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I don't know what's more disgraceful — that the high point of last night's American Idol pre-show/infomercial was a freakin' coin toss, or that I sat through the entire thing utterly transfixed. (Clay won the toss and opted to let Ruben perform first tonight.) Meanwhile, the Final Two — both of whom waited a lifetime for a moment like this — will sing three songs apiece, including a track the winner will release as a single. read more


Weird Al Yankovic will perform his Eminem parody "Couch Potato" on CBS's Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn Wednesday night... 'N Sync's Joey Fatone has been tapped to host NBC's reality version of Fame, which debuts May 28. read more


It's official: Oprah Winfrey has extended her talk show contract with King World Productions for two more years. The new deal ensures that The Oprah Winfrey Show will remain on the air at least through 2008. read more


Hugh Jackman, who will make his Broadway debut this fall playing entertainer Peter Allen in the musical The Boy From Oz, has been tapped to host the 2003 Tony Awards on June 8. read more


On last night's Mr. Personality finale, Hayley chose silver-masked millionaire developer Will over green-masked hypnotist Chris. Upon lifting Will's disguise, the 26-year-old bachelorette let out a huge sigh of relief and cooed, "You're so beautiful." She then tried to pull his ears back with double-sided tape. read more


Martin Scorsese is embarking on what could be the biggest challenge of his career — he's going to attempt to make sense of Bob Dylan. The director is helming a documentary about the singing legend which will feature Dylan's first filmed interview in 20 years. Pray for subtitles, folks. read more

Question: During the final 10 ...

Question: During the final 10 minutes or so of the May 7 West Wing episode a haunting song was played (while the president's daughter was being kidnapped and occasionally cutting back to the White House, too). Who was the artist and what was the song? It was as well chosen a song for the scene and situation as I have ever heard. Please tell. I gotta know!! — Mike P.

Televisionary: Sure thing. That was Massive Attack's "Angel" and it can be found on their 1998 album Mezzanine.

read more

Question: I was a little kid ...

Question: I was a little kid I watched My Mother, the Car, and I believe that Jerry Van Dyke played the lead role. His mother returned as a car. What make of car did she return as? — Darrell S., Canandaigua, N.Y.

Televisionary: The late mother of Dave Crabtree (Van Dyke) "came back" — I don't believe the show ever actually used any variation of the word "reincarnation," perhaps because it was too occult for the times — as a 1928 Porter on the series, which ran for about a year on NBC beginning in September 1965. Don't hit your local antique-cars dealer looking to score one, though; no such model ever existed.

My Mother, the Car is a show that has earned its place in TV history... for all the wrong reasons. TV Guide Online made it the No. 1 pick in our "What Were They Thinking?" read more

Question: We have a question, ...

Question: We have a question, What is the name of the Who's the Boss? spinoff show? It was about models in New York. We have tried everything to find the name of the show. The show didn't last long. — Jennifer S., West Chester, Ohio

Televisionary: I'll tell you, Jennifer, but only if you promise to work on that unsettling habit of referring to yourself in the plural. Keep that up and Uncle Sam's gonna double your taxes. (And yes, I'll stop mocking my readers now — for this week, anyway — since I don't want you guys thinking I don't love you.)

The show vexing you so is ABC's Living Dolls, which starred Michael Learned (The Waltons) as the head of a small modeling agency in New York. Living with her were four of her beauteous young mannequins — Emily ( read more


Lisa Marie Presley is going on tour this summer as Chris Isaak's opening act. The 17-city U.S. road trip kicks off July 11 in Boston. read more

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