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The wife of popular rapper Eminem attempted suicide Friday night at the couple's home in suburban Detroit, according to The Detroit Free Press. Police would not release the victim's name but Interscope Records spokesman Dennis Dennehy confirmed to the paper it was 25-year-old Kim Mathers who was transported to a hospital and later released. Meanwhile, Eminem is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday for a preliminary hearing on charges of carrying a concealed weapon and assault with a deadly weapon. — Rich Brown read more


Freaks and Geeks, the critically acclaimed but low-rated series canceled after just one season on NBC, will live on in reruns on Fox Family Channel. The cable network has picked up all 18 episodes of the teen drama, including three that never aired. Watch for its Fox Family debut on Aug. 29. read more


Meanwhile, former Multimillionaire bride Darva Conger is auctioning her diamond wedding ring (3.37 carats) and brand new 2000 Isuzu Trooper LS on web site Each is valued at $35,000 and proceeds will be donated to Easter Seals and United Cerebral Palsy Fund. The auctions run through July 15. read more


Rick Rockwell says the late sideshow geek Elephant Man is more appealing to him than Playboy-posing ex-wife Darva Conger. In a tell-all interview with, Rockwell says he had been warned against choosing Conger as his wife by Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire host Jay Thomas. "He came backstage when I had to narrow it down to five finalists and said, 'Anybody but the platinum blonde.' And I said, 'What?' He really wouldn't give me a definitive answer as to why he was saying that." read more


ESPN plans to develop original sports-themed movies, including a Billy Crystal project based on the life of veteran sportscaster Dick Schaap. Schaap currently hosts The Sports Reporters for the cable network. read more

Wayans Bros. Scare Mama

What does Mama Wayans think of the raunchy comedy displayed by sons Marlon and Shawn in Scary Movie?

"She said 'It was funny, but sometimes you all went too far,' " Marlon confesses to TV Guide Online. "She wasn't mad. She was just like, 'You know, there were some really big laughs in there, but sometimes, you know, y'all just a little... crazy.' "

Shawn says if you want to see the dangers in trying to aim a pic at his parents you need look no further than the 1994 box office dud Blankman starring brother Damon. "See what happened?," he says. "That's just not our tone. That's not our sense of humor. Maybe one day, when I'm 65, then hopefully they'll be around and I can do some Clint Eastwood movie for them."

For now, the brothers prefer getting their laughs with over-the-top gags that are sure to be a hit with the South Park crowd. How over the top? Let's just say Scary Movie is probably th read more

Real World Star Goes Undercover

It won't be easy, but The Real World's Danny says he and his secret military boyfriend Paul are determined to lead a normal life together.

"We're going to live [together] in a fairly small town in a random place," the 22-year-old Georgia native tells The Advocate. "Obviously there is a fear that people are going to recognize me, put two and two together, and automatically know who [Paul] is. I want to avoid that as much as possible."

Danny says he originally had no intention of revealing his relationship to Paul on the MTV show out of fear that the military might kick his main man out of the service. "But then two weeks into the project [Paul] was like, 'I'm coming,' " he says. Quick-thinking producers blurred Paul's image on the show and successfully maintained his anonymity. But for how long?

"The way I look at it is that when we go out in public places, we have to think about where we're going [and] who's going to be there," says read more


Veteran CBS News anchor Dan Rather has been selected to serve as a juror in a Manhattan civil court case involving Citicorp. "I think that it's an important privilege, as well as a responsibility for every citizen," he told the New York Post after being picked from the jury pool on Thursday. read more


The second episode of CBS reality series Big Brother scored an 8.2 rating Thursday night, trailing closely behind NBC's Friends rerun in the 8 pm/ET slot. On the bright side: Brother's rating was 39 percent higher than last week's CBS rerun of Diagnosis Murder. On the dark side: Thursday night's viewership for the much-hyped Brother fell 39 percent from Wednesday night's debut episode. read more

Coen Bros. Plot Next Film

Offbeat moviemaking brothers Joel and Ethan Coen say they were just as surprised as anybody to see 1996's Fargo become one of their biggest hits.

"We thought nobody would go see that movie and we made it pretty cheaply so that nobody would get too terribly hurt when no one showed up," Ethan (pictured, right) tells TV Guide Online. "In fact, it ended up earning more than any of our other movies, or about the same as Raising Arizona."

The eclectic filmmakers have just begun production on their latest pic, a film noirish tale set in 1930s Northern California that stars Billy Bob Thornton as a barber who wants to get into the dry-cleaning business. Joel's real-life wife, Fargo's Oscar-winning Best Actress Frances McDormand, also stars.

Ethan says the new movie will be somewhat reminiscent of their first movie, Blood Simple, which is currently enjoying a limited rerelease in theaters. The brothers say they couldn't pred read more

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