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Actors Vince Vaughn and Steve Buscemi — in Wilmington, N.C., filming the upcoming John Travolta movie Domestic Disturbance — got into a bloody bar fight with several locals. Vaughn was arrested and Buscemi was stabbed, though not seriously injured. "He is now home in New York and is okay," says Buscemi's rep, Staci Wolfe. According to The Associated Press, Timothy Fogerty of Wilmington was charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. Vaughn, screenwriter Scott Rosenberg and two other locals were charged with misdemeanor assault. All four posted bond and were released Thursday. One witness claims the brawl started when Vaughn began talking to the girlfriend of one of the men. read more


Grammy-winning rapper Jay-Z was arrested for illegal gun possession near a Manhattan nightclub early Friday, The Associated Press reports. Jay-Z — whose real name is Shawn Carter — is due in court next week on separate charges that he stabbed a record executive. read more


Acting legend Marlon Brando, 77, was hospitalized this week with apparent pneumonia, Variety reports. This kept him off the set of Scary Movie 2 on Wednesday, when he was slated to begin shooting a $2 million cameo as a priest. A rep for Dimension Films declined to comment, as did Brando's agent. read more


After years spent searching for his absentee father, Will &#038 Grace's Jack (Sean Hayes) is about to learn he's got a long-lost son of his own! Though the saucy character supposedly has never bedded a woman, he will nonetheless come face-to-face with his 13-year-old son during a May sweeps episode, US Weekly reports. read more


Now that a British biographer has outed rocker Bob Dylan's "secret family," his close-mouthed ex-wife finally is speaking out. As was exposed in Howard Sounes's Down the Highway: The Life of Bob Dylan, Dylan was wed to former backup-singer Carol Dennis from 1986 to 1992 and the two share a daughter, Desiree Gabrielle Dennis-Dylan. (Thanks to California law, the Dylans were able to keep their union a secret by sealing their marriage certificate from public record.) Sounding off in a statement, Dennis said: "Bob and I made a choice to keep our marriage a private matter for a simple reason — to give our daughter a normal childhood. To portray Bob as 'hiding his daughter' is just malicious and ridiculous. That is something he would never do. Bob has been a wonderful, active father to Desiree." read more

Spelling Sells Soul

Still smarting from NBC's cancellation last fall of his Dynasty update, Titans, mega-producer Aaron Spelling reveals that he's turning his back on the suds genre. "Soaps are something you're going to find only in my bathroom," he deadpans.

Instead, Spelling is turning his attention to another seemingly done-to-death fad: horror. But he points out that All Souls — his new UPN supernatural drama set at a haunted hospital — is not your standard cookie-cutter frightfest. "It's sort of the dark side of Charmed," he says, referring to his hit WB spooker. "[It] will tap into the fascination viewers seem to have with horror and the occult.

"Instead of calling it ER, we're calling it 'ES' for 'Everything Scary,'" Spelling adds of All Souls, which debuts April 17 at 9 pm/ET. "It's being shot in an old gothic hospital in Montr read more

Felicity Coed to Re-Enroll

Former Felicity heroine Amy Jo Johnson — who was written off the show last fall after a handful of episodes — will likely return to the WB drama sometime next season. Of course, that is if there is a next season.

"It's at least for one episode, but it's a good episode," Felicity executive producer, J.J. Abrams, tells TV Guide Online of Johnson's comeback. "I love the story, so I'm hoping if we get picked up [for a fourth year], we'll be able to do it."

When last we saw Johnson's angst-ridden Julie, she had quit college in the wake of her father's death. And although Abrams isn't revealing specifics about how the coed will be reintroduced, he does hint that it will be part of an ongoing plot involving other members of the show's ensemble. "My favorite stories are usually ones that open up a new possibility for someone else," he says. "And I think the story we have in mind cou read more


The CD compilation Now That's What I Call Music: Vol. 6 debuted at No. 1 on the album charts, selling over 525,000 copies last week, according to current SoundScan figures. This latest entry in the very popular Now series boasts recent hits from U2, Jennifer Lopez and Destiny's Child. Meanwhile, R&B crooner Ginuwine's Life bowed in the No. 3 spot after peddling 152,000 copies, and Live in New York City — a recording of last summer's Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band concert — debuted at No. 5 with 114,000 copies sold. read more


Forget those bickering whippersnappers on Survivor: The Australian Outback — original Survivor Rudy Boesch still has something to say. According to, the curmudgeonly ex-Navy Seal has made a deal with publisher Adams Media to write a book about, well, whatever he darn well pleases. Boesch will apparently be airing his erudite opinions on sundry topics, including sex, religion, politics and TV. Brace yourselves... read more


On the heels of reviving his action-movie career with the grizzly box-office hit Exit Wounds, Steven Seagal is — even more frighteningly — recording a music album in Kingston, Jamaica. "Doing movies took up all of my time, but music has always been my first love," the actor told the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper. Among his as-yet-untitled debut album's highlights: Seagal, 50 — who sings vocals and plays guitar — will do a cover of Bob Marley's "Redemption Song," while Haitian hip-hopper Wyclef Jean will produce one of the tracks. read more

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