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Question: I have seen in ...

Question: I have seen in Europe that The West Wing is on DVD. Are there plans to release it in the United States? &#151 Rob, New York, N.Y.

Televisionary: There are intentions, Rob, but not much else right now. A friend at Warner Bros., which produces the show, says a DVD release is definitely in the works, but no date's been set.

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Question: I'm curious. Is the ...

Question: I'm curious. Is the girl playing Roxanne, Kevin's partner on 7th Heaven, the same girl or maybe the sister of the girl who played the original Cher on Clueless? &#151 Jenni, Orlando, Fla.

Televisionary: Same one, Jenni. Rachel Blanchard, who plays cop Roxanne on the hit WB series, starred as wealthy Beverly Hills teen Cher Horowitz on the ABC-UPN sitcom version of the popular movie. You may also remember her from her earlier work in Nickelodeon's Are You Afraid of the Dark?

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Question: I caught the end of ...

Question: I caught the end of a re-run of a Hogan Family episode. It involved David giving a speech about his friend Rich, who had died the night before. I missed what happened to Rich and why he died. Can you help? — L.F., Mississauga, Ont., Canada

Televisionary: Rich (Tom Hodges) died from complications related to AIDS and David Hogan (Jason Bateman) shot a documentary about his friend's final months in the "Best of Friends, Worst of Times" episode, which first aired in 1990. As traumatic as that death on the show was, though, L.F., it wasn't nearly as major a development as the death of Hogan mom Valerie (read more

Question: In the season ...

Question: In the season finale of Without a Trace, a song played at the end as Jack went home and thought about the events of Sept. 11. It included the word "alleluia." I can't seem to get it out of my head and would like to know where I could find it. Can you help me find the title and artist? Thanks so much! &#151 Therese P., Columbus, Ohio

Televisionary: Well, I can get you part of the way there, Therese. And believe me, I'm not crazy about posting partial answers, but so many people wrote in asking about that song, I figure I'll do what I can.

The song is a version of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" and a CBS spokeswoman tells me it's by Rufus Wainwright. Unfortunately, that's all the info I have on the version from the episode. However, I can tell you another Wainwright version (which I also really like) is on, of all the read more


The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers took home top honors when the 2003 MTV Movie Awards were handed out Saturday night. Towers won four awards, including best picture and best action sequence. Spider-Man's Kirsten Dunst earned the best actress prize, and along with her co-star Tobey Maguire, took home the award for best kiss. Rapper-turned-actor Eminem was named breakthrough and best actor for his performance in 8 Mile. MTV airs the awards on June 5. read more

Willem Dafoe's Fishy Behavior

It's surprising to hear Willem Dafoe — who sucked blood in Shadow of the Vampire and went criminally insane in Spider-Man — voicing a good guy in Disney's Finding Nemo. "Well, shame on you!" he protests, chiding us for spoiling his rotten rep.

As moorish fish Gill, he kindly takes Nemo (Alexander Gould) under his fin, as they hatch a plan to escape from their fish tank together. Still, Dafoe's deep, gravelly voice adds a bit of mystery to the role. "I think that's played with," he says, "because certainly this Gill character has an ominous entrance. And there's always a little bit of slight tension about what his motives are."

A true actor's actor, Dafoe even appears to be looking for subtext in the kid flick! "On some levels, I always thin read more

Emmy Comedy Contenders Leave Us Laughing

Where the prime-time Emmy nominations are concerned, we here at TV Guide Online adhere to one simple rule: If you ain't gonna fix the problem, you don't get to moan about it. So, since we're rarely 100 percent satisfied with the slate of stars and series that wind up in the running, we've decided to take matters into our own hands for the third year in a row. We TV vigilantes are compiling wish lists of the shows and actors we feel are truly deserving of recognition (and, in many cases, all too likely to be overlooked when the real ballots are mailed out today by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences). First up, TV Guide critic Matt Roush, Michael Ausiello and our panel of opinionated pundits tackle four of the comedy categories and single out the good-humor men and women whose funny business is our pleasure.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series
Zach Braff, Scrubs: By tickling our funny bone with his eager-puppy antics, this TV M.D. prov read more


In this week's issue of TV Guide magazine, Richard Chamberlain confesses he's gay — and he's been secretly married to a man for 20 years. Chamberlain, best known for his roles in Dr. Kildare and The Thorn Birds, discusses life in Hollywood's celluloid closet, and his hidden relationship with Martin Rabbett, who is now his manager. For the full story, click here and pick up TV Guide on newsstands now. read more


In other awards news, Salma Hayek garnered more praise for her work in Frida. The biopic earned her a best actress award and was named the best picture at the 18th annual Hispanic Imagen Awards. Hayek was also the recipient of the Imagen Foundation's Creative Achievement Award. Her Frida co-star Alfred Molina won for best actor. read more


Disney-Pixar's fishing expedition, Finding Nemo, paid off at the box office this weekend, earning $70.6 million. The underwater animated adventure — featuring the voices of Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres and Willem Dafoe — came in first place and set a new opening record for a cartoon flick. Coming in at No. 2, the Jim Carrey comedy Bruce Almighty continued to see heavenly sales, with $35.6 million. Rounding out the top five: The Italian Job (No. 3 with $19.3 million), The Matrix Reloaded (No. 4 with $15 million) and read more

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