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Question: I expected Monk to ...

Question: I expected Monk to continue this season. There have been many commercials advertising the return, but it always seems to be a repeat of a show from last season. Are they not going to continue the series after all? — Pat F., Port Charlotte, Fla.

Televisionary: With the ratings and attention the series got, USA Networks certainly will, Pat. Monk's second season kicks off at 10 pm/ET on Friday, June 20.

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Veteran stage and screen star Hume Cronyn, best known to modern-day audiences for his role in Cocoon and his on and off-screen love affair with late wife Jessica Tandy, died of prostate cancer Sunday at his home in Fairfield, Conn. He was 91. Cronyn — whose career spanned six decades and included Broadway, film and TV — won an Emmy in 1994 for the CBS Hallmark Hall of Fame movie To Dance with the White Dog. He was nominated for an Oscar in 1944 for his performance in The Seventh Cross and picked up a Tony in 1964 for playing Polonius in Hamlet. In addition to three children, Cronyn is survived by wife Susan Cooper Cronyn, whom he married in 1996. read more

Question: Is the actor who ...

Question: Is the actor who plays Gordon on Sesame Street the same same actor who played Willie Dynamite in a 1970s movie? — Van E., Philadelphia, Pa.

Televisionary: Well, one of the Gordons is, Van, though Roscoe Orman worked an entirely different kind of street in the 1973 blaxploitation film Willie Dynamite. Unless Gordon's been padding his take-home with a second line of work, that is.

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Question: I'm trying ...

Question: I'm trying desperately to remember the name of this TV show we believe is from the '80s and was short lived. It was based on an aircraft carrier that went in out out of port. — Julia T., Lawrenceville, Ga.

Televisionary: You're thinking of ABC's Supercarrier, a drama that revolved around the doings of the U.S.S. Georgetown crew.

Based on a George C. Wilson (no, I don't believe he knew a kid named Dennis) book of the same name, the show featured Dale Dye as the ship's commander, Robert Hooks as the overseer of the pilots and a supporting crew that included Ken Olandt, John David Bland, read more

Question: I used to watch ...

Question: I used to watch reruns of the old Dennis the Menace show when I was a kid and was always scared of the Mr. Wilson who wore glasses. But then there was another one, too. Why did they recast that part? — Lynn F., Saint Bonifacius, Minn.

Televisionary: Because actor Joseph Kearns, the bespectacled George Wilson who shook you up so with his stern demeanor (me, too, by the way) died in his sleep in early 1962 with six episodes left to shoot for the season, so producers brought in Gale Gordon (The Lucy Show) to finish up and introduced him as the other Mr. Wilson. He was George's brother, John, who was staying with Martha Wilson (read more

Question: In an episode of ...

Question: In an episode of Home Improvement that was shown around Father's Day, Tim and Al made a "man's bathroom" (special toilet/shower/in-wall television/fridge, etc.). What was the name of the episode? I truly would like my fianc&#233e to see it. I have been checking the listings daily. Thanks!!! — D.G., Raleigh, N.C.

Televisionary: You're looking for an episode called "A Frozen Moment," which actually first aired around Thanksgiving in the show's third season (Nov. 24, 1993, to be exact). The main stories involve Tim's work on the family Christmas card and a visit from Al's girlfriend. However, as you say, the guys present their version of a "man's bathroom" on Tool Time.

My advice would be to keep your eyes on our listings. Even better, click the search field in the top right corner of the listings page, then search on a combination of "home," "improvement," "frozen" an read more

Question: There was a show on ...

Question: There was a show on NBC a couple years back that was about people with special powers. One of the characters was blind, and another was named Satori. What was the name of that show, and is it available on video? — Wanda, Virginia Beach, Va.

Televisionary: You're thinking of NBC's The Others, which had a run of five months or so back in 2000. You can find out more about it on our Others ShowGuide page. To my knowledge, it's not available on video.

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Lou Ferrigno: The Real Hulk Speaks

Back in 1977, when Lou Ferrigno first donned green make-up to star in The Hulk, he was just 25 years old, a two-time Mr. Universe with no real acting experience. But except for all the ripped shirts, his TV role turned out to be a perfect fit. He convincingly growled and flexed his way through five seasons and three subsequent TV movies, the last airing in 1990. (Those telefilms and the series pilot episode are now on DVD). Since then, Ferrigno, 51, has stayed in shape, written his autobiography (available at and landed a recurring role on The King of Queens. And this Friday, he can be seen making a cameo in Ang Lee's big-budget Hulk feature. Here, we catch up with the former (not-so-jolly) green giant.

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Sci-Fi Sexpot Just Wants to Have Fun

Traci Elizabeth Lords is ready to go on the record — literally. The Sci Fi Channel's unofficial poster girl is working on a follow-up to her 1995 techno platter, 1,000 Fires, she reveals to TV Guide Online. "I finally got out of my [exclusive deal with Radioactive, my old] label, so I'm a free agent now. I've got several record companies interested in putting this album out, but I'm not sure where I'm going with it yet."

No matter: What's important, at least to us Lords lovers, is that at last new tracks are in the offing. "Music is absolutely happening at the moment," says the former First Wave leading lady and star of the recent Deathlands: Homeward Bound telepic. "I'll release at least the single this summer."

Intrigued? So are we. Alas, the tight-lipped ex-Melrose Place and Profiler vixen refuses to name that tune! "I can't," she insists. "If I did, then I'd have to kill you." Blimey. Maybe just a hint, then? " read more


Nick Nolte — who pleaded no contest to drunken driving in December — is being investigated for probation violation after Celebrity Justice reported that the actor had been spotted drunk in San Francisco. read more

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