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Question: I tried websites to ...

Question: I tried websites to find a sitcom from the '60s, a show about a guy who ran a lunch wagon at a college. To get his education, he would dress as a student who was ill or away from school and attend their classes. At the end of the show he would always be found out and have to run away. He was so fast the track coach wanted him on the track team. He was unable to do this as he had a little sister and they were orphans who wanted to stay together and feared being broken up. This was around '65 or so. Ring a bell? Who was in it? Thanks! — Tim

Televisionary: The show in question is Hank, which ran for a season on NBC beginning in September 1965. It starred comedian Dick Kallman as an orphan — his parents were killed in an accident when he was a teen — who tried to get a college education by sneaking into classes at a local university, disguising himself and subbing read more

Question: I simply must know ...

Question: I simply must know the name/artist of the song that played on the season finale of Everwood while everyone was getting ready for Colin's surgery — while his mom was shaving his head and stuff. It was fabulous and I've never heard it before. Any info you have would be great! Thanks. — Jen

Televisionary: That was "Cathedrals," by Jump, Little Children. You'll find it on their 1998 release, Magazine.

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Question: I would like to ...

Question: I would like to know if Steven Spielberg's Taken mini-series will eventually be available on video. My cable went out the last two days of the series and was out the following weekend, when Sci Fi reran the entire series. I never found out what happened and would like to see the series again. I've posed this question both to Sci Fi and FlickChick and have not gotten a response. I am going crazy with wanting to see it again so I can see the ending. Thanks! — Kelli T., Placerville, Cal.

Televisionary: Well, you've only got a few more months of craziness, then. Taken is due out on DVD in late October. (And I hope your cable company at least credited you for some of that time and aggravation on your next bill.)

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Question: I seem to remember ...

Question: I seem to remember watching a TV series very similar to Starship Troopers, with space-like troops being deployed onto a planet. The aliens were more human-like than bugs, though. Did such a series exist? — Rob

Televisionary: Uh, Rob? Your memory's such that you're afraid you might've imagined stuff from eight years ago? You must've had yourself a blast in the go-go '90s.

Anyway, you're thinking of Fox's Space: Above and Beyond, which ran from September 1995 through the following June. A mish-mash of sci-fi conceits from movies that had gone before (the space marines from Aliens and Starship Troopers, an orphaned soldier whose parents were killed by Blade Runner-esque, rebellious androids, etc.), it focused on the Wild Cards, a Marine unit fighting alien enemies known as Chigs.

Among the troops, who served o read more


RCA has called off the latest showdown between American Idol champ Ruben Studdard and runner-up Clay Aiken. The record company is reversing an earlier decision to release the duo's debut albums simultaneously on Aug. 19. "They're not going to come out on the same day," an RCA spokesperson tells TV Guide Online. "They're going to be spaced apart." For more on this story, click here. read more

Question: Help me settle a ...

Question: Help me settle a really stupid argument, please. I say Max Baer Jr. played Jethro and his sister on The Beverly Hillbillies. My boss says it was Baer's real sister. Which was it? Please tell him he's wrong. Thank you. — Mike D., Peru, Ind.

Televisionary: Jeez, Mike. He seriously believes that, and you work for him? Talk about a need for corporate reform.

Of course it was Baer Jr. in drag as Jethrine, Jethro Bodine's sister on the hit show. And frankly, just saying that isn't fair to drag queens who take their art seriously. I mean, even Baer — who dropped the Jr. from his name not long into the show's 1962-71 CBS run because he was no longer worried about differentiating himself from his boxing-champ dad — admitted he made one unsightly gal. That was the way series creator read more

Question: I used to watch ...

Question: I used to watch reruns of Early Edition with Kyle Chandler. I remember there used to be this character named Chuck and I was wondering what happened to him. Could you tell me why he wasn't on the show after a while? — Jill, Iowa City, Iowa

Televisionary: Sure thing. Chuck (Fisher Stevens) left the CBS series to be a big Hollywood producer in 1998. He came back, penniless, a few months later, just in time for Gary (Chandler) to save him from disaster before it could happen. So Chuck gave the entertainment biz another shot and ended up producing a string of cheerleader movies.

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Six Feet Under star Rachel Griffiths (Brenda) and her hubby, artist Andrew Taylor, are expecting their first child, Access Hollywood reports. The Aussie couple married last New Year's Eve. There's no word if the pregnancy will be written into SFU, but given what a raging nympho Brenda is, it would hardly be a stretch. read more

Katharine Hepburn: A Tribute

Katharine Hepburn made the world safe for women in pants. Not pig-tailed farm girls or slinky vixens of ambiguous sexual proclivities, like her movie-star sister-in-slacks Marlene Dietrich, but offhandedly stylish, forthright women who held their heads high and strode through life to the beat of their own hearts. With her tall, angular figure, clipped speech patterns and candid but understated sexiness, Hepburn didn't fit the female stereotypes — vamp, flapper, tough-talking dame, simpering ingenue — that were popular when she began her career. She never tried to change herself to fit the fashions or fads of the day, and she's now one of the classic stars whose performances look consistently modern and unselfconscious.

Hepburn was born in Hartford, Conn., on May 12, 1907, thou read more


Carson Daly is licking his wounds today after being royally roasted at Saturday night's inaugural MTV Bash. Among the celebs who were on hand to skewer the TRL/Last Call host: Madonna, Britney Spears, P. Diddy and Andy Dick. Daly's romantic escapades proved a popular topic for ridicule. Ex-girlfriend Jennifer Love Hewitt read aloud a love letter he supposedly wrote her, and Daly was visited by a "drunk" woman impersonating former fiancée Tara Reid. MTV Bash airs July 13 at 9 pm/ET. read more

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