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Question: Is it true that ...

Question: Is it true that David Schwimmer of Friends made a guest appearance in "Dr. Carter, I Presume,'' the Sept. 26, 1996 ER episode? — Seth, New York, N.Y.

Televisionary: That it is, Seth, although his work was uncredited and unseen. Schwimmer provided the voice of Dr. Karubian in that episode.

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Question: Is the little girl ...

Question: Is the little girl who played Grace on The Nanny the same girl who played Rachel (Dr. Greene's daughter) on ER? — Brian C., Laurel, Md.

Televisionary: Almost. Madeline Zima played wee Grace Sheffield from 1993-99 on the CBS comedy. Yvonne Zima, her sister, was the first to portray Greene's rebellious daughter. She was later replaced by Hallee Hirsh.

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Question: For years my dad ...

Question: For years my dad was so impressed that his hero, Lawrence Welk got rich off of music even though he couldn't read it. Is that true? Shirley P., Norwalk, Iowa

Televisionary: Not for the time the TV bandleader made the bulk of his money, Shirley, but it was true for a period early in his career — and TV Guide helped spread the rumor by getting the facts wrong in a 1956 profile. (Two months later, a follow-up story explained Welk said that early on he lost several accordian gigs with bands because he played by ear, but then took a correspondence course to learn how to read music.)

Truth is, it was easy to sell Welk short because he was extremely self-effacing and well-mannered, almost to a fault. "I am not," he said in 1956, "what you call a personality kid. I just play good dance music, and I think that is what the people like." It certainly was. Sure, the tame "champagne music" he featured exclusively was savaged by critics and hipsters all read more

What You Didn't See at the Globes!

Merriam-Webster, listen up. At last night's 60th annual Golden Globe Awards, Chicago champ Renée Zellweger came up with the perfect word to describe all those self-important celebrity "escorts" (i.e. publicists, agents, more publicists) who whisk the winners around backstage after their moment of glory. "They're shufflers," she cracked to reporters after picking up her trophy for best lead actress in a movie musical or comedy. "They're shuffling me around [tonight] with great urgency."

Not to mention danger. At one point, Zellweger's handlers — having decided that the actress's one-on-one interview with Access Hollywood's Billy Bush had gone on long enough — practically strong-armed the petite blonde, insisting she needed to be somewhere else, like, now. Well, where Zellweger nearly ended up was on the read more

Golden Globes: Tune In, Party On

The Hollywood elite want Oscars and Emmys for their trophy cases, of course. But when it comes time to actually attend an award show, celebrities eagerly depart for just one: the Golden Globes. And, truth be told, it's also the only black-tie back-slap that we really look forward to watching. As NBC's live broadcast of the 60th annual kudofest reminded us last night, the Foreign Press Association's free-wheeling to-do isn't merely a celebration of the best in film and television, it's a celebration, period — and we all know what that means. Serious actors. Hard liquor. Good times. On the off chance that you had a prior commitment and were forced to tune out, please allow TV Guide Online to fill you in on everything you missed. (Hangover not included.)

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24 Spoiler Alert: The President Speaks!

The 24 cast knows the drill: When talking to the press, never, ever leak any key plot developments. Lucky for TV Guide Online readers, Golden Globe nominee Dennis Haysbert — who plays President David Palmer on Fox's serial thriller — broke that cardinal rule during a recent interview.

After some good-natured prodding, Haysbert revealed that shortly after 24 returns on Feb. 4, Palmer will be calling the shots from a new location. "We're getting out of the Operations Complex and moving to Air Force One," he teases. "I think they got [the set] from Harrison Ford's movie, Air Force One. That's going to be very cool."

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7th Heaven Tackles Cystic Fibrosis

Mackenzie Rosman — who plays sassy little Ruthie Camden on 7th Heaven — is used to facing adult issues. The 13-year-old actress already has confronted everything from racism to death on the WB's top-rated family drama. However, the show will really hit home when Rosman's stepsister, Katelyn Salmont, guest stars to talk about her real-life struggle with cystic fibrosis.

"We've wanted to do this for a while," Rosman tells TV Guide Online, so she made a pitch to Heaven's executive producer, Brenda Hampton. "Mackenzie came to me, notes in hand, and told me all about CF and asked me if I would do a story for her sister," she recalls. "I thought it was very touching."

Katelyn, 16, has struggled with CF — a genetic disease that shortens the life span to approximately 20 years — since she was 2 years old. Despite the stress this ailment places on her and the family, Hampt read more

Annabelle Gurwitch Makes the Team

Annabelle Gurwitch is not a shrink. Nor is she a scientist, a psychic or even a Sominex addict. Yet the Sci Fi Channel knew at once that she'd be perfect to co-host its risqué late-night talk show The Dream Team with Annabelle and Michael (premiering Monday at 11 pm/ET). For Pete's sake, her name's even in the title! "But I have absolutely no qualifications," she tells TV Guide Online. "None whatsoever. I'm just like anybody else out there who's been through a certain amount of therapy, sleeps, has dreams and wonders what the hell they mean!"

Ah, that's why Gurwitch was Sci Fi's go-to gal: The onetime Not Necessarily the News correspondent is so witty, she spends her evenings tossing off one-liners instead of counting sheep. For actual interpretations of nocturnal transmissions, Dream Team guests rely on Gurwitch's sidekick, Jungian psychologi read more

Ka-Pow! Batman Wings it Back to TV

Here's a twist on the increasingly popular TV reunion: Legendary dynamic duo Adam West and Burt Ward — who became pop culture icons via their respective roles as Batman and Robin in the classic '60s series Batman — are reteaming for an upcoming CBS special that is neither a clip-filled retrospective nor a cheesy sequel chronicling the superheroes' much-later years. No, Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt is a tongue-in-cheek comedy adventure in which West and Ward, playing themselves, stumble upon a diabolical plot to steal the original Batmobile from a charity benefit. Talk about silly!

"We decided to do something that was fresh, innovative," says West, "a modern-day caper with [me] and Burt and maybe with an occasional allusion to or reference to some of read more

Dr. Joyce Brothers Gets Real

Analyze this, Dr. Joyce Brothers: There are currently six — count 'em, six — reality programs on the networks' schedules, and we can't bear to miss a single one. What does that say about us? We've "grown up with television," she tells TV Guide Online. "[You've] grown up spectators to other people... to other people's baseball playing and other people's football playing... " And, for that matter, other people's hot-tub canoodling and beach-blanket bickering. As a result, says the celebrity shrink, "Some [viewers] think that what goes on on television is much more interesting than real life itself. We've grown a whole generation of spectators." Is that all? Well, what if we favor one show over another? Ah, now that's a different story. Since the doctor is in, let the head games begin.

If you like Joe Millionaire (Mondays, 9 pm/ET, Fox)... Chances are, you're a Dear John-letter recipient whose wrath rivals that of any wom read more

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