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John Woo Lands Next Brad Pitt

Los Angeles has gone crazy for Shawn Christian. The Michigan native has been out West less than five years, and already he has racked up a longer list of credits than many an actor will in a lifetime. Besides scoring a recurring role on Crossing Jordan, the former model has guest-starred on Ellen, CSI and more Aaron Spelling series than even the producer's daughter, Tori. This month alone, he adds appearances on Spin City and Friends to his resume. Plus, he's just won the male lead in Face/Off director read more

Escape from Temptation Island

Imagine that! After dragging her significant other to a tropical paradise populated with nubile babes who believe that a woman is never fully dressed without a thong, Genevieve Deittrick began having second thoughts. So, in last week's episode of Temptation Island 2 — the guiltiest of the tube's guilty pleasures — she sent beau Tony Schmitt a videotaped message asking him to call the whole thing off and marry her ASAP. Now the reunited couple are happily back home in Michigan, and closer than ever. What was the prickly talent manager thinking, giving a sweetheart like Tony a chance to break free? In a recent telephone interview, TV Guide Online endeavored to find out.
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Halle Berry Bares All Again!

For the upcoming Monster's Ball (opening Dec. 26), Halle Berry shed her glamorous image — and her inhibitions — to play Leticia, a tortured widow in love with the Death Row prison guard (Billy Bob Thornton) who executed her husband. Don't be surprised if your fellow moviegoers spill their popcorn during the first love scene, when Berry bares a lot more than her soul!

"We didn't think of it as a sex scene in a movie," she says. "We approached it as these two characters really getting what they needed, like they needed the air to breathe." Committing to the scene on paper was easy; actually going through with it called for the actress to step outside herself. "I wasn't really there," she shares. "I was so out of m read more

Survivor's Kelly on Brandon's Betrayal!

Last week, Survivor: Africa reject Kelly Goldsmith knew tattooed tribemate Lex had turned against her — but she had no idea who secretly was pulling his paranoid strings. "Oh, I was so shocked," the 22-year-old Californian tells TV Guide Online. "I had no idea that Brandon had defected to the dark side, so I was very surprised. Brandon sat there and spoon-fed [Lex] lies; he played that guy like a flute. [He's] another gay schemer, the young Richard Hatch."

Was it any consolation to stay on as part of the Jury that votes for the sole Survivor? "No," Kelly says. "It sure beat being voted out in the first six, but I was looking to take it a lot further. I was having a really good time with the game, so I wasn't too excited to get my throat slit, as Lex likes to say."

Although the research analyst dreams of parlaying her Survivor fame into life as a "ridi read more

Sesame Street Fight?

Since Sesame Street has long been the most popular address in children's television, a turf war — or at least a catfight — easily could have broken out when the feline stars of the relatively new reading program Between the Lions marked part of Oscar the Grouch's PBS territory as their own. However, Lions creative producer Chris Serf tells TV Guide Online, neither Big Bird nor his friends have had their feathers ruffled by their catty colleagues.

"We tape right upstairs from Sesame Street," he says. "We're neighbors and good friends. We've had Elmo and Bert and the whole gang on."

A-ha! But eyebrows — or just the one unibrow, in Bert's case — are sure to go up on Sesame Street when, later this year, Live with Regis & Kelly co-host Kelly Ripa becomes the latest star to stop by the Lions den. Add to that the roster of talented, almost-famous pop artists who make Lions read more

Campbell Scott's Final Decision

Life came a little too close to imitating art for Campbell Scott while he was prepping for Final, his first solo directing project. In the psychological drama (currently in theaters), the main character — which was to have been played by Scott — is tortured by the guilt of missing his father's death by moments. Sadly, just prior to shooting, his own dad, Oscar-winning screen legend George C. Scott, passed away.

"I was out in L.A. making another movie when he died," recalls the 40-year-old thesp, who is probably best known for playing a leukemia victim opposite Julia Roberts and his late mother, actress Colleen Dewhurst, in 1991's Dying Young. "It's a bl read more

City Slickers Make Room for Daddy

Next month, when David Eigenberg reappears on Sex and the City as Steve, the father of Miranda's unborn baby, don't be surprised — he'll be surprised enough for all of us. "I've been constantly amazed," he tells TV Guide Online, "that I've been brought in and out and back in again."

In fact, after Miranda first told Steve 'sayonara,' Eigenberg was so certain that he was history that he said his own farewells. "When I got down to my last episode, I went up to say goodbye to [boss] Darren Star, and he said, 'Well, you never know,' and I said, 'If I can be of service, great. If not, there's no sour grapes.'"

Now, Eigenberg finds himself all but umbilically tied to the series — and, specifically, to Cynthia read more

Question: Has Wolf Lake, ...

Question: Has Wolf Lake, which starred Lou Diamond Phillips, already been cancelled? I'm a fan of weird shows no one else seems to like and I want to know what happens.

Televisionary: Jeez — if I had a buck for every reader who's sent in questions about this series. Where were all you Wolf Lake fans when the show was on? I've got good news and bad news for anyone taken with it.

Bad news first: CBS hasn't officially cancelled Wolf Lake, but it was put "on hiatus" after four episodes. While that doesn't sound grim on the face of it, the show isn't coming back (networks often utilize that phrase to avoid using the c-word in the hope that everyone will just understand).

The good news? You most likely won't ever find out what happens since the network doesn't have any plans to burn off the unaired episodes. (Okay, so that's bad news, too. There isn't any good news — I just wante read more

Jim Carrey's Majestic Move

Though it's often said that great comedy comes from inner pain, funnyman Jim Carrey says "you have to come at it with a smile. It's like the seed of a joy-gasm. There's something going on behind the person's eyes, you know? That's why I love Bill Murray... there's something behind his eyes that tells the audience, 'I am not serious in any way.'"

Murray aside, it seems the onetime Ace Ventura: Pet Detective star is less likely to take cues from his human idols than from wildlife. "I get a lot of my inspiration from animals for some reason," Carrey grins. "I used to have a cat that was really squirrelly. He would get this look where his ears would go back — and you knew he was going to do something horrible. It hit me one day that that is the feeling I want inside when I'm on camera. I w read more

Question: I am looking for ...

Question: I am looking for information about the TV-movie The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, in which John Travolta portrayed Todd Lubitch. I need to compare it with a book I read for school. Please let me know if there is a website I can go to. I would love to know the history of the movie and what it was about.

Televisionary: You've got it backwards, my young friend. If you're a lazy student, the idea is to watch the movie and ask someone about the book, not the other way around.

Be that as it may, as you say, the 1976 TV-movie The Boy in the Plastic Bubble was based on a true story and starred Travolta as a young man born without a functioning immune system. Confined to a shielded environment that kept all germs out, he fell in love with a girl (Glynnis O'Connor) and was faced with the prospect of wooing her without being able to touch her or enter her world. How did it end up? Hey, with as long as you've waited for me to tell you that, read more

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