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Question: Who was the past ...

Question: Who was the past Family Feud host who committed suicide? — Angie

Televisionary: That was stand-up comedian Ray Combs, who hosted the show from 1988 to 1994.

Family Feud, hosted in its first incarnation by Richard Dawson (Hogan's Heroes), was a hit on ABC's daytime schedule and as a syndicated version over its initial 1977-85 run. CBS brought the show, hosted by Combs, back in the daytime in '88 and followed with a syndicated version, but both struggled. They replaced Combs with Dawson for its final year.

Sadly, after losing the Feud job, Combs suffered a painful spinal injury in a car accident, in addition to financial problems and the break-up of his marriage. In 1996, he hanged himself in the closet of his room read more


Wonder Woman is getting a butch makeover. Her new "edgy" look — which includes short, spiky hair and a camouflage bustier — will be unveiled in Wednesday's DC Comics issue. It's part of a six-part adventure in which the lasso-wielding diva gets amnesia and thinks she's a lesbian. I kid. I kid. read more

Question: What is the name of ...

Question: What is the name of the department store in New York City where Rachel worked as a personal shopper on Friends? — Gloria C., Montreal, Que., Canada

Televisionary: That would be Bloomingdale's, which started out as a New York City store in the 1800s but now has locations across the U.S.

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Question: In the original CSI ...

Question: In the original CSI there are two technical people who do the DNA testing and things like that. One of the characters' names is Greg. I don't know what the other one's name is, but I would like to know what other show he played on. My husband and I have been racking our brains trying to remember. Please let us know. Thank you. — Nicole, Billings, Mont.

Televisionary: I assume you're talking about medical examiner Dr. Al Robbins (and if you're not, I'm certain to be corrected by the legions of fans who delight in spanking me with the correction stick.)

Robert David Hall, who plays him, has kept himself quite busy throughout the years. You may have spotted him on such shows as The Practice, Family Law, read more

Question: What was Det. ...

Question: What was Det. Tubbs's undercover name on the series Miami Vice? — F.J.W., Lindenwold, N.J.

Televisionary: Ricardo Tubbs (Philip Michael Thomas) usually went by the name Ricardo Cooper, while Sonny Crocket (Don Johnson) was Sonny Burnett.

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Question: This one can't be ...

Question: This one can't be true, so please tell me it's not. A friend tried to tell me that instead of being angry former child stars, the Olsen twins have more money than they did when Full House was on. Urban legend, right? — Patty S., Rushford, Minn.

Televisionary: Wrong, Patty, although I'll admit it's surprising, given the all-too common scenario played out by those who've gone before. If the twins' childhood careers had followed those of other, more unfortunate, kid stars, they'd be cursing their thieving parents on E! right about now.

But it hasn't happened that way. Matter of fact, Mary-Kate and Ashley, who switched off playing wee Michelle Tanner during the hit ABC comedy's 1987-95 run, are basically a living brand. And between cl read more

Question: I'm going crazy! ...

Question: I'm going crazy! I've been watching reruns of The Cosby Show from the '80s. In so many of the episodes, Bill Cosby wears a black-and-white pin that looks like it has an s and p on it. Will you please tell me what significance this pin had and what it represented? — Janet T., Martinsville, Ind.

Televisionary: Actually, the pin had the initials "S.D." on it, along with a small "Jr." Cosby wore it in memory of Sammy Davis Jr., who died in 1990.

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Gap model Jason Lewis has been cast on Sex and the City as a love interest for maneater Samantha (Kim Cattrall). The new season kicks off this summer. read more

Dawson's Creek Finale Scoop!

The end is near for those oh-so-very self-aware Dawson's Creek kids. The drama caps its six-year run on the WB with a two-hour time-tripping swan song on May 14 written by series creator Kevin Williamson. In his first interview since paddling back to Creek, Williamson — who left the show at the end of Season One to focus on other projects — gives TV Guide Online the lowdown on why he decided to return, whether Joey (Katie Holmes) will finally choose either Dawson (James Van Der Beek) or Pacey (Joshua Jackson) and what Creek plot he thinks his successors botched.
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Political Animals Turn the Oscars Into a Zoo

In a time of war, battles between the rich and famous over little statuettes that justify big paydays and bigger egos seem, to put it mildly, trivial — and Oscar knows it. So, out of respect for the soldiers who are, for better or worse, risking their necks in the Middle East, the producers of last night's 75th Annual Academy Awards ceremony didn't merely trot out the usual who's who of Hollywood stars; instead, they let march a parade of stars and stripes.

Right from the kickoff of ABC's three-and-a-half-hour telecast, it was obvious that the colors of the evening would be red, white and blue, not gold. In fact, host Steve Martin began his uproarious opening monologue by observing the steps that execs had taken to irritate the Iraqi forces: "You probably noticed there was no fancy red carpet tonight," he said in his winning, deadpan style. "That'll send 'em a message." Not a moment later, the good-humor man instructed read more

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