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Question: What other shows ...

Question: What other shows was Sarah Paulson in before she did Leap of Faith? I know she was in Jack and Jill. — Nancy L., Cleveland, Ohio

Televisionary: Prior to starring as the titular, conflicted single gal Faith Wardwell on Leap of Faith and before she portrayed Amanda Peet's pal Elisa on Jack and Jill, Paulson was a regular on the cult classic American Gothic and the American version of Cracker. You may also have caught her in a Law &#038 Order guest appearance, and can see her next month as Lucy Bains Johnson in HBO's Path to War, a dramatization of how LBJ's presidency was bogged down in Vietnam.

On the big screen, Paulson's appeared in Held Up, What Women Want and read more

Question: This may get me ...

Question: This may get me fitted for a straight jacket but I seem to recall a show from the early 1970s that went something like this:

A father, daughter and possibly someone else lived together in a house after the mother died, I think. The father was an architect, or cartoonist, which required that he have a large sketch pad in his attic where he would retreat when searching for solace. When he contemplated his life's issues, a sketch of his house would take the features of a human face, turn and look at him and have a conversation with him. No one else would see this drawing but the dad. Feel free to send the wagon over to my house to collect me, as people think I'm absolutely crazy, especially when I mention the talking house part. — R. Martin Muldoon, Carlsbad, Calif.

Televisionary: Might I suggest something a little more freeing, perhaps a windbreaker, blazer or even a nice sweater vest, perhaps, Martin? There's no need for restraint — I believe the sh read more

Question: Was the Spanish ...

Question: Was the Spanish maid on Will &#038 Grace one of the nuns on The Flying Nun? She reminds me of Sister Sixto. — Daryle, Tampa, Fla.

Televisionary: And for good reason, since both roles are on actress Shelley Morrison's r&#233sum&#233.

Younger viewers know the Bronx native only as El Salvadoran housekeeper Rosario, who takes no flack from snotty boss Karen Walker (Megan Mullally) on the hit NBC comedy. However, Morrison has enjoyed a 40-year-plus acting career and her credits include not only Puerto Rican nun Sister Sixto on The Flying Nun, which ran on ABC from 1967-70, but also more than 150 TV guest spots, 65-plus plays and big-screen roles in such movies as Fools Rush In, Troop Beverly Hills and Max Dugan Returns read more

Question: What is Maude's ...

Question: What is Maude's husband name? My husband and I have a bet going. Can you please help? — Thank you. Kandi

Televisionary: Okay, Kandi, allow me to bore regular readers with my usual admonishment that those who have bets should let me know what's at stake in their questions — I'm just snoopy like that — before moving onto the usual enlightenment.

So, here's the enlightenment. On Maude, which ran on CBS from September 1972 to April 1978, the fourth husband of Maude Findlay (Beatrice Arthur) was Walter Findlay (Bill Macy). Rounding out the family was Maude's divorced daughter Carol (Adrienne Barbeau) and her young son Phillip (Brian Morrison for five years, then Kraig Metzinger).

And don't feel too bad about forgetting Walter's name — it's not the first time Macy's suffered character-related indignities. Matter of fact, sometimes he didn't have to look any farther than his own co-star for a nic read more


Ben Affleck is going gaga over Jennifer Lopez. The Oscar winner — who's currently shooting the crime comedy Gigli with the singer-actress — is explaining why he took out ads in the Hollywood trades last month singing the praises of the singer-actress. Affleck tells Access Hollywood that he was ashamed of the "preconceived notions" he had about working with the alleged diva. "So, I thought I'd write a paragraph saying what a professional, decent person I think she is and how kind she is," he explains. "The ad was more aimed at other people than it was to her, just because there is so much negativity — people gossip and criticize and bicker — I think it's nice and rare when you meet someone who you think is actually exceptional and worth praise. I think she is a really great woman, int read more


Sunday marked the seven-year anniversary of the murder of Tejano singer Selena, whose life was turned into a 1997 biopic starring Jennifer Lopez. Fans remembered the young woman by visiting her grave and statue in Corpus Christi, Tex. read more


Oscar winner Jennifer Connelly has signed on to star opposite Sexy Beast's Ben Kingsley in the new film The House of Sand and Fog, according to Variety. In an adaptation of the Andre Debus III novel, Connelly will play an alcoholic woman trying to get her foreclosed home back from its new owner (Kingsley). read more


Former NYPD Blue star David Caruso has been cast in the upcoming CBS series CSI: Miami, reports Variety. The show's ensemble cast will also include Rory Cochrane and Khandi Alexander. The Eye network also has a pilot in the works for Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden should her current series, The Education of Max Bickford, not get picked up for another season. In the Echo would have Harden starring as a parole officer who adopts one of her parolees. read more


After several weeks of renovations, the Apollo Theater in Harlem reopened its doors last night and welcomed a cast of celebs for a one-night benefit production of The Vagina Monologues. Salma Hayek, Rosie Perez, Practice star Lisa Gay Hamilton and rapper Eve all participated in "V-Day Harlem" in order to raise money and awareness for several anti-violence organizations. read more


Sandra Bullock is slated to guest star in an episode of ABC's Latino-seasoned sitcom, The George Lopez Show, the New York Daily News reports. Bullock helped develop the series along with comedian Lopez, and is one of the show's executive producers. Bullock's guest gig airs April 10. read more

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