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A teenager was taken into custody Sunday for hitting Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst in the face with a coconut cream pie. (Yum...) The incident occurred during the Portland, Ore., stop of the band's cross-country tour in search of a new guitarist. The 18-year-old culprit, Richard Petrillo, was charged with disorderly conduct and five counts of harassment. (Yikes...) read more


Trouble-prone actor Brad Renfro was arrested on Monday near his home in Knoxville, Tenn., and charged with public intoxication and driving without a license. A year ago, the 19-year-old star of The Client and Ghost World was sentenced to two years probation for trying to steal a yacht in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. read more


Creed's Weathered is the No. 1 album in the nation for the eighth consecutive week... MTV correspondent Serena Altschul is joining CNN... TNT has nabbed syndication rights to CBS's Judging Amy. read more

Colin Hanks's Father Knows Best?

Ask most youngsters, and they'll tell you that figuring out what you want to be when you grow up is hard. But ask the son of two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks and actress Samantha Lewes, and he'll tell you that it's really hard.

"[My parents] were always supportive," 24-year-old Colin Hanks tells TV Guide Online. "They never said, 'Do [go into showbiz]' or, 'Don't do it.' They said, 'Whatever you want to do, go for it. And if you want to [perform] as a profession, you could cut it, but you've got to really want to.'"

In other words, Hanks's folks placed the burden of career planning squarely on his shoulders. "[They said], 'You've got to make the decision,'" he recalls, "which was the best thing they could have possibly done. And they saw every play I ever did, even when I wasn't living in Los Angeles."

The fo read more


Well, it's about time: 20th Century Fox is bringing America's favorite cat, Garfield, to the big screen. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film — which will mix live action with computer animation — will revolve around the sibling rivalry between Garfield and his canine sidekick, Odie. (Speaking of Odie, isn't he just the cutest thing ever?) Toy Story scribes Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow are penning the script, so chances are it'll be really good. read more


Rudolph Giuliani appeared on The Tonight Show Wednesday and received a partial apology from host Jay Leno, who once called the former New York City mayor a fascist. "I used the word 'fascist,'" Leno said, "poor choice of words." Replied Giuliani: "There isn't a person that doesn't disagree with me on something." read more

Legend Star Avoids Hits

Having played deputy Doug on Dawson's Creek for years without ever having cause to rough up a suspect, Dylan Neal is ready to kick some butt in the spacey saga Babylon 5: The Legend Of The Rangers (airing Saturday at 9 pm/ET on the Sci Fi Channel). Just don't expect him to put up his dukes once the director yells, "Cut!"

"I try to keep in shape so I can at least look the part of a tough guy," the actor tells TV Guide Online. "But if someone throws a punch at me, I'm the first one on the ground, crying like a baby."

And that, friends, is why stunt doubles exist. "These guys are such finely-tuned athletes," shares the grateful would-be warrior. "They know exactly how to make you look great, because that's their job: making the actor look like a badass!"

Should the Babylon 5 spinoff go from pilot-movie to series, there will be plenty to keep the actor and his double busy. "Joe read more


It's the end of an era at Fox: The X-Files will not be returning for a 10th season this fall, the network announced Wednesday. Creator Chris Carter decided to pull the plug on his long-running UFO saga — which has seen its ratings fall this season sans David Duchovny. "It's the ninth inning. We want to go out on top," he told Variety. "We wanted to go out as a strong show." It's Carter's hope that Duchovny will reprise his role as Fox Mulder opposite Gillian Anderson's Dana Scully for the show's two-part series finale. read more


"She's a very important person to me... But I don't necessarily think we're a hundred percent ready for what being with each other would mean." — Russell Crowe on whether his ex, Meg Ryan, was the love of his life, in an interview with Diane Sawyer on tonight's Primetime Thursday (10 pm/ET). — Michael Ausiello read more


A slightly bruised Jennifer Aniston was back on the set of NBC's Friends Wednesday following a minor fender bender in Hollywood on Tuesday. read more

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