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Gilmore Girls Finally! It was...

Gilmore Girls
Finally! It was rough to wait months for a fresh cup of Lorelai and Rory's super cute, over-caffeinated banter. But it's weird how co-dependent this mother-daughter duo is. I mean, they've supposedly just spent the entire summer backpacking in Europe together, right? So do they have to spend every moment together in the days before Rory heads off to Yale? Cut the cord! Stars Hollow and New Haven are both in Connecticut, which ain't that big a state. Hey, I grew up an only child of a single mom, too, and we are very chatty and close like the Gilmores, but we also need our space. Or else. Am I right, Mom?

Paradise Hotel
Okay, normally when I check into Paradise Hotel, I soon feel like running for the nearest exit. This show is like the Big Brother house on acid. Nothing anyone says makes sense! It's just a bunch of ignorant sleazes rubbing up against each other. Or else they just lay around drunk and read more


Actor Gordon Jump, best known to TV audiences as befuddled station manager Arthur Carlson on WKRP in Cincinnati, died Monday of complications from pulmonary fibrosis. He was 71. Jump also made his mark in commercials as the lonely Maytag repairman, a character he inhabited for more than a decade. read more

Seinfeld's Puddy Returns!

Maybe Patrick Warburton has a thing for difficult women. At least his characters certainly do. For three years, his dim Seinfeld alter ego was Puddy in the hands of pushy Elaine. And this season, he'll be appearing on the workplace "witcom" Less Than Perfect as Jeb, a media pundit who'll be hot for ice princess Lydia (Andrea Parker).

"We're doing a little arc with them," executive producer Christine Zander tells TV Guide Online. "They have a very sexually tense relationship, but neither of them will admit to their attraction to one another, and then they finally do."

While Jeb's infatuation with Lydia is certainly understandable — she's smokin' hot! — the outcome of their involvement is far more difficult to predict. Could a kinder, gentler diva possibly emerge? "I think," hints Zander, "we're going to see maybe a little more vulnerability in Lydia."

The softening of the vamp's hard heart couldn't come at a bet read more


Are Bennifer on again? Damned if I know, but Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were spotted in a Georgia courthouse Monday where Affleck was apparently applying for a gun license. A court clerk said the estranged couple "were very amiable." read more


Beyoncé Knowles will play herself in the Oct. 7 episode of UPN's All of Us... Uberproducer David E. Kelley will pen a big-screen remake of Agatha Christie's classic mystery Witness for the Prosecution, Variety reports... Ex-Profiler star Jamie Luner has joined the cast of ABC's new drama 10-8... Darren Star was honored at last night's 3rd Annual Jewish Image Awards for spotlighting the Jewish experience in such shows as Sex and the City, Beverly Hills, 90210, Melrose Place, and the upcoming Miss Match. read more


A day after The West Wing picked up its fourth consecutive best drama series Emmy, four members of the show's supporting cast — Allison Janney, Richard Schiff, Bradley Whitford and John Spencer — have quietly resolved their salary dispute with Warner Bros. TV. Although exact figures were unavailable, Variety reports the quartet had been looking to bump their salaries from $90,000 to $150,000 per episode. read more

Michael Caine's Texan Yen

Oscar-winner Michael Caine is one of the few honest actors in the biz. He's freely admitted to taking some projects solely for the hefty paycheck. But at 70, though he mixes heavy fare like The Quiet American with family flicks like Secondhand Lions, it seems he's narrowed his criteria a bit.

"I don't work a lot, and I only go to work if I really want to," Caine declares. "Secondhand Lions was completely different from anything else I'd ever done before. Plus, it was a Texan, which I'd never played before. It's one of those characters I'd grown up with in movies. You see them in Westerns, these grumpy old Texans."

How does a proper Englishman turn into a rural cowboy? "It's a frame of mind," smiles Caine, who previously filmed Miss Congeniality in Austin. "Texans talk slowly, and the reason they talk slowly is, they're usually about 6 feet tall and have a gun. So they know you're listening."

In Lions, Cain read more


A federal appeals court Tuesday unanimously reinstated California's Oct. 7 gubernatorial recall election, rejecting a three-judge panel's decision to delay it until March. Translation: Mary Carey's 15 minutes are almost up. read more


It's not easy being Tom Green today. MTV has abruptly pulled the plug on The New Tom Green Show — just weeks after the music channel renewed the late-night talker for an additional 65 episodes. "Despite critical acclaim, [the show] was unfortunately unable to sustain the initial ratings success it enjoyed in its earlier weeks," an MTV spokeswoman tells TV Guide Online. "Tom remains a part of the MTV family, and we look forward to working with him in the future." MTV shouldn't hold its breath: Sources say Green is already shopping the show elsewhere. read more


Will & Grace's Megan Mullally married fiancé Nick Offerman Saturday night in a private Los Angeles ceremony, Extra reports. In related news, rocker Melissa Etheridge and actress-girlfriend Tammy Lynn Michaels (Popular) tied the knot in a commitment ceremony over the weekend. read more

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