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Navy NCIS CBS already has a cop...

CBS already has a cop show with a funny title and criminalists doing lots of flashy forensics work. It's called CSI. Click. Wait, let me just say, Mark Harmon looks great with white hair. Still studly, after all these years. But I'm still clickin' back over to Gilmore Girls.

Gilmore Girls
This week's episode was so much better than last week's stressfest. Why? Lorelai and Rory deal with all that separation anxiety by having some actual fun. On Rory's first night at Yale, her too-cool-to-be-real mom invites the whole dorm to a pizza party. "Bring some music!" she tells the coeds. "But if it's Evanescence, you'll be severely mocked." Nice one. But how can Lorelai's antics — like singing into a hairbrush microphone — not embarrass Rory? C'mon, she's a teenage girl being upstaged by her mom, in front of all her new gal pals! How can Rory ever live up to such coolness? Lorelai is read more

The Skinny on Survivor's Ryan

After leading us to believe that whiny Osten was going to get the boot last week on Survivor, the Morgan tribe pulled a switcheroo and voted out the castaway they assumed was the weakest link, Ryan Shoulders. The eager 23-year-old was disappointed to be ousted so early, but more annoyed that he was saddled with the disparaging nickname "Skinny Ryan."

"I think it was Osten that came up with the name, but he came up with nicknames for everybody," Shoulders tells TV Guide Online. "Nobody called me 'Skinny Ryan' to my face, except for Andrew and then everyone wrote down 'Skinny Ryan' on their papers at tribal council. I don't want to be stuck with a nickname that Andrew calls me."

Perhaps he could exact revenge on the so-far-unsuccessful leader of the Morgan tribe by giving him an unflattering new moniker. "I know some certain words that could go along with Andrew," he laughs, "But I'm not sure if I should comment further." read more

Hotel's Charla Loses "Virginity"!

We admit it: At first, we didn't really get Charla. Although she was among the hottest of the sunbathing beauties on Fox's summer skin parade, Paradise Hotel, the loner seemed adrift in the game and, therefore, a likely candidate for early eviction. But as the weeks (and weeks and weeks!) dragged on, she worked out a buddy system with fellow outcast Dave, and together with sly pin-ups Keith and Tara, they forged a powerful alliance that withstood everything from muscle-head Zack's crude manipulation to bipolar body builder Toni's over-the-top tantrums. And, by God, we also figured out our heroine. We finally got her! She wasn't pulling a Garbo at all, she was just waiting for some folks to show up with whom she could share more than sex on the beach — the drink, that is, not the act. Now, as the guilty pleasure airs what we're sure will be its "shocking" finale (Wednesday at 8 ET), the founder of Team Barbie read more


Fox has had second thoughts about moving The O.C. to Thursday nights (opposite CSI and Will & Grace) next month, when it returns from its seven-week hiatus. Instead, the network will air the second half of the hit primetime sudser's first season on Wednesdays at 9 pm (opposite ABC's The Bachelor), beginning Oct. 29. In other scheduling news, Fox is moving Bernie Mac to Sundays at 8:30 pm, where it will replace the talk show-within-a-sitcom The Ortegas, which has now been benched to midseason. Bernie kicks off its new season on Nov. 9. read more


Jamie Kennedy — star of the WB's hidden camera farce, JKX: The Jamie Kennedy Experiment — has signed a deal with the Frog network to develop a semiautobiographical comedy series project about his early struggles in Los Angeles, according to The Hollywood Reporter. read more


Warner Bros. has given Peter and Bobby Farrelly the green light to revive the Three Stooges franchise on the big screen, Variety reports... CBS is developing a sitcom for fall 2004, starring Ally McBeal alum Jane Krakowski. FX has axed The Orlando Jones Show... Oprah Winfrey has chosen Alan Paton's 1948 novel Cry, the Beloved Country as her latest book club selection... Bachelor Bob Guiney is releasing a solo album on Oct. 7. It's titled 3 Sides and is being described as a cross between Matchbox Twenty and John Mayer. read more


CBS has officially ordered fifth installments of Big Brother and The Amazing Race. Brother will return in summer 2004, while the Emmy-winning Race could bow as early as midseason. NBC, meanwhile, will serve up additional episodes of The Restaurant later this season. read more

Meet Cable's New Wildlife Hunks

Martin Kratt's calling in by satellite phone from a snowy outpost in mountainous Australia. He's there with his brother Chris to film segments about kangaroos for their new National Geographic Channel series Be the Creature, which debuts Sunday night at 8 pm/ET. "It's been raining for four days," Kratt says. "The kangaroos have a great coat of fur that repels the rain, but we are getting soaked!"

TV Guide Online: The hook of your show is that you and your brother Chris not only hang out with animals in the wild, you mimic their behaviors and assimilate into their environments. Why?
Martin Kratt:
We get such a better feel for the animals when we try to do what they do. You can see what it takes, and you can appreciate the physicality. You can also understand the struggle for survival they face on a daily basis. You know, we've been here in the rain, and I don't know where that phrase "creature comforts" comes from. These kangaroos have no she read more


Heath Ledger and Naomi Watts are an item no more. According to Entertainment Tonight, the couple split about a month ago "due to work schedules that kept them apart." read more


It's official: Regis Philbin will guest-star on Kelly Ripa's ABC sitcom Hope & Faith this November, the duo announced on this morning's Live. Reege will play used-car salesman Handsome Hal Halverson, who auditions Ripa's character to appear in his local TV commercial. read more

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