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Britney's Leading Man Kisses and Tells

Poor Mariah Carey. Even after the Feb. 15 release of pop tart Britney Spears's debut feature, Crossroads, Glitter still isn't likely to be replaced as comics' favorite punch line. In fact, Spears rocks in the romantic comedy, at least according to castmate Justin Long (better known as the adorably awkward Warren Cheswick on Ed).

"I think she's going to surprise a lot of people with her acting ability," the 23-year-old tells TV Guide Online, adding that the two of them did a lot of ad libbing — quite a feat for a movie virgin. "I was certainly surprised."

Long probably isn't paying lip service to his leading lady's talent, either. If anything, since he gives her her first silver-screen kiss, he is more anxious abo read more

Danny Glover's Secret Crush

Lethal Weapon hero Danny Glover has a confession to make about one of his co-stars in Wes Anderson's upcoming family comedy The Royal Tenenbaums (opening Dec. 14). "I have a major crush on Anjelica Huston," the 54-year-old actor tells TV Guide Online. "I'm crazy about her — everything from her intelligence to her unique beauty and her warmth."

In Tenenbaums, Glover plays a gentle scholar who courts Huston's matriarch character. Of course, Huston isn't the only Hollywood leading lady Glover admits taking a shine to. "I love read more

Will Survivor's Clarence Bare All?

Marked for ruin since Survivor: Africa's first episode — when he sneakily snacked on more than his share of beans and cherries — castoff Clarence Black is surprised he lasted as long as he did. Laughs the 24-year-old barkeep/basketball coach: "Those damn beans! I haven't seen that many white people mad since O.J. got acquitted."

While Clarence's gluttony made him unpopular with his Boran tribemates, his romping about scantily clad certainly earned him some admirers stateside! "It was my idea that the [rescue plane] pilot would recognize us if we were all in our skivvies," he sheepishly concedes. "The dumbest thing you can ever do on Survivor is take white drawers into a dusty, dirty environment. I don't know what I was thinking."

Dirty or no, viewers at home were always ready for his jelly, to paraphrase Destiny's Child. So can we expect the read more

Anjelica Huston: She Has a Problem

Playing the mother hen of a clan of eggheads in Wes Anderson's new feature, The Royal Tenenbaums (opening Dec. 14 in select cities), could have driven Anjelica Huston out of her own gourd. Not only were her screen kinfolk all played by Tinseltown VIPs — among them, venerable veteran Gene Hackman and hot properties Ben Stiller and Gwyneth Paltrow — but, for principal shooting, the lot of 'em were squeezed into a cramped Harlem pad that hardly would have accommodated one jumbo-sized ego.

Luckily, Huston tells T read more

Meet the Parents Star Feared Hackman

Make no mistake, it takes a strong man — think Denzel Washington in Crimson Tide, Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven, and Will Smith in Enemy of the State — to get in the face of Gene Hackman, whose long resume boasts many rigid roles. As such, Owen Wilson — who had the excellent fortune to be on Robert De Niro's good side in Meet the Parents — chose to capitalize on any inti read more

Moulin Rouge: The Show Goes On!

Call it the little film that can-can. Though it grossed less than $60 million last summer in the U.S., Moulin RougeBaz Luhrmann's dizzying, pop-infused romance starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor — is on the brink of becoming a cult phenomenon. Not only can it lay claim to a hit soundtrack, the highly-stylized work of art spawned an award-winning MTV video ("Lady Marmalade"), a successful clothing line and — most shocking of all — bred a new generation of movie musical enthusiasts. And the film's recent theatrical re-release — not to mention the arrival of the VHS/DVD versions on Dec. 18 — will no doubt recruit more purv read more

U.S. Navy's Discovery: Gene Hackman Slept Here!

Last November, when Gene Hackman was aboard the U.S.S. Carl Vinson shooting the military thriller Behind Enemy Lines (opening Friday), little did he know that less than a year later the formidable aircraft carrier would be called into action in a war against global terrorism.

"The Carl Vinson is now in the Arabian Sea," the two time Academy Award winner notes. "And the jets that we saw taking off on maneuvers while we were there filming, they're now over there doing the real thing.

"There's something very pertinent — almost eerie — about knowing that the room I slept in [on the aircraft carrier] is now being slept in by somebody who, nightly, is going over into Afghanistan," he adds.

In fact, as tribute to the vessel and crew that proved indispensable during the gr read more

Question: I was watching 24 ...

Question: I was watching 24 and I think one of the guys from that show was on a different show. I only watched two minutes because my TV went out so I don't know their names. Can you tell me if any of them are on a different show? Thanks. — Kristina, Louisville, Ky.

Televisionary: Y'know, Kristina, I used to work in a bookstore oh so many years ago and a week didn't go by without one customer or another wandering in with incredibly vague approaches, like: "I'm looking for a book with a yellow cover. It's about an unhappy kid and that's all I know — do you know that one?"

Matter of fact, the woman who came in with that question left happy even though I, in my pre-Televisionary days of altruism, was ready to blow her off because she couldn't give me anything more than that. My co-worker Dan, on the other hand, gave her a pleasant "just a minute, please," disappeared back into the store and returned with a yellow-covered paperback copy of J.D. Salinger read more

Reba Star Washes Off the Soap

Playing Reba McEntire's estranged husband, Brock Hart, on the country singer's self-titled WB sitcom has put Christopher Rich in the hot seat. But he would be the last person to complain: He's doing a lot less squirming now than he was in the 1980s, during his five-year run as hustler Sandy Cory on the daytime drama Another World.

"The soaps were just insanely popular," he tells TV Guide Online. "I went down to open a mall in Alexandria, Va., and [they] expected 500 people, but 5,000 people showed up.

"I couldn't get on or off the stage," he continues. "It was just like Elvis Presley — every time I moved my sunglasses, a sigh would ripple through the audience. It was a sight I was not prepared to deal with. It was kind of fun — read more

Dell's Whiz Kid: ''Dude, You're Getting the Scoop!''

In the market for a new computer? Dude, you've probably thought about getting a Dell. How could you not given how often the company runs those commercials featuring pesky pitchman Steven proclaiming to consumers, "Dude, you're getting a Dell!" Whether you love him, hate him or love to hate him, there's no denying that he's getting the job done: Since the first of the spots were unveiled last year, Dell's profits have been climbing. Even Ben Curtis, the up-and-coming actor behind the persuasive PC pimp, has seen his stock rise as a result of the national exposure. "I got to read for [Road Trip director] Todd Phillips the other day for a stoner role," reveals the 21-year-old NYU acting major, who remains confident that fame won't be as fleeting for him as it was for "Where's the Beef?" granny read more

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