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The WB has sentenced Angel to death. The network announced late Friday that the Buffy spinoff would end its five-year run in May. Network CEO Jordan Levin said he wanted to give series creator Joss Whedon enough notice so that he could "wrap up [Angel] in a way befitting a classic television series." He also hinted that the show's legacy could live on next season in the form of "special movie events," adding that such an idea was still very much "on the table." Now for the $25,000 question: Might the series finale feature a reunion between David Boreanaz's Angel and Sarah Michelle Gellar's Buffy? As TV Guide recently reported, Gellar nixed an offer to reprise her signature role this May. Of course, it's a Slayer's prerogative to change her mind. Stay tuned... read more

FriendsThe final six episodes...

Friends The final six episodes kick off with Phoebe and Mike's wedding. Despite the fact that I was still clinging to the false hope that David would show up and pull a Dustin Hoffman at the last minute, our darling Pheebs was a beautiful bride and it was so satisfying to see her endearing character front and center instead of acting loopy on the sidelines. And although the wedding-day complications were inevitable (Phoebe's incarcerated dad; a blizzard that prevents caterers and guests from arriving), tonight's installment is good example of what the show has been missing in these later seasons: scenes involving the entire cast. My favorite seasons are the early ones, when the gang was always assembled at Monica and Rachel's or gathered at Central Perk. I enjoyed the collective energy they created and fed off of, something that seems to have taken a backseat to the individual plotlines that cropped up and played out. But real people have jobs and families and i read more


On Thursday night's Apprentice, Wisconsin realtor Jessie Conners became the latest powermonger pink-slipped by Donald Trump. The 21-year-old former farm girl got the boot because Trump felt she didn't stand up for herself in the face of what he called Omarosa's "repulsive" verbal assault. It also didn't help that Jessie talked to guest star Isaac Mizrahi like he was still in the womb. He's gay, sweetheart, not dumb. read more


As if Ryan Seacrest weren't busy enough, the host of American Idol, On-Air with Ryan Seacrest and the syndicated American Top 40 radio countdown is adding a fourth gig to his repertoire. The well-groomed emcee has been named the new host of KIIS-FM's popular L.A.-based morning radio program. He replaces Rick Dees, who got the big KIIS off after 22 years with the station. Still, he's gotta be feeling better than Brian Dunkleman right about now. read more


Kenny Chesney's When the Sun Goes Down entered Billboard's album chart at No. 1 with sales of 551,000 copies — the biggest debut of the year. Incubus' A Crow Left of the Murder opened at No. 2 with 332,000 copies sold. read more

Survivor's Rudy Admits Error

Survivor: All-Stars may actually live up to its hype as the most cutthroat edition ever. After eliminating past winner Tina Wesson, the female Saboga tribemates preyed on the elderly by taking out Survivor's oldest player ever, Rudy Boesch. The 76-year-old former Navy SEAL made it to the final three in the very first game, but here, his torch was swiftly snuffed once he injured his ankle.

"I didn't expect to go that quick," Boesch sighs to TV Guide Online. "I think it was because I was actually holding that tribe back. I would have done the same thing if I was in their shoes."

That's quite a change of tune from his final on-air remarks. He threatened the backstabbing duo of Jerri and Jenna L., issuing the warning, "If I was them... I'd stay clear of me." The curmudgeon even went so far as to suggest that read more


Janet Jackson has experienced another wardrobe malfunction, but this time it has disappeared altogether. The Boobygate star appears topless on the cover of her new album, Damita Jo, due in stores March 30. Clad only in jeans with her arms covering her breasts, Jackson was going for a "simple and youthful picture that she felt people would like," her rep tells USA Today. read more


More than 11 million American Idol fans picked Fantasia Barrino, 19, and Diana DeGarmo, 16, as the show's first two finalists. (I hope someone's keeping a close eye on my girl Jennifer Hudson. The poor dear looked hungry for a Shards O' Glass Freeze Pop.) The next batch of eight perform on Tuesday. In other Idol news, Tuesday's performance edition ranked as the night's top program with more than 26 million viewers. UPN's America's Next Top Model, meanwhile, scored its largest audience to date — 7.13 million viewers. And ABC cheered the return of NYPD Blue after a 10-week break. The cop drama — which wisely chose not to blow up the incomparable Charlotte Ross — drew a season-high 11 million viewers. read more


Art Garfunkel pleaded guilty to drug possession in upstate New York and paid $200 in fines. Police stopped Garfunkel's speeding limo last month and caught the singer with 6 grams of marijuana. read more


The WB, the only network without a hit reality franchise, has green-lighted Big Man on Campus — a six-episode dating show set at a university. The series comes from producer Mike Fleiss (The Bachelor). read more

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