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William Shatner reportedly has performed his last club act for According to the New York Post, the Star Trek icon has parted ways with the name-your-price e-tailer — although the reason for the split was not immediately known. has seen its fortunes collapse in the past year, with its stock plummeting from $165 to $2.25 per share. read more


With NYPD Blue reclaiming its Tuesday at 10 pm/ET timeslot beginning Jan. 9, ABC is moving its acclaimed drama Once and Again to Wednesdays at 10 pm/ET starting Jan. 10. As a result, the network's freshman medical series, Gideon's Crossing, shifts to Mondays at 10 pm/ET as of Jan. 15. Speaking of NYPD Blue, the cop drama will kick off its eighth season with a new recruit: Garcelle Beauvais (The Jamie Foxx Show) joins the cast as an assistant district attorney. read more


Hollywood lovebirds Jim Carrey and Renée Zellweger have called it quits. According to Access Hollywood, Zellweger's publicist confirmed that the couple parted ways, saying that "as of a few weeks ago, Jim and Renée are no longer in a relationship." read more


Time magazine has come out with its list of the top ten films of 2000, and Ang Lee's martial arts fantasy Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon has been named the best movie of the year. The Oscar shoo-in — which grossed a spectacular $660,000 on just 16 screens last weekend — will open wider on Dec. 22. Rounding out Time's top 10 were You Can Count on Me (2), George Washington (3), Sunshine (4), Chicken Run (5), Best in Show (6), The Color of Paradise (7), Nurse Betty (8), Proof of Life (9) and East-West (10). read more


Warner Bros. has tapped filmmaker Christopher McQuarrie, who most recently directed the flop Way of the Gun, to helm the $85 million big-screen epic Alexander the Great, Variety reports... Jane Fonda has donated $100,000 to the Gore-Lieberman Recount Committee, according to The Hollywood Reporter... Hoyt Curtin, the man behind the theme music for such cartoons as The Flintstones and The Jetsons, died Dec. 3 after an extended illness. He was 78. — Michael Ausiello read more

Question: I remember a sitcom ...

Question: I remember a sitcom in the 1960s about a boy's camp across the lake from a girl's camp. I can picture a female counselor (Carol Wayne?) and the guy who played Reuben on The Partridge Family was one of the male counselors. He would always choke on his whistle. My TV trivia buff friends say I'm dreaming! Am I? — A. Duwyn

Televisionary: On the contrary, your naysaying, know-it-all pals (very annoying to those of us who truly are omniscient) are the ones living in la-la land.

The short-lived Camp Runamuck, which ran on NBC for a year beginning in September 1965, did indeed relate the wacky goings-on at the titular boys' summer camp and at Camp Divine, its girls' counterpart across the lake. Runamuck was run by Commander Wivenhoe (Arch Johnson), a man who couldn't stand kids, and senior counselor Spiffy (Dave Ketchum), his assistant of sorts. Helping out were Counselor Pruett (The Partridge Family's Dave Madd read more

Question: Where is First ...

Question: Where is First Wave? I get so tired of my shows disappearing. Is it on, off, on hiatus or what?

Televisionary: Imagine me slapping you back into reality here. Now get yourself together, man — your show hasn't gone anywhere!

Matter of fact, the third season of the Sci Fi Channel's First Wave kicks off January 8 (8 pm/ET). If that's not enough to settle you down, mister, the producers are also upping the show's pretty factor, adding actress Traci Lords (now billed as Traci Elizabeth Lords) to the cast. Lords (Melrose Place, Profiler) plays heiress Jordan Radcliffe, an anti-alien militia leader with a worrisome chip on her shoulder — and a really big gun.

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The Perfect Storm's Mark Wahlberg has signed on to star opposite Thandie Newton (Mission: Impossible 2) in The Truth About Charlie, a remake of the 1963 thriller Charade, Variety reports. The duo will assume the roles played by Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn. Jonathan Demme (Silence of the Lambs) is on board to direct. read more


Troubled actor Robert Downey Jr. was formally charged Monday with felony possession of cocaine, felony possession of the prescription depressant diazepam (Valium), and a misdemeanor count of being under the influence of a controlled substance, all stemming from his arrest last month in Palm Springs. If convicted, Downey could face more than four years in prison. He's due to be arraigned Dec. 27. read more

Question: Can you please tell ...

Question: Can you please tell me who plays the theme song to Third Watch? I need to find out so I can purchase the music for a special gift. Thanks. — Ginger

Televisionary: Not just a gift, but a special gift, you say? I won't pry, Ginger. I'll leave the details to you and your intended recipient.

What I can do is tell you that the Third Watch theme song is an abridged version of Las Vegas electronica duo The Crystal Method's "Keep Hope Alive," which can be found on their debut CD, Vegas. (For the record, you'll probably recognize "Trip Like I Do," the single from that disk, provided your pal lets you have a listen once the wrapping is off.)

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