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Jamie Kennedy's Malibu Dreams

When TV Guide Online rings up Jamie Kennedy on the set of WB's The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, he puts us on speaker phone. Ugh, how L.A.! Turns out, the prankster's not rude, just stuck in the makeup chair getting ready for one of his oddball hidden-camera gags.

"I'm dead serious," he says, "I'm getting made up. I can't pick up the phone! I'm getting liquid latex put all over my hands to make them look wrinkled. We're playing a joke on this family where I'm a wealthy 85-year-old, and I ask if they'll let me marry their daughter. We're looking to see if they'll say yes and take his money or not!"

Such practical jokes are typical on JKX — airing Thursdays at 9:30 pm/ET — whose growing fan base includes the likes of Oprah Winfrey. "Oprah loves it!" he says. "I've been on h read more


"Dirrty" girl Christina Aguilera has been chosen the new face of Versace. Good, because Donatella's rawhide complexion was beginning to give me nightmares. read more

Will This Idol Go to War?

You've seen American Idol semifinalist Joshua Gracin salute Simon onstage, so you know he's a Marine. But what happens if the U.S. declares war on Iraq, and the 22-year-old lance corporal is called into active duty?

As Gracin explains to TV Guide Online: "What the producers said is that if I happen to be called to duty during this show, then next season for American Idol 3, I would be able to come right back and pick up in the same position I left off at."

Why, that's mighty patriotic of 'em. But is he hoping Uncle Sam's call doesn't come in? "My mindset is, I'm ready — 100 percent ready to go at any time," the Oceanside, Calif., native says. "I'm a Marine first; that's what I signed up for. I knew that when I tried out for AI2 that it could happen. So, I'm totally 100 percent ready to go if I get called."

What does he think the odds are? "I have no idea," Gracin shrugs. "It depends on what happens [in I read more


Teri Hatcher is ditching the man in her life — and sadly, I'm not referring to Howie Long. Citing irreconcilable differences, the former Lois & Clark beauty filed for divorce Friday from actor Jon Tenney after eight years of marriage. read more

Trista's Ex-Bachelorette Beau Speaks!

Don't feel too sorry for Charlie Maher. The 28-year-old Hermosa Beach, Calif., hottie may have gotten crushed by Trista Rehn on ABC's The Bachelorette last month, but the financial analyst's heart has gone on. "I've been dating a girl for several months now," he tells TV Guide Online. "We're finally able to be out in public, and that's a big relief for both of us." Turns out, that's not the only thing Maher is looking to get off his chest...

TV Guide Online: I heard you were approached to be the next Bachelor. True?
Charlie Maher:
We had had some talks, but it really wasn't for me. I'm not sure I want to put my family through that or expose myself to that again. I'm the type of guy who wears his emotions on his sleeve in matters of the heart, and with the structure of the show, there might be 15 women left and you have to act like you're interested in all of them — when in actuality, I'm probably interested in two or three of them. S read more


Another Saturday Night Live alum is getting her own TV show — and sadly, it's not Cheri Oteri. Molly Shannon has sealed a deal to star in the Fox comedy pilot Cracking Up. She'll play the mother of a crazy Beverly Hills family. (I like Molly, but I'm obsessed with Cheri — and I've got the restraining order to prove it!) read more


Jennifer Lopez must really be in love with Ben Affleck. Rumor has it that the actress-singer-diva plans to adopt her hubby's last name when (or, if) she weds the Daredevil star. The story appears in the current issue of US Weekly, which means it probably isn't a story, but rather a caption to a really big picture. read more

Seven Silly Questions for Robert Gant

How's life for Robert Gant — who plays Ben, Michael's hunky boyfriend on Queer as Folk — since he publicly came out last summer? "Not to sound like Pollyanna," the actor tells TV Guide Online, "but it's pretty terrific. I have a lot more energy to live my life; it takes so much to hide and conceal." With Folk's third season in full swing, we asked this outspoken 34-year-old the very silliest (and spiciest!) questions we could get away with.

TV Guide Online: Who's done the most damage to the gay rights movement in recent years: Anne Heche, Rosie O'Donnell or Richard Simmons?
read more


Double Oscar contender Julianne Moore has signed on to star in the supernatural thriller The Forgotten, Variety reports. She'll play a grieving mother struggling to cope with the loss of her 8-year-old son — a boy her shrink says never existed. And you thought Dr. Phil was a troublemaker. read more


The R&B group 3LW is a trio again — just in time for no one to care. Fifteen-year-old Jessica Benson has been chosen to fill the vacancy left by Naturi Naughton, who left in August amid a bitter dispute. Benson joins original members Kiely Williams, 16, and Adrienne Bailon, 19. read more

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