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Ben Affleck's Next Project

In Paycheck (which opened Thursday), Ben Affleck plays a genius whose bosses erase his memory after he invents a machine that sees into the future. Well, Affleck is no psychic in real life, but he can offer a glimpse of what's to come for his struggling reality series, Project Greenlight.

Greenlight, which gives aspiring writers and directors the chance to make movies, recently was dumped by HBO after two seasons. Like other orphaned TV shows, it's just been adopted by Bravo. The cable channel was "really aggressive in trying to do it," Affleck tells TV Guide Online. "We're really excited. They really get the spirit of it."

Since it's moving to the home of Queer Eye, Affleck, 31, feels obliged to give Greenlight a makeover. " read more


In a deal worth $30 million, the WB and USA Network will share exclusive TV rights to the hit holiday flick Elf beginning in 2007... A revival of La Cage aux Folles is headed to Broadway next season... MSNBC has body-slammed Jesse Ventura's America, canceling the wrestler-turned-politician's new talk show because of high production costs... James Garner's temporary gig on ABC's 8 Simple Rules... has turned permanent. read more

Vanessa Williams' Boomtown Farewell

Apparently, NBC has saved the best for last. This weekend, the Peacock network will air the final four episodes of Boomtown, its critically acclaimed but prematurely cancelled cop drama. (Three episodes air on Saturday, 8-11 pm/ET; one on Sunday at 10 pm/ET). Each features Vanessa Williams, who plays Det. Katherine Pierce. We interviewed the former Miss America, before Boomtown was officially axed earlier this year, to ask all about her eclectic life.

TV Guide Online: For Detective Pierce's first episode, you had to chase a perp up two flights of stairs, down a hall and up more stairs. How hard was it to shoot that scene, take after take?
It wasn't too bad. I'm in good shape for a 40-year-old woman, fortunately. So I didn't get too winded.

TVGO: When you say you're in shape, how many flights read more


Let this serve as a warning to consumers: A federal judge says Bob Guiney is free to promote his debut CD 3 Sides, denying an attempt by Bachelor execs to stop Estella's ex from marketing the album. Earlier this month, the show's producers sued Guiney for breaching an exclusivity clause in his contract. Since its November debut, 3 Sides has sold 50,000 units — or one copy for every girl Guiney kissed in the past month. read more


Elaine and George have a message for their bud Jerry: "No DVD commentary for you!" Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jason Alexander have refused to give interviews for the upcoming Seinfeld DVD compilations because they feel they haven't received their fair share of the sitcom's profits. Michael Richards (Kramer), however, told the New York Times that he's not joining the boycott. "I'm involved," he said. "I am so for the DVD coming out that I'll go on The Tonight Show." read more


All Hollywood wanted for Christmas was a good weekend at the box office — and man, did Santa deliver. The top 12 films — led by Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King — grossed $168.6 million from Friday to Sunday, a record high for a Christmas weekend. The third and final Rings chapter earned another $51.2 million, bringing its two-week total $224 million. The Steve Martin comedy Cheaper by the Dozen opened in second place with a strong $28.2 million, followed by the Nicole Kidman-Jude Law Civil War epic Cold Mountain (No. 3 with $14.5 million), Something's Gotta Give (No. 4 with $14.2 million) and Paycheck (No. 5 with $13.9 million). Moviegoers, meanwhile, gave Peter Pan the hook. The live-action update opened at No. 7 with $11.4 million. read more

Jon Cryer Still Thinks Pink

You'd think Jon Cryer would be in a celebratory mood. After starring in four failed sitcoms, he has finally landed a prime-time hit with Two and a Half Men (Mondays at 9:30 pm/ET). But the 38-year-old former brat packer — he was Duckie in Pretty in Pink — won't break out the champagne just yet. Heck, he won't even settle into his trailer. "Let's just say, I don't decorate my dressing rooms," he says with a wink. "Not until the second season."

TV Guide Online: Love you on Two & a Half Men. But love you more in Pretty in Pink. It's one of my favorite movies ever!
Thank you.

TVGO: So, I've got to ask. Duckie — a blessing or a curse?
Oh, definitely a blessing. A lot of people have a lot of affection for him. And his predilection fo read more


British actor Alan Bates, whose film roles included The Entertainer, Zorba the Greek and Gosford Park, died Saturday night in a London hospital of cancer. He was 69. Bates, who first made a name for himself on the London stage, earned a 2002 Tony Award for the Broadway revival of Fortune's Fool. read more


Titanic actress Kate Winslet and her director-hubby Sam Mendes (American Beauty) are the proud parents of a baby boy. Joe Mendes was born Dec. 22 in New York. Winslet has a 3-year-old daughter from her previous marriage to British filmmaker Jim Threapleton. read more


In his exclusive interview with CBS' 60 Minutes Sunday night, Michael Jackson alleged that authorities "manhandled" him when he was arrested last month on child molestation charges, leading to a dislocated shoulder and bruised wrists (or was that smeared ketchup?). Jacko also told Ed Bradley that he was locked in a stinky restroom for 45 minutes while in custody. Santa Barbara DA Thomas Sneddon, though not denying that the department's lavatory is in dire need of a Wizard air freshener, insists the singer was treated fairly. Speaking of things that smell, remember the Jackson special that CBS abruptly yanked last month after the molestation charges surfaced? Well, the network has had a change of heart: Michael Jackson Number Ones will air this Friday at 8 pm/ET. read more

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