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Farscape Stud on CSI: Miami!

It's been over a month since star-crossed lovers John Crichton and Aeryn Sun met their untimely ends (or did they...?) on the shocking series finale of Sci Fi's Farscape, but Crichton's portrayer, Ben Browder, still receives strong feedback on the cult series' controversial ending. "I've heard that people hate it, and I've heard that people love it," he tells TV Guide Online. "It's funny. For years I had been saying, 'We should kill a main character in a drive-by shooting.' I just didn't expect it to be me!

"It's difficult to judge [the finale] on a personal level," he adds. "I always see it and I say, 'Damn, is that it?' But that's just because I want to go back to work in the morning."

Browder recently got his wish... kind of. While Farscape sadly remains in dry dock, the ex-astronaut/action hero appears in a supporting read more


FX has elected not to support American Candidate, a 13-week reality series that would have followed 10 presidential hopefuls as they campaigned across the country. Apparently, the project proved too costly. read more


Tina Brown's TV career got off to a disastrous start Wednesday night. The debut of the publishing diva's CNBC talk show Topic A with Tina Brown attracted a miniscule 74,000 viewers. To put that number in perspective, anything less than 200,000 is considered to be utterly humiliating. read more


Rachel should have made out with Joey while she had the chance. Friends star Matt LeBlanc married his longtime fiancée Melissa McKnight Saturday on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. According to Extra, all of LeBlanc's Friends were in attendance with the apparent exception of Matthew Perry. Also suspiciously MIA: a certain actor/chimpanzee/third baseman named Ed. read more


The mutants of X2: X-Men United overtook the planet this weekend, grossing $85.9 million in the U.S. and another $69 million overseas. That ranks as the fourth-best debut in history, following Spider-Man and the first two Harry Potter films. Tween superstar Hilary Duff also seems destined for world domination; her Lizzie McGuire Movie opened at No. 2 with a better-than-expected $17 million. Rounding out the top five: Identity (No. 3 with $9.5 million), Anger Management (No. 4 with $8.5 million) and Holes (No. 5 with $6.5 million). read more


Paramount Pictures remains hopelessly devoted to its Grease franchise. The studio is developing a third installment of the musical film series that would be set in the late-'70s and revolve around the children of John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John's characters. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Travolta and Newton-John have both been offered roles in the pic. However, rumor has it that Maxwell Caulfield and Michelle Pfeiffer have been barred from coming within 100 miles of the set. read more


The forecast for Al Roker's daughter looks hazy with periods of unprovoked giddiness and sudden cravings. According to the New York Post, Courtney Roker — the 15-year-old daughter of Today's incredible shrinking weatherman — was suspended from her Westchester high school last week after she confessed to her dad that she smoked pot on school grounds. Two of her pals were also busted. read more

Is Angel Livin' on a Prayer?

Although the WB already has picked up many of its hits for next season, cult fave Angel is not among them. Nonetheless, David Boreanaz, who plays the toothsome hero of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff, remains hopeful that good news is forthcoming. "I'm optimistic," he tells TV Guide Online, noting, "We didn't get an early renewal last year, either. You just kind of have to wait it out."

No doubt the actor's confidence is fueled by his knowledge of the plot twists that the season finale holds in store. In the next-to-last episode, cult leader Jasmine's apocalyptic plot was thwarted. (Was there ever any doubt?) Then, "the last episode is the beginning of what's to come, and that's really exciting. If the show ends, it would leave open so many doors. It wouldn't be like, 'Okay. No read more


This is a nerve-wracking time in the TV biz. This week, network execs will determine the fate of nearly two dozen series hovering between renewal and cancellation. The results will be made public beginning May 12, when ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, the WB and UPN announce their fall schedules. Among the shows on the bubble: The Practice, Ed, Boomtown, Fastlane and My Big Fat Greek Life. Meanwhile, fans of the WB's Angel — another "bubble" show — aren't letting the cult series go down without a bloody good fight. The acclaimed Buffy spinoff topped the list of shows viewers most wanted to see return in the fall, according to USA Today's sixt read more


Actor Rainn Wilson, currently playing mortuary intern Arthur on HBO's Six Feet Under, has joined the cast of Janeane Garofalo's ABC midseason comedy pilot Slice o' Life... Resident Jackass Johnny Knoxville has signed a deal with Paramount to star in and produce an untitled comedy about a war that develops between two hot dog vendors in downtown Los Angeles. read more

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