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In her exclusive Q&A with TV Guide Online, last week's fallen Survivor, Colleen, admitted that when it came to forging a career in television the only show that interested her was Animal Planet's Crocodile Hunter. "I would love to be a [production assistant] on an adventure travel show, like Crocodile Hunter," she said. "That would be so fun." Always willing to help a Survivor castaway find work, TV Guide Online placed a call to the offices of the popular Steve Irwin-hosted series to see if there were any openings. "Since Steve Irwin is the ultimate Survivor, it only makes sense that Colleen would be interested," jokes spokesperson Matt Katzive. "I don't know that they're hiring right now, but it's awfully flattering." read more


His KIM — ROT IN PIECES tattoo was kind of a sign, but Eminem wants to make it official: The controversial rapper has filed for divorce from his high school sweetheart, Kelly Mathers. The duo — who have a 4-year-old daughter, Hallie — married last year. "In early June, the couple separated," said a statement released by Eminem's label, Interscope Records, "and since then Eminem has come to the decision that a divorce is unavoidable." read more


Morgan Freeman is in talks to reunite with his Kiss the Girls co-star Ashley Judd in the thriller High Crimes, Variety reports. The story focuses on a Harvard Law School prof who defends her military husband after he's accused by the Army of desertion and murder. read more


Helping to dispel rumors that their newborn son, Rocco, was experiencing life-threatening complications, Madonna and beau Guy Ritchie were seen Tuesday night dining at L.A.'s Palm restaurant, USA Today reports. Speculation was that little Rocco, whose Aug. 11 birth came three weeks early, was suffering from lung, kidney and liver problems. A rep for the pop star/actress/diva confirms that the new arrival is safe at home with his parents. Madonna, meanwhile, turned 42 on Wednesday. read more


Sean Kenniff, the Long Island, NY, neurologist dubbed by fellow castaways as "a putz," became the latest victim of the evil Tagi alliance on Survivor last night. Best known for employing a lame-brained alphabet strategy, Kenniff was voted off Palau Tiga after Kelly — pegged in many polls as the contestant most likely to get the heave-ho next — won immunity in a Blair Witch-inspired challenge. Moments after learning his fate, Kenniff, who next month will appear on Guiding Light as a doctor, said that he hoped to be remembered as "the last good one to go down," an obvious dig at the cutthroat final four: Kelly, Richard, Rudy and Sue. This morning on The Early Show, however, he retracted that remark. "I was a little bit of a sore loser at that point," he said. Next week's big two-hour finale — which is expected to draw Super Bowl-type ratings — will conclude with a live hour-long town hall meeting with the 16 contestants; Ea read more


Sammy, we hardly knew ya. NBC has canceled the critically panned animated comedy, produced/voiced by comedian David Spade, after just two weeks, Variety reports.... The trade paper also confirms that singer/ranter Henry Rollins will host Fox's upcoming anthology series Night Visions, which premieres Oct 6. — Michael Ausiello read more


When last seen, Friends supercouple Monica and Chandler were celebrating their engagement. Now there's buzz that a lavish wedding could take place this fall. A Warner Bros. rep had no comment, but there's this promising sign: Elliot Gould, who plays Monica's proud papa, is returning early in the season for several episodes. "I haven't seen a script, but I'm being booked for two of their early shows and I'm told there may be more shows for me to do," he tells TV Guide Online. "But I don't know [if there's going to be a wedding]. If I did know, it would probably be out of line to tell you. But I hope it's a wedding." read more

Survivor Nightmare Uncovered

The identity of Survivor's grand-prize winner may not be the only secret CBS is trying to keep a lid on. In Part 2 of TV Guide Online's exclusive chat with castaway Colleen Haskell, the 23-year-old Miami Ad School student reveals surprising details about the crisis that brought life on Pulau Tiga to a virtual standstill ? and nearly drove the contestants to quit. Also, Haskell shares her true feelings about nemesis Richard, and takes the media to task for its ruthless pursuit of Survivor skeletons. Tell me something the cameras didn't show.

There was a competition that wasn't shown on camera last week. It was just a little competition. And I won it so I wish it was shown. I don't think it's being shown how bored we all were. Oh man, they're editing all of that out. Also, how bad the rain was. The rain was not fun and it was very difficult. It drained you so much you just wanted to leave. Especially on this last episode. They sho read more

Bruckheimer's Precious Pearl

It's still a year away, but mega-producer Jerry Bruckheimer is already banking on his big screen epic, Pearl Harbor, to rake in some serious cash when it hits theaters next summer. But with a budget rumored at $200 million, it's no wonder that the producer has Titanic-sized expectations ? not to mention anxieties.

"We don't want to screw this one up," says Bruckheimer, who's lined up Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett, Alec Baldwin, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Kate Beckinsale for the flick. "It's such a good script. The core of it is a triangle love story so it's an emotional film. It shows the essence of what happened at Pearl Harbor. We're not making a docu-drama."

The veteran producer (Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop, Armageddon, Coyote Ugly) says that there's a simple reason why his films have grossed an estimated $11 billion worldwide. "I'm successful because I listen," he insists. "I know I don't know anything read more

Pasdar's Mysterious Wedding

How busy are newlyweds and parents-to-be Adrian Pasdar (Mysterious Ways) and Dixie Chicks warbler Natalie Maines? Well, they're now planning a December honeymoon to celebrate their recent union at a Las Vegas wedding chapel.

Pasdar, who's busy shooting NBC's supernatural drama in Vancouver, tells the TV Guide Channel that his production schedule and his wife's concert dates have been so full lately that it has been impossible to schedule a honeymoon any time soon. "Until that point, it's just seeing each other whenever we can, weekends and sometimes during the week when she's off," he says. "People seem to be very accommodating, in terms of schedules and making it as easy as they can, for us. It's just a matter of flying on planes a lot."

The happy couple yesterday announced on Live with Regis that they are expecting their first child and that they eventually plan to have 10 kids! Sounds like an atypically long-term plan for read more

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