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It looks like the circus will be in town for a few more months, folks. A federal appeals court ruled Monday that the California recall election — starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gary Coleman and porn actress Mary Carey — cannot proceed as scheduled on Oct. 7 because some votes would be cast using outdated punch-card ballot machines. The ruling could delay the election until March 2. God help us all. read more

Question: First of all, I ...

Question: First of all, I can't wait to read your column every week. Love it! Gotta quick one for ya. There is a commercial that American Eagle has been running recently about jeans. The funky song on the commercial is possibly called "Here It Comes." Can you help me find the actual name of the song and who it is by? — Selah, Springfield, Ill.

Televisionary: Help you? Heck, I'll do all the work and hand it to you. The song is Simian's "Breeze" and you'll find it on their 2002 album We Are Your Friends (Astralwerks).

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Question: When I was growing ...

Question: When I was growing up I used to love Land of the Lost. For some reason I remember the father making it back home, (with an uncle taking his place somehow?) and Will and Holly remaining stuck in prehistoric times. Is this right and, if so, did they ever get back home? — Christopher K., Suwanee, Ga.

Televisionary: You remember correctly, Christopher. After two seasons, Jack Marshall (Ron Harper), brother to forest ranger Rick Marshall (Spencer Milligan) and uncle to Will (Wesley Eure) and Holly (Kathy Coleman), wandered into a time vortex which transported him to the Land of the Lost and returned Rick to our dimension. (Well, not ours, actually. It was the real-life TV character dimension he lived in before getting lost and... you get me, right?)

Now, why did this alternate universe-hopping phenomenon affect this particular family? Beats me. But it was up to Uncle Jack to try and help Will and Holly get home. Unf read more

Question: Is the actor who ...

Question: Is the actor who played Sgt. Carter on Gomer Pyle, USMC still alive, and did he do any other work before or after the show? — Charles C., Vidalia, Ga.

Televisionary: Sadly, actor Frank Sutton died in 1974, just five years after the last original episode of Gomer Pyle ran on CBS. He was backstage in a Shreveport, La., theater when he suffered a fatal heart attack.

As for his pre-Gomer work, Sutton had small roles in several movies and appeared in guest roles on a whole host of shows, including such series as The Naked City, The Defenders, Route 66, Have Gun Will Travel, The Twilight Zone, Gunsmoke, Combat!, The Untouchables and The Fugitive.

He first appeared as Sgt. Vince Carter in May of 1964, when the fourth-season ender of The Andy Griffith Show found Griffith regular Gomer (Jim Nabors) joining the Marines. Gomer quickly beca read more


Jennifer Coolidge — best known for her hilarious scene-stealing supporting turns in American Pie, Legally Blonde and Best in Show — is headed to the small screen. NBC is developing a sitcom for the actress, with the hopes of getting it on the air as early as next fall, Variety reports. read more

7th Heaven If you're one of those...

7th Heaven
If you're one of those people who've been hanging with the Camdens since 1996, God bless you. Cause I'm not. I haven't watched since Lucy was as young as Ruthie. And, Lord help me, sticking through the eighth season premiere was a trial for my TV soul. I couldn't take Simon's incessant sulking. Yes, he hit and killed a schoolmate with the family car. But it was, as was said seven times in the first 30 minutes, "an accident!" Then there's young Lucy who's married and living in an apartment over the garage? Trauma! Plus she and her hubby Officer Kevin Kinkirk want to have a baby — or as they like to say "do something life affirming." And what's up with Mary possibly living with and carrying the baby of recently homeless Carlos — aka Latin pop star Carlos Ponce?

Dr. Pepper
Ok. Cyndi Lauper's Dr. Pepper commercial is jammin'. But who is Anastacia? And why does she look and sound like Taylor read more

Question: In the TV parental ...

Question: In the TV parental ratings, the letters D, S, L, and V are all self explanatory except for D. I have asked at least 50 people what D means. They all know S (sex), L (language) and V (violence), but no one, including myself, can figure out D. — David T.

Televisionary: The D is for suggestive dialogue, which means people are talking about dirty stuff without actually using the words themselves. Nudge-nudge, wink-wink.

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Question: I watched a ...

Question: I watched a Lifetime drama this summer on Sunday nights. It came on right before or after 1-800-MISSING. The aunt, a Vegas card dealer, leaves Vegas to raise her dead sister's three children. Joely Fisher was the lead character. I can't find it now and I don't remember the name of the show. — Nancy, Palm Springs, Fla.

Televisionary: That's Lifetime's Wild Card (Saturdays, 9 pm/ET). Find out more about it here.

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Question: What is the name of ...

Question: What is the name of the actor who plays Dylan Walsh's son on Nip/Tuck? Is he related to any other actors? I keep thinking he looks familiar but I can't place him. — Toni, Bellingham, Wash.

Televisionary: That's relative newcomer John Hensley, who, as far as I know, has no showbiz relatives. But you may well recognize him from some of his previous work.

He played antiques-dealer Gabriel on Witchblade and was Meadow's boyfriend on The Sopranos. He also showed up in Comedy Central's Strangers with Candy and was Gabriel Byrne's teen son on the here-and-gone ABC sitcom Madigan Men, which was but a blip on the schedule in 2000.

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7th Heaven's Killer Secret!

Hey, 7th Heaven fans! Still wondering why a grim-faced cop showed up at Rev. Eric Camden's door in last season's cliffhanger finale? You'll get your answer in tonight's season premiere (8 pm/ET on WB). Here's a hint from executive producer Brenda Hampton: A member of the Camden clan is a killer. (No, we're not talking about Jessica Biel, who pretty much killed her career by posing nearly naked in that laddie mag, Gear.)

Who is it and whom did they kill? Hampton won't tell. ("That's the mystery," she teases). Another surprise on tap: Tonight's episode will reveal which Camden is going to have a baby. Is it newlywed Lucy (Beverley Mitchell), who secretly took a home pregnancy test last season? Or Mary (Biel, who will be back for only two episodes)? Let's hope it's not matriarch Annie (Catherine Hicks), who, with seven kids, has enough problems already.

Then again, Annie is losing one from the nest. David Gallagher, read more

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