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Former Dynasty hellraiser Joan Collins, 68, got hitched for the fifth time Sunday in London, marrying 36-year-old Percy Gibson. Sources say the emotional ceremony brought the erstwhile Alexis Morrell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan to tears. You can see for yourself in an upcoming issue of OK! magazine, which nabbed exclusive rights to the pics. read more


George Michael's gotta have faith that justice will prevail: Thieves burglarized the pop star's London mansion last Wednesday, making off with his $114,000 Aston Martin sports car and $140,000 in paintings, jewelry and clothing, according to the News of the World tabloid. No arrests have been made. read more


Pierce Brosnan (aka 007) sustained a knee injury Friday in London while working on the latest James Bond pic. The actor — who will be sidelined for two weeks — was shooting an "action sequence involving water" at the time. Producers insist the film will still be released in November as scheduled. read more

Question: Can you tell me the ...

Question: Can you tell me the name of the song from the Feb. 5 episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer ("Dead Things") and who sang it? It played during a scene in which Buffy was walking through the cemetery towards Spike's crypt. Since I couldn't find any information during the credits, I'm hoping you might be able to find out. Also, is there some place where could I go in the future to look up this kind of information? Thanks! — Annie

Televisionary: Now, Annie, if there was a place where you could go in the future to look such things up, do you really think I'd tell you? Like any TV-related being, I need an audience, babe — I'm not handing you over to some unworthy other site, so get used to finding your info right here!

The Buffy song in question is Bush's "Out of This World" and you'll find it on their Golden State album. And when you go to the cash register, tell 'em the Televisionar read more


Now this is what we call a sweeps stunt: ABC's sublime sudser, One Life to Live, will go live for a whole week in May — and executive producer Gary Tomlin is praying for gaffes galore. "If we get through the entire week without some terrible mistake, I'll be a genius — and I will have failed miserably because tuning in to see something go wrong is what tweaks viewer interest," he tells TV Guide soap columnist Michael Logan in the Feb. 23 issue (on sale now). "And that's fine with me." The big event is set for May 13-17. read more

Question: I just heard that ...

Question: I just heard that Carol Burnett's daughter died tragically. Do you know the story? — Janean T.

Televisionary: Yes, I do, Janean. Carrie Hamilton, the 38-year-old actress, writer and musician whose father was late Carol Burnett Show producer Joe Hamilton, died of cancer-related complications in Los Angeles on Jan. 20.

Of course it's always sad when someone dies young. But Hamilton, who appeared on the TV series Fame during the last season (1986-87) of its first-run syndicated years and did guest work on Murder, She Wrote, thirtysomething, Beverly Hills 90210, The X-Files and other series, had turned her life around after an adolescence spent battling alcohol and drug addictions. She recently finished co-writing the play Hollywood read more

Question: Mr. Televisionary, ...

Question: Mr. Televisionary, I'm confused. After seeing the remake, some friends and I rented the original Ocean's Eleven and we got to talking about Dean Martin and his career. Isn't it true that by the time he got his own TV show, he was barely trying? Basically, was he really drunk the whole time? Thanks. — Paul W., Rockville, Md.

Televisionary: Well, Mr. W., according to Martin himself, who was backed up by many who knew him at the time, the whole point was to act like he was barely trying — and he managed to fool a lot of people by doing just that. What you reportedly saw on his show much of the time was a glass of apple juice. Of course, the man liked his drink and wasn't shy about social imbibing, but according to those who worked with him closely enough to break through the persona and see the real man, he wasn't nearly the hardcore partier he appeared to be — and he never let it get in the way of the read more


An HBO spokesperson is denying a report that Britney Spears is set to play Samantha's sex-crazed niece on an upcoming episode of Sex and the City. The rep says the story — which appeared in the New York Post — is "not true." Kim Cattrall, who plays Samantha, also appears as Spears's mom in Crossroads. read more


Paul McCartney reportedly is in talks to perform one night only at Las Vegas's MGM Grand Hotel for $4 million... 'N Sync, Christina Aguilera, Bon Jovi, Charlotte Church, Gloria Estefan and Harry Connick Jr. will headline Sunday's closing ceremony for the 2002 Winter Olympics... The Coen brothers' black and white pic The Man Who Wasn't There nabbed the best feature film photography award Sunday from the American Society of Cinematographers. read more

Question: There were episodes ...

Question: There were episodes of I Dream of Jeannie that featured an invisible dog that did not like Major Nelson. What was the dog's name and who did it belong to? — Sean M.

Televisionary: Once again I'm faced with a reader who doesn't need help, but rather seeks to confound me with a question he foolishly believes to be a stumper.

Trifle not with my TV powers, mortal — you bark up the wrong tree. The I Dream of Jeannie dog's name was Djinn Djinn; he was only invisible part of the time; he belonged to Jeannie (Barbara Eden) and he didn't discriminate in terms of hatred. He despised all uniformed men since, Jeannie explained, the palace guards were unkind to him in past years.

In his appearances on the show, the vicious little beast shredded many a pant leg and was once turned into a porcelain statue when one of Jeannie's spells went awry, as they were wont to do. He also became a proud papa read more

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