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HBO bought the rights to the documentary film Journeys with George, which followed President George W. Bush for eighteen months on the campaign trail. No airdate is set, but it could debut on the cable channel as early as this summer. read more


Lethal Weapon director Richard Donner loves to play games so much that he is creating one of his own — a new game show titled The Real Deal, reports Variety. The funny quiz show, which may air on the Game Show Network, would test contestants on the origins of urban legends, superstitions and popular words. read more


MGM/UA and New Line Cinema have finally reached an agreement after several months of debate to allow the newest Austin Powers film to use its original title, reports Variety. In exchange, Austin Powers in Goldmember, a spoof of the James Bond film Goldfinger, will arrive in theaters on July 26 with trailers for the next Bond flick, Die Another Day, attached to it. read more


Christina Ricci's guest role on Fox's Ally McBeal hasn't even started, but it's already apparent that Ally &#252ber-waif Calista Flockhart is a bad influence on the former child actress. Ricci, now 22, tells Jane magazine's May issue that she learned how to be anorexic by watching TV movies in her teens. She points to an HBO flick that featured a young Flockhart as a bulimic and anorexic. "She'd vomit into Tupperware containers and keep them in her closet. It was so crazy to me that for some reason it was appealing." Now 5'1" and 98 lbs, Ricci — who's starring in the upcoming movie adaptation of Elizabeth Wurtzel's book Prozac Nation — makes her first Ally appearance on April 15. read more


Species star Natasha Henstridge is heading to the small screen in the new NBC action series She Spies. The actress will play the leader of a female trio of ex-cons who fight crime. The Peacock network will air four special sneak-peek episodes beginning July 20. The show officially bows in the fall. read more


"It's difficult to motivate her to get up and do anything without any money involved." — Divine Brown's manager, denying an interview request for Stuff's May issue. read more


Fledgling talk show The Other Half is adding a fourth male perspective to their team. Charmed regular Dorian Gregory will be joining the series beginning next Monday... Horror film actor John Agar passed away Tuesday at the age of 81. The former husband of Shirley Temple died due to complications from emphysema... Two hours of new footage of Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock was just sold to his estate. No word on when or if the family will release it to the public. read more


While FX's new series The Shield may be a hit with critics, advertisers are not such big fans. Anheuser-Busch and Tricon Global Restaurants pulled ads from the violent series after three other companies dropped out last week. The network says that new advertisers are jumping on board to replace them. read more


NBC's The West Wing plans a special documentary-style episode on April 24, featuring interviews with "real players inside the White House." Look for chats with former Presidents Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter, as well as Henry Kissinger, Leon Panetta and Dee Dee Myers. read more


Ouch! Bond girl Halle Berry suffered an eye inflammation on the Die Another Day set in Spain on Saturday. The film's producers deny frenzied reports that she was hit with debris from a smoke grenade — they say a stray gust merely blew dust in her eye. "As a precautionary measure, the production sought medical attention," their statement said. "We are happy to report that Ms. Berry suffered no lasting ill effects and returned to work immediately." read more

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