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Zsa Zsa Gabor remains in serious condition following a Wednesday car crash in Los Angeles. The 85-year-old actress — who was a passenger in the car — suffered multiple broken bones when the vehicle struck a light pole on Sunset Blvd. "I talked to her, she whispered, but you can hardly understand her," her husband, Frederic von Anhalt, said Friday. "She looks at me and she recognizes me." Gabor will likely remain hospitalized for a week. read more


Get out those ear plugs: Fox's second season of American Idol kicks off Jan. 21 and 22 with special 90-minute editions. To make room for Idol, Fox is relocating That '70s Show to Wednesdays at 8 pm/ET and moving Bernie Mac and Cedric the Entertainer Presents an hour later to 9-10 pm/ET. Fastlane, meanwhile, will shift to Fridays at 8 pm/ET, giving Firefly some time off. In other midseason scheduling news, CBS will launch its Star Search update on Jan. 9 at 8 pm/ET, pushing the debut of the latest Survivor back to February. NBC will ring in 2003 with a slew of new series: Mister Sterling — a political drama starring Josh Brolin as a freshman senator — debuts Jan. 10 in Providence's old timeslot. Felicity's Scott Foley debuts in the legal comedy A.U.S.A. in February. And come March, Seinfeld read more


Bidding for Eminem's boyhood home in Detroit has passed the $13 million mark on eBay. The modest three-bedroom crib was recently appraised for around $100,000. The auction ends Dec. 14. read more

Seven Silly Questions with Dean Cain

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Dean Cain in a cheesy Die Hard rip-off on TBS! Christmas Rush (airing Sunday at 8 pm/ET) finds the onetime Superman playing a suspended police officer who disrupts a robbery attempt at a shopping mall during the busiest time of the year. Sadly, Cain left his trademark tights at home for this particular rescue mission, but that didn't stop him from answering our seven silly questions faster than a speeding bullet.
TV Guide Online: What's the worst experience you ever had in a mall?
Dean Cain:
Getting thrown off a third-story balcony during the filming of Christmas Rush. I don't like heights.

TVGO: Way to work in the shameless plug. Did you keep the tights from your Superman days?
Not officially, but it's possible that I have one hidden somewhere to impress the girls.

TVGO: read more


The Backstreet Boys have slapped their record label with a $100 million lawsuit, claiming Zomba Music Group delayed the release of their fourth album in order to promote Nick Carter's solo CD. The group also charges Zomba with trademark violation for "using the Backstreet Boys' trademark to shuttle traffic to other websites." read more


Russell Crowe is the coldest celeb in Hollywood, according to Film Threat's annual Frigid 50 list. Also making the cold cut: Winona Ryder, Cuba Gooding Jr., Richard Gere, Barbra Streisand and Anna Nicole Smith. read more


Nicolas Cage has filed for divorce from Lisa Marie Presley after less than four months of marriage. Cage cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. Presley responded with this statement: "I'm sad about this, but we shouldn't have been married in the first place. It was a big mistake." This was Presley's third marriage and Cage's second. read more


With one day remaining in the November sweeps derby, CBS and NBC are duking it out for first place among total viewers. Based on preliminary results, CBS is maintaining a slim 160,000-viewer lead over NBC. The Peacock, meanwhile, will easily take top honors in adults 18-49, with a resurgent ABC — which saw its Bachelor finale rank No. 3 last week — edging out CBS for second place in that demo. But the big winner remains the WB, which is up a whopping 17 percent among young adults compared to November 2001. read more

Hollywood's Hottest Couple Comes Clean

Since the dawn of time, we have been fascinated by celebrity couples. George and Gracie. Sonny and Cher. Charles and Diana. Brad and Juliette. Brad and Gwyneth. Brad and Jennifer. We've wished we could know, and have loved, them all. But head and shoulders above these other twosomes stands a one-of-a-kind duo, a seemingly mismatched pair that has beat the odds for more than a quarter of a century, withstanding not only relentless media scrutiny, but also the pressures of his-and-hers showbiz careers that have put them in different parts of the world with startling regularity. How have they managed to succeed where so many of their contemporaries have failed? Here, at last, in an exclusive interview with TV Guide Online, we get the scoop straight from the sweethearts themselves — Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy.
TV Guide Online: Since your days as Muppet Show castmates, read more


The body count continues to climb on Fox's 24. On Tuesday's episode, the computer whiz played by Roseanne's Sara Gilbert flatlined following an explosion at CTU. read more

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