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Nicolas Cage, 38, and Lisa Marie Presley, 34, ended their 10-month relationship two weeks ago, their reps said Tuesday. The statement said the two "hope to remain friendly." read more


British actor Henry Goodman is crossing the pond to make his Broadway debut in the smash hit The Producers, reports The Associated Press. Goodman will take over the starring role of Max Bialystock when Nathan Lane leaves on March 17. Co-star Matthew Broderick is also departing the show on that date, and while no official announcement has been made on who will replace him, former Wings star Steven Weber is said to be in the running. read more


Oscar host Whoopi Goldberg's Academy Award was stolen after it was sent out for cleaning, but was recovered Tuesday, The Associated Press reports. Goldberg, who won the supporting-actress Oscar for Ghost in 1990, had returned it to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which sent it to the manufacturer for cleaning and replating. The Academy packed up the Oscar and shipped it on Friday via United Parcel Service, but the box was empty when it arrived on Tuesday at R.S. Owens Co. of Chicago, the company that makes the statuettes. The Academy said in a statement that it was stolen from a UPS shipping container. Someone apparently opened the package, removed the Oscar, then resealed the box, said Brad Cafarelli, Goldberg's spokesman. read more


The magical world of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is landing on videotape and DVD with about five minutes of bewitching deleted scenes added in, reports Variety. Both formats of last year's top-grossing film will be available in stores on May 28. Don't worry about forgetting the date: Warner Home Video is planning a massive $25 million marketing campaign to promote the release. read more


Actress Winona Ryder (Girl, Interrupted) pleaded innocent on Tuesday to four felony counts of theft, burglary, vandalism and possession of a controlled substance, stemming from her Dec. 12 arrest for allegedly stealing about $4800 in clothing from Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills and possessing painkillers without a prescription. The 30-year-old actress faces up to three years and eight months in prison if convicted, but could also be sentenced to probation. Ryder remains free on a $20,000 bond. A preliminary hearing was scheduled for March 11. read more


Congrats, Brandy: We hereby crown you Drama Queen for a Day. Ending speculative whispers about her love life, the R&#038B star revealed she's been secretly wed to producer/songwriter Robert Smith since last summer. "I've fallen in love with a very warm, gentle, understanding and focused person," she said in a statement. "This summer, we married quietly. A new experience, a new day for me." Yeah, and that dramatic announcement probably won't hurt PR for her new album — Full Moon, due out March 5 — either! read more


Despite his much-touted departure episode from ER in December, Dr. Peter Benton may still have to scrub up after all. It seems actor Eriq La Salle's exit was premature. The actor has been put on notice by the show's producers that he'll have to return to ER, the New York Daily News reports. "There's a terrific line from Godfather III: 'Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in,'" said La Salle, who was getting $9 million a season. He continues, "If they left it up to me, I'd be done, because I feel Benton had a graceful, clean exit and I think Noah Wyle is the future of that show. But I'm under contract still, so it's ultimately their choice. If they want me back, I'll be back." read more

Gilmore Girl to Get Her Guy?

Oh, the irony! Most people spend their lives trying to get together with their better halves; Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino struggles to keep apart a matched set, the dramedy's adorably acerbic heroine Lorelai and her platonic pal, rugged softie Luke.

"There are only so many times," she observes, "that people can stare across a table and go, 'She's pretty, but she's dating someone else,' 'He's swell, but his girlfriend is back' [before] you stick your head in the punch bowl."

So, in the warm and witty series's second season, Sherman-Palladino has had to become extra imaginative in order to contrive for the infatuated duo an insurmountable obstacle. But she thinks that she has hit pay dirt with the introduction of Luke's teenage nephew, Jess, a troublemaker with eye read more


Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones (Traffic) has been tapped as the new spokeswoman for beauty-product company Elizabeth Arden, the New York Post reports. The Welsh stunner will appear in the company's new ad campaign, "Open for Beauty." Zeta-Jones's ads will include TV spots, magazine ads and personal appearances. Although the price tag for her services was not revealed, sources said it was in the $5 million-plus range. The company plans to launch its latest beauty blitz in June. read more


This year, as Oscar's home moves to Hollywood's Kodak Theater for the 74th annual Academy Awards, they're changing the house rules: For security reasons, diehard fans can no longer camp out all night on L.A.'s city sidewalks to snag bleacher seats in hopes of catching a glimpse of potential nominees Nicole Kidman or Russell Crowe. Instead, you'll have to make a reservation for the 400 or so available spaces on the Academy's website. Better hurry — it's first come, first served! read more

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