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Wonder Woman Loses Superpowers

Lynda Carter says she's no Wonder Woman when it comes to trying to balance a busy acting career with raising a family.

"I do a movie every year and that's plenty right now because I don't want to miss these moments with my children," says Carter, 49, who today spends much of her time raising son James, 12, and daughter Jessica, 9, with lawyer hubby Robert Altman.

Carter, who rose to fame in the 1970s as the titular character of TV's Wonder Woman, says on this coming Monday's Intimate Portrait (Lifetime, 7 pm/ET) that she realized the importance of staying close to her family while away in Vancouver shooting the short-lived 1994 Stephen J. Cannell drama series Hawkeye.

"It was the most miserable time of my life," recalls Carter. "I have come to the conclusion that I cannot be separated from my family. All life really is [is] just one giant moment, an eternal moment."

Still, Carter seems to be enjoying work in TV read more


Like the rest of America, CBS execs apparently are realizing that their reality dud, Big Brother, is, well, a big bore. Hoping to shake things up a bit — not to mention boost the show's disappointing ratings — the network may have one of its Survivor castaways pay a visit to the Big Brother prison, er, compound, the New York Post reports. The crossover could take place anytime in the next 10 weeks. Last night on Survivor, college student Jenna — in a close vote — became the latest contestant booted off the island. (Nudist Richard missed being cut by a single vote.) And on Big Brother, the housemates nominated stripper Jordan (for the second time) and Big Apple attorney Curtis for banishment. Meanwhile, Survivor executive producer Mark Burnett reportedly has issued a restraining order against a viewer upset that the reality soap showed participants eating rats. Donna LaPerch al read more

Pfeiffer's Hydro Fear

What Lies Beneath may do for bathtubs what Psycho did for showers. The hit film ? which topped the box office last weekend with a $29 million gross ? features a spooky climax involving Michelle Pfeiffer and a tub full of H20. But while the actress admits that the scene gave her chills, she's not about to follow in the footsteps of Janet Leigh, who, after filming her killer Psycho scene, never showered again.

"I love baths and I still take them, but I have to be honest, I don't enjoy them in the same way that I used to," Pfeiffer tells TV Guide Online. "I'm not nervous, it's just not quite the same."

Not helping matters was the fact that the Oscar nominee wasn't very fond of the wet stuff to begin with. "The two things I really hate most in life are one, being cold, and two, water," she says. "In fact, it took me a while to get it across to production that I really had quite a severe fear of water and they finally took it serious read more

Sweeney Finally Speaks!

In the WB's new animated series Baby Blues, premiering Friday at 8 pm/ET, former Saturday Night Live regular Julia Sweeney reveals to viewers a shocking new side of herself: her voice.

"It's the first time I've ever used my real voice on TV," Sweeney tells TV Guide Online, adding that if only her alter ego wasn't so dowdy, they'd be the spitting image of each other. "I think Wanda should be a little sexier looking, then she'd be more like me. But I'm adjusting."

Sweeney ? best known as androgynous Pat, the SNL character she created and later took to a feature-length film ? was no stranger to the popular comic strip on which the show is based. "All my girlfriends who are married and have babies kept telling me about it," she says. "They got me to read it and I thought it was very sharp and funny. Actually, the TV version is going to be darker and edgier and a little less about moms and kids."

As Wanda, Sweeney faces the ups and downs of life i read more


Former Brady Bunch kid Barry Williams is hawking a new song parody, "Real Greg Brady," based on Eminem's best-selling "Real Slim Shady." Sample lyrics: "It was so much fun makin' that show for you/and then writin' my book, too — tellin' who was dating who; it was all TV, wasn't real, just play/back then we couldn't say that the dad was really gay/or that my mom on TV was datin' me. Tee hee!" If you're still interested, you can buy the CD single for $5 at — Michael Ausiello and Rich Brown read more


Gillian Anderson, whose Agent Scully character on The X-Files learned that she was pregnant in last May's finale, has extended her contract with the Fox drama through a potential ninth season (or May 2002), USA Today reports. Series creator Chris Carter recently announced that he could see the show continuing beyond its upcoming eighth season with or without Anderson and co-star David Duchovny, who will appear in only 11 episodes this year. To fill the void, Terminator 2's Robert Patrick joins the cast in the Nov. 5 season premiere. read more


That sound you heard last night was Napster fans burning the midnight oil in anticipation of the site's imminent — and potentially permament — dismemberment. A federal judge on Wednesday ruled in favor of the recording industry, agreeing that the popular song-swapping service was guilty of copyright infringement. At midnight Friday, the site will cease allowing its 20 million users to trade copyrighted music. Napster plans to appeal. read more


Tim Meadows — who is joining the cast of NBC's Michael Richards Show — isn't the only Saturday Night Live cast member calling it quits. "Weekend Update" anchor Colin Quinn also won't return this fall, opting instead to pursue a movie career, reports the New York Post. "Of course I'd like to come back sometimes," Quinn told the Post. "We'll see what happens." An SNL rep tells TV Guide Online: "We wish him all the best." The spokesperson adds that Meadows may make a few appearances this fall in conjunction with the Oct. 13 release of his Ladies Man movie. read more


Oscar winner Roberto Benigni will star in Walt Disney's live-action remake of Pinocchio, Variety reports. The picture also will star Benigni's wife and Life Is Beautiful co-star, Nicoletta Braschi. The trade paper also reports that Angelina Jolie, an Oscar winner herself for Girl, Interrupted, will play Kevin Costner's leading lady in Oliver Stone's romantic drama Beyond Borders. read more


Not everyone is falling under the Harry Potter spell. Turned off by the book's wizardry and magic themes, a New Zealand school has banned teachers from reading excerpts from any of the four Potter books to students, Reuters reports. The classmates can still read the books on their own, however. read more

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