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Ming-Na's Final Fantasy: Hot ER Romance

As a recent TV Guide cover story pointed out, NBC's ER survived its first full season sans both fan faves George Clooney and Julianna Margulies partly on the strength of its formidable roster of female talent. With that said, Ming-Na (who plays the medical drama's Dr. Jing-Mei Chen) looks forward to the added firepower of returning original castmember Sherry Stringfield (as Dr. Susan Lewis).

"I worked with Sherry during the first season, so it's really exciting," Ming-Na tells TV Guide Online. "Her character was so loved... It will be really good for the show."

Ah, but will it be good for Jing-Mei's love life? After all, as some root for romance between the headstrong beauty and Noah Wyle's Dr. Carter, the fact remains that, with leading man Anthony Edwards entering the last year of his contract, Carter seems a logical target for Stringfield's on-screen affections. "A read more

Question: Hi. Me and my mom ...

Question: Hi. Me and my mom have been discussing this question for a week or two. How many Baldwin brothers (and/or sisters) are there? I say there are four and my mom says five. Thank you. — Megan

Televisionary: Y'know, since the Baldwins are an American treasure owned by both TV, film and, well... all of us, I briefly considered handing this off to that big-screen babe, FlickChick. But then I figured we no longer work in the same office and I don't get to swipe candy from the dish on her desk anymore, so I'm keeping this one for myself.

You might think that with careers that have touched such popular properties as The Hunt for Red October and Knot's Landing (Alec), The Usual Suspe read more

Question: Aloha. Can you tell ...

Question: Aloha. Can you tell me the names of the two gentleman who played the uncle on My Three Sons? Thank you. — David

Televisionary: `A `ole pilikia, my Hawaiian friend. (That's "no problem" to all you haoles out there.)

When ABC launched the series in September 1960, I Love Lucy vet William Frawley played Michael Francis "Bub" O'Casey. Bub, widower Steve Douglas's (Fred MacMurray) father-in-law, took care of most of the household duties around the Douglas abode and, it should be noted, was a grandfather to Douglas sons Mike (Tim Considine), Robbie (Don Grady) and Chip (Stanley Livingston). When Frawley became ill during the 1964-65 season, he was replaced by William Demarest, who played Bu read more

Question: My family is having ...

Question: My family is having the biggest argument ever about an actress who appeared on a rerun show of The District. The original show aired Feb.10, 2001, an episode called "Rage Against the Machine." To phrase it as one simple question: Did the same actress that appeared as Major Dad's wife guest star in this episode? Your help with this question will be greatly appreciated. There's 100 bucks riding on it, and I want to go shopping! Thanks. — Melody

Televisionary: Well, I'd just be tickled pink if I could tell you to fire up the car and zoom off to the mall, Melody, but I'm not sure which side you took in this disagreement. Since you believe it dwarfs all previous disputes throughout the history of mankind, however, I'm sure you wouldn't write in unless you were sure to be in the right.

Being in the right means arguing that Shanna Reed, who played Polly Cooper MacGillis, wife to Major John "Mac" MacGillis (Gerald McRaney) durin read more

Question: I missed the ...

Question: I missed the episode in question and have been unable to find the answer on the Internet: What was the storyline reason that was given for the departure of Benjamin Bratt's character on Law &#038 Order? Could you please help me out!? — Jessica

Televisionary: That's why I'm here, Jessica. (Well, for that and for annoying my colleagues by humming to the songs coming through my headphones.)

Bratt's character, Detective Reynaldo Curtis, joined the long-running NBC hit drama in 1995 and left in 1999 (the end of season nine) to care for his wife, who suffered from multiple sclerosis. In reality, Bratt — until recently the main squeeze of mega-hit mainstay Julia Roberts — wanted more time to pursue a movie career. Je read more

Roger Daltrey: Father Figure?

Roger Daltrey didn't invent the term "Sex, Drugs and Rock &#038 Roll," but as the lead singer of The Who — a band whose outrageous antics are the stuff of rock legend — he certainly helped perpetuate the genre's outlandish image. So it's a bit ironic to hear that he'll be playing, of all things, a man of the cloth on tonight's episode of TNT's new supernatural series Witchblade.

Daltrey guest stars as Father Aloysha Petrosian, a Catholic priest who gets caught in the crossfire over allegations that the Vatican and Nazis might have been allies during WWII. "It's a little controversial," Daltrey tells TV Guide Online. "There's quite a lot of evidence of their alleged knowledge of what the Nazis were doing — and they didn't decry it. It's pretty interesting."

Since making his big-screen debut as Tommy Walker — the deaf, dumb and blind kid who defeated the Pinball Wizard (played by Elton John) in The Who's 1975 rock read more

Practice Star Goes Blonde

Looks like The Practice's Holland Taylor is raising the bar on her on-screen law career. An Emmy winner for her randy role as Judge Roberta Kittleson, she also plays Reese Witherspoon's cantankerous Harvard Law professor in the summer comedy, Legally Blonde (opening Friday).

"They probably got the idea to use me in this role because [of] The Practice," Taylor concedes, adding wryly: "But that's where the comparison stops — I haven't slept with any of the undergraduates in this film."

Indeed, Taylor takes pride in her libidinous Judge Kittleson, who's indulged in naughty fantasies about Dylan McDermott's Bobby, bedded Michael Badalucco's Jimmy — and s read more

Score One for Bassett

Despite Hollywood's attempts to let go of gender and race clich&#233s, Angela Bassett confesses that she was shocked the powers that be had the open mind to cast her as Robert De Niro's girlfriend in the heist flick The Score (opening Friday).

"I never thought I would have the chance in my life to work with De Niro," admits Bassett, best known for playing strong-willed heroines such as Tina Turner in What's Love Got to Do with It and the fictional Stella Payne in How Stella Got Her Groove Back. "[I guess] I've gotten past that stage where I could [only] say, 'Mr. De Niro, Joe Blow is on the line for you,' as his secretary."

Becaus read more

Sex's Mr. Big Talks Fashion

Sex and the City hunk Chris Noth — who plays Sarah Jessica Parker's erstwhile flame, "Mr. Big" — says the appeal of HBO's saucy comedy is simple: "It's about sex and clothes," he tells TV Guide Online. "That's why people love the show."

On Sex, Noth's alter ego personifies the sexually free but emotionally unavailable Gucci-wearing Manhattanite. But he's well aware that viewers aren't tuning in to check out the guys's designer duds. "This show is all about the girls," he concedes, "we're just bait."

In fact, the double standard even extends behind-the-scenes. When informed by TV Guide Online that Sex's leading ladies are allowed to purchase their favorite frocks worn on the show for bargain basement prices, he responds with mock disgust: "See what I mean? They don't care about the guys. I think they're working on some sort of deal for me with Fruit of the Loom."

Whil read more

Melrose Vamp Takes It to the Limits

Having played vexing vixens on such sudsy fare as Melrose Place and Savannah, Jamie Luner is accustomed to flashing her flesh. But how does she feel about exposing herself?

"That's a little scary," admits the actress, who tells TV Guide Online that her upcoming episode of The Outer Limits (airing August 4 at 10 pm/ET on the Sci Fi Channel) will reveal more to fans than any skimpy outfit she's donned in the past. "I'm more myself in this than anyone has ever really seen."

This time around, her character doesn't just play doctor... she is one. "It was a lot easier to hide behind the character of the sassy, sexy vixen," she says, "whereas this time, I did a lot more tapping into my own feelings, and allowing that to come through."

Having already mastered the art of on-screen seduction, the soft-spoken actress hopes people will welcome this change with open arms. "I know they're going to compare it and say, 'I like her bett read more

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