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R&B star R. Kelly, who's fighting charges that he videotaped himself having sex with an underage girl, has addressed the scandal in a new song. In "Heaven, I Need A Hug," which was released this week, the Grammy winner sings, "I've given 13 years of my life to this industry. Hit song or not, I've given all of me. You smile in my face and tell me you love me. But then before you know the truth you're so quick to judge me." read more

The Sept. 11 Parallel "Nobody Noticed"

We know the ratings for Fox's short-lived X-Files spinoff The Lone Gunmen were bad, but this is ridiculous. Six months before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks — March 4, 2001, to be exact — Gunmen premiered with an episode featuring a terrorist plot to fly a commercial airliner into the World Trade Center. The climactic sequence actually shows the plane heading into one of the Twin Towers, but at the last minute, it's pulled upward and just misses the building.

Shockingly, this horrifying bit of foreshadowing was never widely reported until Thursday, when industry newsletter The Myers Report broke the story. How is it that virtually no one remembered this post 9/11? "I know! That's what I've been wondering," marvels Frank Spotni read more


Ford Focus has landed a starring role on Fox's summer reality smash American Idol. According to The Hollywood Reporter, next month the show's finalists will move into a mansion and each get a Ford Focus to use for the duration of the program. Ford is Idol's sole car sponsor. read more

Colin Farrell, Watch Your Mouth!

Lately, Minority Report's Colin Farrell has gotten almost as much attention as his on-screen nemesis, Tom Cruise. Too bad the media seems more interested in his hard-drinking, potty-mouthed rep than his acting finesse. (His June Vanity Fair cover story feasts on the filth!) So does the Dublin-born hottie worry that people are getting the wrong idea?

"I curse a lot and I drink a lot when I'm at home," he proudly tells TV Guide Online. "It's not an image that I'm trying to portray. That's me... Some people say I should watch my mouth, and I say 'Why? It's the way I speak.'"

On the MR set, director Steven Spielberg was less concerned with Farrell's foul tongue than his lilting Irish accent. "Steven was n read more


Jackie Chan has signed on to headline a remake of Around the World in Eighty Days, Variety reports... On Thursday, the Today show made its first book club selection — Stephen L. Carter's Emperor of Ocean Park — and the novel immediately catapulted to No. 1 on Somewhere, Oprah is kicking herself. read more


The baby feud between Elizabeth Hurley and Steve Bing just gets uglier and uglier. According to Vanity Fair, Bing — who earlier this week was confirmed to be the father of Hurley's two-month-old son, Damian — asked Hurley why she decided to name the baby after the devil child in The Omen. Her response? She told him the name has always been a favorite of hers. So, take that! read more


TBS is producing a TV movie about the life and death of John F. Kennedy Jr., with Jacqueline Bisset playing his mother Jackie and Ally McBeal's Portia de Rossi, his wife Carolyn. America's Prince: The JFK Jr. Story is based on Christopher Andersen's 2000 biography The Day John Died. read more


Supermodel Cindy Crawford says she wants to follow 'N Sync's Lance Bass into space — as long as she can fit it into her busy schedule. "I would go if I could be there and back in a week," Crawford said. She can't miss that pedicure appointment, after all! read more


Britney Spears has supplanted Tom Cruise at the top of Forbes magazine's Celebrity 100 list, which ranks stars based on their fortune and fame. "She doesn't have Steven Spielberg's pull, but in the last year she arguably had a bigger impact on pop culture," the magazine said. (Um, did they see Crossroads?) Cruise failed to make the list this year (Vanilla Sky fallout, no doubt), however ex-wife Nicole Kidman did (No. 27). Rounding out the top 10: Tiger Woods, Spielberg, Madonna, U2, 'N Sync, read more

Samantha Morton Excites Tom Cruise

As a "pre-cog" whose psychic powers help police predict murders, Minority Report star Samantha Morton had to shave her hair, lie underwater for hours on end, and get dragged around a futuristic shopping mall by Tom Cruise. But the actress — who earned an Oscar nod in 2000 for her performance as a mute laundress in Woody Allen's Sweet and Lowdown — doesn't want your sympathy.

"I don't mind not having any hair," the UK native, who's currently sporting a bleached-blonde bob, tells TV Guide Online. "And the water was very nice and warm. I loved it. It was everyone else who made it a big d read more

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