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CBS's Cold Case iced the competition in its debut Sunday while NBC notched promising numbers for its new Rob Lowe drama The Lyon's Den. Cold Case attracted 15.5 million viewers to lead the 8 pm hour, while Lyon's Den drew 12.5 million viewers to finish second at 10 pm (behind the Eye telepic 12 Mile Road). Meanwhile, David E. Kelley's retooled Practice — which featured a poignant story about a man who smelled — failed to impress with 10.2 million viewers. read more

2003 World Gymnastics Championships...

2003 World Gymnastics Championships (a repeat)
Thanks ESPN2. I finally get to see Brazilian gymnast Daiane Dos Santos spank Romanian ass on the floor exercise (and make history for her country). Girlfriend threw two double Arabian pike fronts with the height of a man and the grace and style of a strong black woman. Go Daiane! I say, "Flip!" You say, "Flop!"

Fear Factor
Ninety-nine point nine percent of the time, I can not stand host Joe Rogan. He's a condescending, instigating, little man who talks big — like he could ace half the stunts the competitors do on that show. But tonight, I had to give it to him. When it came time to eat live African cave-dwelling spiders, perky Krisandra started to cry. But Rogan talked her through it. And she pulled it together and ate three creepy crawlers. Shoot. I ain't gon' lie: I ran screaming from the room when she bit the first one. (My neighbor did not appreciate that by the read more

Question: Did Reichen ...

Question: Did Reichen Lehmkuhl, the winner of The Amazing Race 4, appear as Jennifer Lopez's husband in the television series Second Chances? — Barby, Vancouver, British Columbia

Televisionary: Nope. That was Justin Lazard playing law student Kevin Cook in the short-lived CBS series. If you're a fan of here-and-gone CBS nighttime soaps, you may also have caught him on Central Park West, which was on the air for a few hours in 1995 and '96.

read more

Question: I wanted to say ...

Question: I wanted to say first and foremost how much I enjoy reading your column every week. Now I can ask you this: Who is the gorgeous new Gap model? The commercial starts and ends with him in bed, wearing only his Gap jeans! My sister and I have a dinner riding on this. I say he is a completely new, fresh face, but my sister claims that he may be on a soap, though she cannot remember his name. This is a new commercial, but I have complete faith in your abilities! Thanks so much! — Julie, Revere, Mass.

Televisionary: Glad to see everyone out there's part of an enthusiastically wagering (and dining) readership, Julie. (And buttering me up? How shameless. Worked, though.)

The hunk in question is Italy's Raoul Bova, who, according to company info, is known as the Italian Brad Pitt. If you and sis like looking at him so much and you're not the kind of Italian-film buffs who might've caught him in, say, La Finestra di Fronte or Francesca e N read more

Question: When I was growing ...

Question: When I was growing up in the '50s there were several cliffhanger serials. One in particular was a Western about Kit Carson. Would you know its name? — Louis, New York, NY

Televisionary: That I would, Louis. The creators went out on a limb and named their syndicated kiddie hit The Adventures of Kit Carson.

The half-hour show featured Bill Williams as the scouting Kit and Don Diamond as his Mexican pal El Toro. A robust slate of 104 episodes was produced from 1951-55.

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Question: My husband and I ...

Question: Question: My husband and I are having a major debate about the origins of Happy Days. One of us says it was spun off from Love, American Style, and the other says it was based on American Graffiti. Which one is it? There is a lobster dinner riding on the answer to this! Thank you in advance!

Answer: Technically, Amy, neither is exactly right. But for the sake of the bet, whoever stood by the Love, American Style spinoff gets to crack claws for free.

Happy Days began life as a half-hour pilot called New Family in Town. Co-creators Garry Marshall and Tom Miller envisioned it as a Norman Rockwell-esque endeavor and they set it in Milwaukee, where Miller grew up. "It was a very soft, gentle show," Marshall wrote in a 1984 TV Guide article he penned as his series wrapped its 11th season. "The network guys looked at it and they said, 'What a sweet, lovely read more

Question: Oh, great ...

Question: Oh, great Televisionary! Your expertise is incomparable! I loved watching the TV movie The Ghosts of Buxley Hall when I was a young girl. My family recorded it on to two different videotapes and, sadly, one of the tapes is missing. I've been looking all over the Internet to see where — or if — I can get a copy and my searching has done no good. Because you are an expert, I am turning to you in my time of frustration, hoping you can and will help me out. I appreciate your time and effort. Thank you so very much! — Tiffany

Televisionary: Don't thank me too much, Tiffany. After all the nice kissing up you did, I regret to inform you that your frustration continues: To the best of my knowledge, the 1980 TV flick isn't available on home video in the U.S. (I was able to find it in PAL format on a zany German site, but I don't see how that would be very helpful unless you send it s read more

Question: What day and time ...

Question: What day and time is BBC America's The Office on? I've heard it's a great show and would like to give it a shot. But, I can't find it anywhere. — Buddy, Auburn Hills, Mich.

Televisionary: And you haven't checked our fabulous listings? For shame! The second season kicks off Sunday, Oct. 12 at 9 pm/ET. New episodes run in that slot, repeating at 10:20 pm, and you can catch other reruns on Friday and Saturday nights. Again, see our listings for exact times and take a look at BBC America's site for more info. It's worth your while; I consider The Office to be one of the freshest and funniest comedies on TV right now. (And if you agree, you'll want to pick up Season One, which comes out on DVD Oct. 7.

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Mrs. Melissa Etheridge Speaks!

Isn't it ironic? Girl-on-girl action never fails to get a rise out of viewers, yet being a lesbian can send a starlet's career spiraling downward. Luckily, the new Mrs. Melissa Etheridge, Tammy Lynn Michaels, doesn't give a damn; the former Popular vixen has her priorities in order. "This industry is fickle," she tells TV Guide Online. "What's most important is who's going to be there with you at the end of the day when people stop taking pictures."

Hallelujah! However, the 28-year-old actress, who recently played a homosexual teenage spy in the spoof D.E.B.S., didn't always have a beautiful mind to match her pretty face; she came by her level head the hard way. "I had a single mother, and coming from a small Catholic town in the '80s... that did not fly well," the Indiana native remembers. "Back then, it was like the scarlet letter... so I know what it's like to be the black sheep of the town. That's why I tend to root for the under read more

Hotel's Dave Dishes the Dirt

From the moment that unlikely Paradise Hotel guest Dave peeled off his shirt and cheerfully announced, "I have man-boobs!" we couldn't help but love the guy. Sure, he was about as reliable an ally as the French, but come on — in a sea of washboard stomachs and bulging biceps, he was like us (and how often have you ever seen a real person on reality TV?). What's more, the pro-level schemer's unrequited adoration of brainy Barbie Charla made us groan in empathy. So, as the first of what we can only hope will be many seasons of Fox's summer skank-o-rama comes to an end (in a two-hour finale, airing Wednesday night at 8 ET), we rang up the big lug to give credit where it is due.

TV Guide Online: Dave, on behalf of the pectorally challenged everywhere, I salute you!
Thank you, but I wouldn't necessarily say I'm pectorally challenged. I'm just more normal.

TVGO: Looking back, how would you characterize your Pa read more

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