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Alec Baldwin's onetime business partner is suing him for fraud and breach of contract, claiming the 45-year-old hairy-chested thesp owes her $125,000 of his earnings from the recent TNT movie Second Nature. Corrinne Mann says she developed the TV movie with Baldwin and is entitled to half of the fees he collected from the project. read more


NBC has inked a deal with mystery writer James Patterson for three more TV movie adaptations, including 2nd Chance and 3rd Degree — the follow-ups to last season's highly-rated 1st to Die flick... All the publicity surrounding that Fox News Channel lawsuit has propelled Al Franken's upcoming book, Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right, to No. 1 on Amazon. read more


In sort-of-related news, production on Roseanne Barr's upcoming ABC Family series Domestic Goddess is being pushed back so the show's star can undergo a hysterectomy next week. The development of Goddess serves as the basis for the current ABC reality series The Real Roseanne Show, which was D.O.A. last week. read more


The massive blackout that gripped the Eastern U.S. on Thursday wreaked havoc on New York's entertainment scene (not to mention the food in my fridge), shutting down Broadway, cancelling sporting events and concerts, emptying movie theaters and causing several Gotham-based TV shows (including The Daily Show and Late Night with Conan O'Brien) to go dark. (Making matters worse, everyone in this city smells really bad today.) However, it was business as usual for film and TV productions that relied on generators for power — The Sopranos and The Stepford Wives among them. read more


Actress Sadie Frost announced Thursday that she has started divorce proceedings from hubby Jude Law. "I have come very reluctantly to the decision that my marriage to Jude is over," she said in a statement. The couple, who were married in 1997, have three children. read more


Despite drawing only modest ratings, HBO has renewed its critically acclaimed drama The Wire for a third season. The second season ends Aug. 24. read more


RCA Records will issue the never-before-released Elvis Presley song "I'm a Roustabout" on Oct. 7 as part of a new greatest-hits collection. The news comes on the eve of the 26th anniversary of the King's death. read more


What was the worst part of Thursday's blackout? Sleeping in a pool of your own sweat? Nah. The lack of cell service? No way. Missing the penultimate episode of Amazing Race? Check. Well, it's with great excitement that I announce that CBS will rebroadcast the installment on Saturday at 9 pm/ET! Hooray! read more


Jesse Ventura has been relegated to the dreaded weekend shift. MSNBC has dropped plans to give the wrestler-turned-governor his own weeknight show. Instead, he will host a once-a-week program on — ewww &#151 Saturdays. In a statement, Ventura said he believes the Saturday slot "is not as confining as weeknight programming and will allow me more freedom to strut my stuff and make my case." In other words, he can do whatever he wants because no one will be watching. read more

Futurama Makes a Comeback!

It's a conundrum worthy of Professor Farnsworth himself: How did Futurama blossom into a cable and DVD smash after a bumpy five-season run on Fox? Executive producer David X. Cohen credits the show's dedicated fan base, as well as a consistent time slot. As part of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim lineup, Futurama averaged 2.2 million viewers in June, a huge number for cable (the series is scheduled to return on Nov. 2). It's also doing well in afternoon reruns on TBS. Then there are the DVDs. The box set of Futurama's first season was released in March, and it sold so well that Season Two was rushed into stores this week. Cohen spoke with TV Guide Online about the show's newfound success, its future and what fans can look for on upcoming DVD releases.

TVGO: It must be gratifying to see how well Futurama is performing on cable.
Incredibly so. We could not be happier with how it's doin read more

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