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The Apprentice Oh, Sammy. We hardly...

The Apprentice
Oh, Sammy. We hardly knew ya'. Well, actually, we did. We just didn't like you. Nor did your Versacorp cohorts, apparently. Maybe it was because you were so weasely while managing the shopping project. Then again, it could have been that ridiculous cowboy hat. Needless to say, your firing was less of a surprise than the fact that Trump has one nightmare of a black-and-yellow couch in his lobby. As far as strategies go, though, I beg to differ with Katrina. Life isn't too short to be a bitch. Just look at Omarosa.

American Idol
You know, I tell my office administrator that her sweater makes her look, um, chesty, and I get in trouble. Simon calls some poor kid "musical food poisoning" and he gets to be on TV. What is wrong here?! The Houston auditions were as scary as the couch in Trump's lobby, made only slightly bearable by the out-of-nowhere fight between Randy and read more


Red-hot Las Vegas star Josh Duhamel has landed the lead role in Disney's upcoming big-screen epic Antarctica. The project is based on the true story of a group of explorers fighting for their lives in the bitter cold. Duhamel's latest film, Win A Date with Tad Hamilton, opens Friday. read more


Paris Hilton is getting all literary on us. The Simple Life star is reportedly shopping around a proposal for Tongue in Chic: Confessions of an Heiress, a book that contains tips on how to be rich and useless. read more


On Friday Monk kicked off the second half of Season 2 with record ratings. The USA Network comedy attracted 6 million viewers — the show's largest audience to date. read more

Blaxploitation King Returns!

In 1969, NFL star Fred Williamson — called the Hammer for his defensive moves — left football for Hollywood and became a head-busting king of '70s blaxploitation flicks. Today, Williamson, 65, is an independent producer-director, ruler of his own direct-to-video movie empire and, he says, still the man. On Jan. 20, MGM released a couple of his early masterpieces, Hammer and Hell up in Harlem, along with several other blaxploitation films, on DVD. Here, TV Guide Online tries to nail Williamson — but the Hammer hits back.

TV Guide Online: You don't like the term blaxploitation?
Fred Williamson:
I could never understand [it.] At the time I was making my films, Burt Reynolds and Clint Eastwood were making theirs. No one dubbed them whitexploitation. So what did it mean? Who was being exploited? All the black actors were being paid more money than they ever were before, playing characters we respected. Audie read more


Freaky Friday's Lindsay Lohan has signed a deal to star in the film version of the best-selling novel series Gossip Girl. Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino will adapt the screenplay, so expect lots of witty banter and the occasional non sequitur. read more

Debra Messing's Graceful Pregnancy

Debra Messing isn't too lucky in love on Will & Grace, where her estranged TV spouse has gone off to Cambodia. And she's no prize in Along Came Polly — currently in theaters — as Ben Stiller's cheating bride. Off camera, however, she and husband Daniel Zelman are quite happily married and eagerly awaiting the birth of their first child.

"I feel wonderful," sighs Messing, 35. "I am beside myself with happiness. [Having a baby] is something I wanted my whole life, and it is everything that I hoped for. I can't wait to meet our child."

In case you're wondering, Messing's baby bliss will stay out of her story line on Will & Grace. With Grace's marriage to Leo crumbling, it was bad timing for the sitcom's writers to incorporate a child. After all, the show's supposed to be a comedy, not a tragedy! But was the idea ever considered?

"For, like, a second," she acknowledges. "It just very quickly became a read more

Bebe Back for Frasier Finale?

Harriet Sansom Harris may already have made her final appearance on Frasier as the limelight-loving radio shrink's outr&eacute agent, Bebe Glazer. But, like us, she's still holding out hope that, before the NBC hitcom ends its run, she will once again dine on some nice, chewy scenery. "Oh, I hope she comes back!" the Broadway veteran exclaims to TV Guide Online. "I really, really do! I feel like there's another story left in her.

"My getting to do that character was really responsible for a lot of the good luck I've had in Hollywood," she continues, too humble to mention that she's landed leads on such series as The Five Mrs. Buchanans, Union Square and the current ABC laffer It's All Relative. "Frasier was one of the very first jobs I got out here. So I have great affection for Bebe."

Harris thinks she does? We, er, viewers delight in her over-the-top antics. In fact, the episode in which the nicotine ad read more


Fox is attempting to squeeze more life out of The Simple Life when it airs yet another "Lost Episode" on Monday (8:30 pm/ET). In the episode, Paris loses all credibility when she ditches her hottie boyfriend for a psychopath named Oliver. Oh wait, that's The O.C. read more


Seth Cohen is about to get a lot more popular. Adam Brody — the actor behind The O.C.'s breakout geek — has landed a supporting role in the Brad Pitt&#150Angelina Jolie thriller Mr. and Mrs. Smith. In the film, Pitt and Jolie star as a married couple who discover that they are assassins hired to kill each other. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Brody's character gets kidnapped early in the film only to return home just in time for Chrismukkah. read more

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