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Gilmore Girls How odd! Since Rory...

Gilmore Girls
How odd! Since Rory (Alexis Bledel) left Stars Hollow for Yale, the allure she holds for the male sex seems to have waned. Last week, a boy in her dorm's laundry room rudely rejected her when she asked him out. This week, a churlish dude was sitting under Rory's favorite tree, where she loves to study, and refused to make room for her! What accounts for this sudden lack of chivalry? Most guys, like Jess and Dean, would fall all over themselves to win this beauty's favor — unless they're gay, which wouldn't exactly be unusual at a progressive school like Yale. The real problem, like I've said, is that Rory should never have gotten that short haircut. Shearing her long, lustrous chestnut locks was like Delilah cutting the heroic Samson's hair in the Bible.

I have a confession to make: Before watching this third-season opener, I'd never sat through an episode of 24. Foolish boy that I am, I used to go read more


The NAACP released its annual report card on diversity Tuesday and the group gave high marks to CBS and Fox for their gains in hiring minority actors during the 2002-03 TV season. NBC and ABC also showed improvement compared to the prior year. That said, the group says the industry is still doing a poor job of hiring minorities behind the scenes. read more


Rob Lowe may want to see if there are any job openings at The West Wing. NBC has pulled the ex-Brat Packer's new drama The Lyon's Den off the schedule for November sweeps. A second helping of Law & Order: Criminal Intent will air in its place. The show is expected to return in December, but for how long? (That was a rhetorical question.) read more


Pamela Anderson has requested a meeting with KFC execs to discuss what she calls "reasonable, positive changes for KFC's chickens." Earlier this month, the Scary Movie 3 star called for a boycott of the fast-food chain. read more


Southern California's devastating wildfires partially destroyed an outdoor set for Martin Scorsese's upcoming Howard Hughes biopic The Aviator over the weekend. A Warner Bros. rep called the complication "a minor inconvenience as compared to those who are currently suffering through the devastating effects of the fire." read more


Britney Spears may follow in Madonna's footsteps and high-tail it to the U.K. "I went to London last week, and it's so cool there," she told England's ITV television. "I'm thinking of moving there. It's really beautiful." Next up: Adopting Madge's faux British accent. read more

Bachelor Villainess Speaks!

Let's face it: A reality show is only as good as its bad girl. Imagine the first Joe Millionaire sans acid-tongued linguist Heidi. Or Paradise Hotel without Hulk Hogan's evil twin Toni. Or American Idol minus judge dreadful Paula Abdul. (Well, two outta three ain't bad.) The latest inductee into reality television's Hall of Shame on You, Girlfriend: Leeann from ABC's The Bachelor. Of course, like all the Must-See meanies who have come before her, the 25-year-old Georgia school teacher — who was rejected by Bob Guiney on last week's episode — insists she's not really diabolical, she was just edited that way on the show. So, what were we at TV Guide Online to do but give the Southern hellraiser the opportunity to tell her side of the story. And just in case Jenny was wond read more


MGM has put the kibosh on its planned James Bond spinoff featuring Halle Berry's Die Another Day character Jinx due to creative differences between the studio and the film's producers. read more


CBS has extended full-season, 22-episode orders to five of its new fall series: Joan of Arcadia, Two and a Half Men, Navy NCIS, Cold Case and The Handler. As previously reported the Eye network has put The Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire on "hiatus." Fox, meanwhile, has pulled the plug on its new Friday night laffer Luis. Reruns of Wanda at Large will air in its place. read more

Survivor's Trish Dishes Rupert

Raising 10-year-old twins is tough, but battling her tribemates on Survivor: Pearl Islands was even tougher for Maryland mom Trish Dunn. The 42-year-old was voted off after she tried to form an alliance against the Drake tribe's resident fisherman, Rupert.

"I think that Rupert absolutely should have gone," Dunn tells TV Guide Online. "It was a very good time for him to leave the game, because it was before we went into the merge. He was just so dominant in both tribes, and he was just so vocal about how much the other tribe liked him and how he could manipulate anybody on the other tribe."

A few telling moments made Dunn feel threatened by the self-proclaimed pirate. "Rupert once said to me, 'When I came back from Morgan, if Burton wasn't gone, I would have opted to stay with them,'" she reveals. "Which sent up a big red flag. If you are supposed to 'Mr. Drake,' and we didn't pick the read more

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