for being whipped was going too far, though.

So, Bangkok freaked out Brooke, but she couldn't have been happier once they all arrived at their beach resort. She even got drunk to the point where she couldn't stop screaming and at least ran next to the path of fire, or whatever. Tyrie and Davis kind of faded into the background this episode: We didn't get to see Tyrie almost getting into a fight, as he described, nor did we get to see Davis get so drunk that he passed out before midnight, as he described. Wait. I'm actually glad we didn't see that; I still haven't recovered from the last time I had to see him passed out from a night of drinking. Ugh.

Anyway, Colie and Alex seem to be drifting apart as Jenn and Stephen seem to be getting closer. Well, it was pretty clear Alex never liked Colie, but now his disinterest is developing into outright disgust, as he looked incredibly nauseated recounting Colie's going topless in front of everyone in the first hour of their trip. I understand "letting loose" when you're on vacation, but come on, Colie. No one wants to see that.

So Stephen is appreciating Jenn's boob job more lately. Who thinks they're going to hook up? That would be bizarre. I'm leaning toward no - not because Jenn has a boyfriend (since that would obviously never stop her). But I think I would have gotten more of a hint from MTV about it by now, since that would be pretty major.

So I'll give Colie one thing: In the past, she was never an angry drunk. She was a sloppy, easy and irritating drunk, but never an angry drunk. But for some reason, she was just being a bee-yotch in Thailand as soon as she'd had a few, bragging about being the only one to "get laid," attacking Alex when he was clearly doing everything in his power to avoid her and talking smack about Brooke. What's wrong, Colie? You had sex with an Australian man who looks twice your age on both nights - that sounds like your idea of heaven.

Ah, what would this season have been without Colie? I can't even imagine.