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British rock band Oasis has canceled a Wednesday concert in the Philippine capital Manila over security fears. Specifically, a rep for the group cited "recent terrorist attacks both in Bali and the Philippines." read more

Michelle Branch: "Everywhere" at Once

Yo, Britney, if juvie rocker Michelle Branch has her way, moviegoers soon may be saying goodbye to you. Having reached a career crossroads, the chart-topping 19-year-old has begun considering, ahem, branching out and staking a claim to Brit's new turf, the multiplex. "I dabble with the thought," Branch told TV Guide Online at last week's VH1-Vogue Fashion Awards. "One minute, I am very interested in it, and the other minute, I'm like, 'I could never do this.'

"When I was younger, I really wanted to be in musical theater," continues the ambivalently aspiring actress, who played wholesome '60s singer Lesley Gore on last week's episode of American Dreams. "I wanted to be on Broadway more than anything. But as I got older and got more into music, it kind of dissipated. Stil read more


Another headache for Johnny Knoxville: A woman injured during the filming of a never-aired Jackass stunt is suing MTV and Viacom. Wendy Linden claims cast member David England knocked her to the ground while using his body as a missile. All this just in time for the Friday debut of Jackass: The Movie. read more


Bob Hope, he's not. The ongoing war on terrorism got a big boost this weekend when Robin Williams visited Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan and treated America's troops to a raunchy, expletive-filled stand-up routine. Among his targets: media mogul Ted Turner and ex-wife Jane Fonda, Oprah Winfrey and military caterers. read more


It looks like CBS's upcoming Enron movie won't debut next month after all. The Crooked E: The Unshredded Truth About Enron was to premiere Sunday, Nov. 3, but the network last week announced that the 007 pic The World is Not Enough would air that night instead. According to Variety, scheduling conflicts led CBS to delay the pic. No new airdate has been set. read more


Picture Cheers barflies Cliff and Norm as cops and you've got the basic premise of a new CBS sitcom. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Eye Network has ordered a comedy pilot from former Cheers producers Dan Staley and Rob Long about a widow who runs a bar frequented by police officers. read more


As if poor Rhode Island doesn't get enough abuse, NBC has axed its feel-good Friday night drama Providence after five seasons. A two-hour series finale will air on Dec. 20. Naturally, the network describes the show's swan song as "a touching, heartwarming send-off for the entire Hansen family." In other Peacock news, NBC has picked up Sunday night newcomers American Dreams and Boomtown for a full season. read more


Former Dynasty diva Joan Collins (now slumming it on CBS's Guiding Light) is taking potshots at Dolly Parton. In an interview with the BBC, the 69-year-old actress explained why she's no fan of plastic surgery: "Dolly Parton has a face like a doll, you know, it doesn't look right to me." So, what's her secret to staying so young and hot? Sex! "[It's] one of the best and cheapest beauty treatments there is." So much for Oil of Olay! read more


Oscar-winning filmmaker Steven Spielberg has filed a restraining order against a woman who allegedly stalked the director and claimed he implanted a mind-control device in her brain. According to, a Los Angeles judge last week granted Spielberg's request against Diana Louisa Napolis, who Spielberg's camp believes suffers from a delusional disorder and poses "a serious risk of violent confrontation" with the filmmaker. Sounds like she saw A.I. one too many times. read more


Moviegoers couldn't take their eyes off of The Ring, as the death-by-videotape spooker debuted atop the box office with $15 million. Sweet Home Alabama was No. 2 with $9.6 million, followed by Red Dragon, which fell from first to third with $8.8 million. Rounding out the top five: My Big Fat Greek Wedding (No. 4 with $7.2 million) and Brown Sugar (No. 5 with $5.31 million). Audiences, meanwhile, deserted the new Katie Holmes thriller Abandon. The schlockfest grossed $5.3 million, bad enough for sixth place. read more

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