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Supermodel Cindy Crawford says she wants to follow 'N Sync's Lance Bass into space — as long as she can fit it into her busy schedule. "I would go if I could be there and back in a week," Crawford said. She can't miss that pedicure appointment, after all! read more

Samantha Morton Excites Tom Cruise

As a "pre-cog" whose psychic powers help police predict murders, Minority Report star Samantha Morton had to shave her hair, lie underwater for hours on end, and get dragged around a futuristic shopping mall by Tom Cruise. But the actress — who earned an Oscar nod in 2000 for her performance as a mute laundress in Woody Allen's Sweet and Lowdown — doesn't want your sympathy.

"I don't mind not having any hair," the UK native, who's currently sporting a bleached-blonde bob, tells TV Guide Online. "And the water was very nice and warm. I loved it. It was everyone else who made it a big d read more


Not everyone is a fan of MTV's The Osbournes. "This is a sad, sad family," legendary funnyman Bill Cosby groans to Access Hollywood. "The children are sad and the parents are sad. And this is not entertainment... It is the kind of entertainment that you look at, but you wouldn't want it in your home. And I don't like to look at things like that." Sounds like someone's still angry about that Lisa Bonet diss. read more


DNA tests have proven that Hollywood producer Steve Bing is the father of Elizabeth Hurley's two-month-old son, Damian. Bing had questioned the baby's paternity, despite Hurley's insistence that he was indeed the daddy. Hurley could now receive millions of dollars in child support, because, well, diapers are expensive. read more


Scary rocker Marilyn Manson pleaded no contest Wednesday to disorderly conduct charges stemming from a July 30, 2001 concert in which he allegedly rubbed his genitals against a security guard's neck. (And they say romance is dead.) The judge ordered Manson to pay $4,000 in fines. read more


Nickelodeon's controversial special on gay parenting, titled My Family Is Different, attracted a record 976,000 viewers Tuesday night. It ranked as the network's most-watched news special ever. read more

Angel Vamp: You Said a Mouthful!

Watching badass blood-suckers cavort on Buffy the Vampire Slayer has made heaven knows how many viewers wish that they could let their inner creatures of the night have their day. But it's not all hemoglobin and hair gel for the undead, reveals Mercedes McNab, who plays Spike's dingbat ex-ghoulfriend Harmony.

In particular, the actress tells TV Guide Online, it's the false teeth that pose a real challenge. "When they fit correctly, it's quite easy for me to talk with my fangs in. As a child, I always had retainers and braces behind my teeth, so I'm kind of used to having weird things in my mouth.

"But after I got my wisdom teeth pulled, my teeth were always moving," she continues, "so every time I'd do an episode, I couldn't get [the faux choppers] in, or I'd put them in and they'd break halfway through a scene and I'd be prancing around, trying read more


Singer Brandy gave birth to her first child, daughter Sy'rai, on Sunday. The 23-year-old former Moesha star married the baby's father, producer Robert Smith, last summer. The highlights of Brandy's big day will be featured on MTV's Diary Presents: Brandy — Special Delivery, which debuted on Tuesday and will run for about four or five episodes. read more


Gilmore Girl Lauren Graham has nabbed the female lead in the big screen comedy Bad Santa, Variety reports. Billy Bob Thornton stars as a man who masquerades as Santa in order to rob shopping malls. read more


With Friends likely ending its run next season, NBC has greenlit a remake of the British comedy Couplings — which revolves around the lives of six thirtysomething friends. And they say Hollywood has no original ideas. read more

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