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Former Today coanchor Deborah Norville is headed back to NBC as the host of a primetime show on MSNBC. Her program — which will replace the recently axed Buchanan & Press — will debut later this month. Norville will continue hosting Inside Edition. read more


American Splendor, an indie comedy-drama about the life of comic book author Harvey Pekar, was named best picture of the year by the National Society of Film Critics. Bill Murray won best actor for Lost in Translation and Charlize Theron was named best actress for Monster. read more


Fox Television Entertainment Group chairman Sandy Grushow announced today that he is stepping down to form his own 20th Century Fox-based production company. "This was a very complicated decision for me to make," he said. "I've accomplished more than I ever thought possible [at Fox] — from helping to launch a network that no one thought would ever succeed, to leading the television studio to industry prominence, to leading the network to a record three consecutive second-place season finishes, including two historic sweeps victories." Now that's modesty for ya. read more

Question: In the opening and ...

Question: In the opening and closing moments of Everwood, there is someone who talks over what is going on. Who is the actor who does this? — David L., Howell, N.J.

Televisionary: John Beasley handles the voice-over narration duties. He also plays bus driver Irv Harper on the show, and has appeared on such series as Brewster Place, CSI and Judging Amy.

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Question: The version of ...

Question: The version of Rudolph I adored (and memorized) as a child contained a different song: During Hermey and Rudolph's first romp together (when they're now singing "We're a Couple of Misfits," they sang a song called "Fame &#038 Fortune". When and why was this changed? — Maryanne F., Short Hills, N.J.

Televisionary: Good question, Maryanne. And since I didn't know myself, I got in touch with someone who did. Rick Goldschmidt, author of The Making of a Rankin/Bass Holiday Classic: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Miser Bros Press) and co-creator of the Rankin/Bass website, provided the following answer:

"There are many changes between the original special that aired in 1964 and the 1965-98 version of the special. Hermey and Rudolph originally sang 'We're a Couple Of Misfits' in the 1964 broadcast, but sponsor General Electric decided to make changes in the 1965 broadcast. A G.E. exec thought 'We're a Couple Of Misfits' was too much o read more

Question: I know the new ...

Question: I know the new Dragnet's been cancelled, but since it revived the Joe Friday character I got to thinking. Wasn't there already a Joe Friday comeback in the late '60s or early '70s? — Denise H., Mandan, N.D.

Televisionary: That there was, Denise. And it was with Jack Webb, the original model, in the same role, too, doing the same sort of show he'd done in the series' initial run.

Webb, a Santa Monica, Cal, native and former World War II B-26 pilot, launched Friday and Dragnet as a radio show in 1949, and it almost didn't make it past its first broadcast. Network execs hated the slow pacing, flat delivery and lack of violence and were screaming for changes — until New York Herald Tribune critic John Crosby weighed in with a column that listed everything the suits hated as the show's strong points.

Dragnet stayed, and in January 1952 it launched on NBC's TV sc read more

Question: When will new ...

Question: When will new episodes of Nip/Tuck return? Thanks! — Anitalyn, San Diego, Cal.

Televisionary: FX hasn't announced the second season's debut, but I can tell you the network has ordered 15 more episodes and production begins in Feb. Keep your eyes peeled (and tucked) for more info.

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Question: I remember being ...

Question: I remember being scared out of my wits by a TV movie I happened across one boring Saturday afternoon when I was a kid. It would have aired in the late '70s or early '80s, and I was hoping you could tell me the name of it and whether it's available on video. From what I remember, it was about a teenage boy who was kind of a loser and an outcast at school. He lived alone with his weird, controlling mother in a rickety old house. Then his mother died suddenly and he so desperately wanted to stay in the house that he created a room within the walls of the house and secretly lived there even after the house was sold to a new family. He was such a loser that no one at school or in the neighborhood even noticed that he wasn't around anymore. Anyway, the new family had several attractive and popular teenage daughters that he then spied on and terrorized. I think he even killed a few of them eventually. As a military brat who moved into new houses every few years, I was thoroughly read more

Question: Who is the actor ...

Question: Who is the actor who plays Adam on Joan of Arcadia? — Rich H.

Televisionary: Good, isn't he? That's Christopher Marquette, who appeared regularly on Lifetime's Strong Medicine and has also showed up on such shows as Judging Amy ER, Even Stevens and Boston Public. And assuming you're a fan, you oughtta get a kick of this little teaser: I can't reveal details, but a source tells me we can look for Adam to become a bigger part of Joan's life as their relationship takes "a very interesting turn."

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Sean Astin: From Hobbit to He-Man

A funny thing happened after Sean Astin wrapped his grueling two-year Lord of the Rings tour of duty: He lightened up — mentally and physically — for his role in the Adam Sandler-Drew Barrymore's comedy 50 First Dates (due out in February).

"I lost a lot of weight and am in much better shape," he tells TV Guide Online of his Dates gig, which has him playing Barrymore's gym-rat brother. "[My character's] doing splits all the time and push-ups and jumping jacks and lifting things. He's supposed to be this incredibly muscle-bound guy, but I'm not really that muscle-bound, so it is a joke on that level, too."

After spending so much time wearing dusty cloaks and donning hairy foot prosthetics for Rings, read more

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