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Question: Ever since I saw ...

Question: Ever since I saw the first trailer for Blue Crush, I have been trying to remember where I have seen the star before. I think she played Evie on a show from the late '80s called Out of This World, on which her dad was an alien or someting to that effect. However, my brother disagrees and bet me $50. We agreed that you could be the final arbiter, so please, make me 50 bucks richer! — Josh, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Televisionary: The only way I could do that, Josh, would be to either lie or cut you a check for $100 so you'd still be 50 up after paying your bro. Since I'm not planning on doing either of those things, you'll just have to cough up the cash.

You may have caught Blue Crush star Kate Bosworth on the short-lived WB show Young Americans a couple years back. However, neither she nor Crush co-stars read more

Question: Is this the last ...

Question: Is this the last season for Charmed or is there going to be another fifth season? I really need to know soon. Thanks. — Jay K.

Televisionary: Well, I can tell you for sure that there won't be another fifth season since, barring the possibility that stars Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan really are witches and are planning to tinker with the space-time continuum itself, it's not really possible for any show to pull that off. I can also say that my pals at the WB tell me they have no plans to yank Charmed after this season, which allows me to end on an up note (provided, of course, that a show you enjoy remaining as vulnerable read more

Question: I saw a promo for ...

Question: I saw a promo for CSI: Miami and the girl looked like Kim Delaney. Isn't Philly coming back? — John N., Berlin, Md.

Televisionary: Nope, the ABC drama is gone. Shed tears only for the show and the other cast members and not for the beauteous Ms. Delaney, however. Her r&#233sum&#233 will now include NYPD Blue, Philly and, as you say, CSI: Miami. When the CBS spin-off to the hit forensic-investigations series debuts in September, you'll see her opposite fellow Blue alum David Caruso, The West Wing's Emily Procter and T read more

Question: I remember this ...

Question: I remember this cartoon in the '70s or '60s where the main character was a flea, I believe, who lived in a matchbox. He would put on these over-sized glasses and become a super-hero with super-strength. Am I losing my mind? I want to say that he was called Fearless Flea or something like that. — Michael W.

Televisionary: At the risk of being tiresome (yeah, like I haven't committed that sin in this column before), I'll repeat my usual disclaimer that I'm in no shape to judge your sanity, Michael. But I can tell you that if you are indeed insane, this particular cartoon memory isn't evidence of that.

You're thinking of "Fearless Fly," a rotating segment from the old Milton the Monster cartoon that I, too, watched as a kid. As you say, it related the adventures of mild-mannered Hiram the fly, who, after donning his special glasses, got his antennae all in a twist and transformed into the buff Fearless Fly. When our hero wasn't doing battle w read more

American Idol Invades the VMAs

The topic du jour on the red carpet at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards was who would emerge the big winner on... American Idol? Yes, Britney's ex wasn't the only Justin in the spotlight this year.

"I'm voting for him," confessed best female video nominee Michelle Branch of Justin Guarini, who attended the VMAs alongside Idol rival Kelly Clarkson. "I think he's a star. I love the whole '70s vibe."

Survivor: Africa champ Ethan Zohn also was throwing his support behind Guarini — but for strictly superficial reasons. "You know I've got to go with Justin — he's rockin' the afro," laughed the similiarly mop-topped reality star. "Even though I was the one who started that [whole curly hair trend]." Sporting a nea read more

VMA Revelers on Battle Guard

Aside from who'll win American Idol, the buzz at the MTV Video Music Awards was all about which feuding celebs would do battle when forced together under one roof at Manhattan's Radio City Music Hall. Natch, estranged lovebirds Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears got the most votes.

"People have made observations that for the first time in memory, Justin and Britney's seats aren't together," MTV guy John Norris told TV Guide Online on the red carpet. "But I think they're getting along okay today."

Of course, seating charts were made to be broken. And who better to pull off such a stunt than Jackass daredevil Johnny Knoxville. "I'll try to get in there early and switch their seats so [Britney and Justin] are seated t read more

90210 Reunion Pic Stalled

Don't hold your breath for that rumored Beverly Hills, 90210 reunion. Although Jennie Garth reveals that Fox is "developing a script" for a TV movie that would bring back together the gang from West Beverly High, a spokeswoman for producer Aaron Spelling insists no such project is afoot. "There is no script, there is nothing," the rep tells TV Guide Online.

It's just as well. Many of the show's principal cast members don't seem too anxious to reserve a booth at the Peach Pit. "At this time, it's not right for me," confesses Garth, who's got a new primetime gig (the WB sitcom What I Like About You) as well as a second baby on the way. "I'm certainly not turning my back on it because I would love to do a reunion show. I've just got my h read more

That Girl Is an Old Friend

Jennifer Aniston gives a great performance in the black comedy The Good Girl. But that's no surprise, considering that the Emmy nominee's Friends job has basically been one big, eight-year-long rehearsal for her to play Justine, the movie's woebegone heroine. In fact, if only Justine had a better hairdresser and Rachel a Texas twang, they'd have loads more in common than even twin sisters Phoebe and Ursula. — Charlie Mason

Wage slave:
Wrangles discounts on designer duds working in Ralph Lauren's Big Apple headquarters.

Significant other:
Was briefly wed to Ross, a college professor who likes talking about prehistoric rocks.

Boy on the side:
Jeopardizes her future with Ross by accepting a marriage proposal from much dumber ex-roommate Joey.

Girl talk:
Claps her hands when daffy Phoebe sings that smelly read more


Can we have a show of hands from anyone who didn't see this coming? Buoyed by Fox's success with American Idol, CBS is bringing back the granddaddy of all talent shows: Star Search. The Eye network — which has ordered nine episodes of the Star remake — hopes to have the show on the air by midseason. Sadly, Ed McMahon will not be back as host. read more


We're going to go out on a limb and predict that former cocktail waitress Kelly Clarkson is going to win this American Idol thing. Last night, the anticipated elimination of Nikki McKibbin narrowed the field of finalists to two: mop-topped crooner Justin Guarini and odds-on favorite Clarkson. "I'm not worried about being the most famous person in America," Clarkson told USA Today after Wednesday's show. "I want longevity." The winner will be revealed Sept. 4 during a special two-hour finale. Meanwhile, look for Guarini and Clarkson to present new artist kudos at tonight's MTV Video Music Awards (live at 8 pm/ET). read more

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