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Question: Where can I find a ...

Question: Where can I find a list of credits for Dianne Wiest from Law &#038 Order? Thanks.

Televisionary: Now, really. If I send you someplace else and you're looking at their banner ads, how long before my hits-driven boss lowers the boom on me?

Here are the highlights: The talented Wiest, whose résumé includes Obie, Emmy, Oscar (twice), Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild wins in the awards section, has recently been seen on the small screen in the NBC mini-series The 10th Kingdom and the TV-movie The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn (her first TV appearance was in PBS's Zalmen, or the Madness of God).

On the big screen, her career highlights include Footloose, The Lost Boys, Parenthood and a whole slew of Woody Allen flicks, read more


Good Morning America broadcast five births during today's show — the culmination of its "Baby, Oh Baby, It's Super Baby Tuesday" series... Oscar-winner Richard Dreyfuss will star in the CBS drama pilot The Education of Max Bickford playing a history professor who works at a women's college where his ex-wife is president and his daughter a student, Variety reports.... The WB is in talks to revive the 1980s daredevil series That's Incredible... A rep for 20th Century Fox denies reports that Sigourney Weaver has signed on to do a fifth Alien film, insisting that there are no plans for another sequel. — Michael Ausiello and Daniel R. Coleridge read more

Question: A recent question ...

Question: A recent question about spinoff shows (I don't think it was in your column) made me think of something. Wasn't there a spinoff of Cheers called The Tortellis? I think it centered around Carla's extended family. Oddly, I seem to recall that Casey Kasem's wife was on this show. If you could give me some more information about this show I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much. — Elizabeth

Televisionary: There was indeed a short-lived Cheers spinoff called The Tortellis, which starred Dan Hedaya as Carla's ex-husband, Nick, and Jean Kasem as his wife, Loretta, both of whom first appeared on the hugely successful barroom comedy. The setup was that Nick relocated from Boston to Vegas and took teen son Anthony (Timothy Williams) with him in an attempt to patch things up with Loretta, who was out there pursuing a showbiz career. Nick split his time between running a TV repair business and being a talent mana read more


Ending weeks of "Will he or won't he" speculation, controversial rapper and Grammy nominee Eminem has decided to attend the music industry's top awardsfest. "It's because everyone doesn't want my ass there," he told MTV News. "So I'm going to sit my stinking ass down next to N'Sync and flick pennies at them and [expletive] just stand in everybody's face and say, 'Kiss my ass.'" No word yet on whether he'll also charm his fellow attendees with a performance. read more


Forget the fava beans, folks. Hannibal producer Dino De Laurentiis is taking a bite out of Jodie Foster, who passed on reprising her Oscar-winning role as FBI agent Clarice Starling for the sequel to The Silence of the Lambs, opening Friday. (Julianne Moore has taken over the part.) "I have to be honest here," he says, revving up. "When I read the book, even before I started to think about who would be the director, I said, 'Jodie Foster, she's wrong for Starling here.' Because [the character is] more mature a woman, 10 years later. She's supposed to be near 40 years old, different job, full of sex appeal. I don't think Jodie Foster — she's a good actress — has all these qualities to play Starling." read more

Question: A simple question, ...

Question: A simple question, I thought, but Temptation Island never says where exactly it is located. So, where is Temptation Island? Thank you. — Erica

Televisionary: Y'know, it's kept secret for the good of people like you, Erica. How can you enjoy your pi&#241a colada when you're trying to outrun Ghidrah and Gigan? Oh, wait... that's Monster Island.

The far scarier "Temptation Island" is actually Ambergris Caye, which lies off the coast of Belize. The show was shot at a place called Captain Morgan's Retreat (and aptly so, given that the series is based on stealing what's most dear to someone else).

Word is Temptation Island has inspired a big tourism bump for Belize, something I'm betting doesn't hold true for Survivor's Palau Tiga (Colleen's weepy sores didn't exactly scream "fun in the sun," y'know?). Anyway, if you're interested, you should stop by the Captain Morgan s read more

T&#038A and S&#038R

German lion-taming duo Siegfried and Roy will be prominently featured in this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, Reuters reports. Although a rep for the magazine declined to comment, sources confirmed that the flashy pair were chosen because editors — who shot some of the issue in Las Vegas — wanted to feature a local icon in the pics. The issue will hit newsstands later this month. read more

Question: How long did ...

Question: How long did Starsky and Hutch run? Also, wasn't Starsky killed at the end, and where can I catch old episodes? Thanks. — Ed H.

Televisionary: Near as I can tell, Ed, they only ran until they caught the bad guy. (Kindly imagine drum-combo ba-dum-BUM here, please.)

Ah, but I kid. In all seriousness (or as much as I can muster to discuss a show with a main character named Huggy Bear), the critically lambasted but hugely popular Starsky and Hutch had a spot on ABC's schedule from September 1975 to August 1979. Its strongest ratings were in the first season, but during its run the show garnered all sorts of fan-oriented awards (People's Choice, Golden Globe, etc.) as the two crime-fighting hunks tore through the streets of the fictional Bay City, Calif., in Starsky's tricked-out '74 Gran Torino. (That car, by the way, inspired such a following that Ford actually sold 1,000 limited-edition models fashioned after the one used in the show.)

read more

Survivor's Kel to Jerri: What's Your Beef?

Kel Gleason — the 32-year-old Army intelligence officer who was the second contestant booted from Survivor: The Australian Outback — admits that charges he snuck beef jerky during his brief stay Down Under continue to haunt him.

"Those false allegations bother me more than being kicked off the show," Gleason told Bryant Gumbel on Friday's Early Show. "I didn't have any [beef jerky]... None... Zero."

For those who opted to watch NBC's Friends/Saturday Night Live combo Thursday night, here's a quick recap of Survivor 2's big Scandal de Beef Jerky. Aspiring actress Jerri Manthey thought she saw her Ogakor tribemate munching on something dark brown, and without investigating it further, spread to her fellow starving Ogakors the rumor that he had a secret stash of beef jerky. The angry mob proceeded to search Gleason's belongings, but there were no snacks to be found read more

Freddie Prinze Jr.'s Most Embarrassing Moment

Freddie Prinze Jr. wants to clear something up for those moviegoers who saw his latest film, Head Over Heels, over the weekend. The sound effects in the scene where his character is going to the bathroom were not — he repeats not — supplied by him.

"Man, I was ambushed," Prinze tells TV Guide Online of the noisy potty humor. "I had no idea they were going to add all of those sound effects. I imagined it being a bit less noisy, shall we say. I had no reservations whatsoever when I did the scene, but when I saw the movie it got to me."

The 24-year-old She's All That hottie, however, isn't mad, just a little embarrassed. "Listen, I did a little business on the pot and it was what it was," he laughs. "I have to say it's a very funny scene... Can't wait for my mother to see that."

In Head Over Heels, Prinze plays a fashion entrepreneur who is being spied on by five flawless gals sharing an apartment across the way. "It was a real read more

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