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On last night's Paradise Hotel, male model Keith proved that, even among the horndogs and alley cats of Fox's reality sexcapade, chivalry is alive and well — he booted misogynist meathead Zack. On the downside, by now we're sure the muscle-bound bully has filed suit against Keith, Fox and even host Amanda Byram. He does, after all, have lawyer in him. read more


Don't count out this summer's spate of reality shows just yet. Last week, CBS's Big Brother 4 and Fox's Paradise Hotel scored their best ratings to date. Also making impressive Nielsen gains: NBC's The Restaurant, For Love or Money 2 and Who Wants to Marry My Dad. The moral of this story? We're all going to hell. read more


Apparently, Freddie Prinze Jr. is serious about this writing thing. The actor — who last year penned an episode of the syndicated action series Mutant X — has inked a deal to develop and co-write a TV movie for MTV. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the untitled comedy will center on a group of teenagers trying to throw a prom. read more


Fox is developing an American take on the U.K. comedy The Savages, about a young couple coping with parenthood. The U.S. version, however, will add an extra twist: It'll be really bad. read more


Steven Spielberg is producing a 12-hour Western for TNT that will follow a pair of families, one white and one Native American, Variety reports. The still-untitled "limited series" is slated to air in summer 2005. read more


Legendary actress Katharine Hepburn, who died last month at age 96, left the bulk of her $20 million estate to family, but donated her Oscars and other memorabilia to charity, reports. Also of note: Hepburn willed furniture, paintings and $10,000 to her goddaughter, ABC News correspondent Cynthia McFadden, and her housekeeper Norah walked away with $200,000. What am I, chopped liver? read more

Race's Millie and Chuck Speak!

It's been several months since Millie and Chuck were eliminated from The Amazing Race (their swan song aired last Thursday), but the couple still can't quite get over the mistakes they made on their nail-biting sprint to the finish against rival team Jon and Kelly. "We think about it every single day," moans Chuck. "We need psychotherapy to deal with it," Millie adds jokingly. Here, America's best-known virgins discuss the race and their relationship.

TVGO: First thing's first: Are you two still a couple? The final moments of the episode implied that your future together was somewhat in doubt.
We are still together and we're working things out right now. You don't have enough time, believe me.
Millie: When you're racing, you feel like, "Oh my gosh, we are so mean to each other, so we must be wrong for each other." Then you come back and watch the show and you see that read more


Britney Spears and Mary J. Blige will help launch the 2003 National Football League season by giving a free concert on Sept. 4 at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. This will mark Spears's first major gig since taking a powder last year. Kid Rock and Aerosmith are also being recruited for the show, which will air from 8-9 pm/ET on ABC, followed by the big Redskins/Jets game. read more

Who Should Play Frasier's Maris?

After a decade as the most talked-about character on NBC's Frasier, if not in television history, Maris Crane may finally be ready to show her face. "About a third of the way through this season," teases executive producer Christopher Lloyd, "there's a big, life-altering event involving Maris once again making trouble in Niles's life" — and, he adds, there's "a chance" that we'll at last get a gander at the mystery woman. Ah, but who could possibly portray her, given the seemingly impossible qualities she is said to possess? "It's virtually impossible to find a human being who contains all [of Maris's] attributes," Lloyd acknowledges. Nonetheless, we've come up with a few unusual suspects:

Calista Flockhart: The McNugget-eschewing erstwhile read more


Anne Heche and West Wing star Dule Hill have joined the cast of Sexual Life, an indie feature about intertwined relationships among a group of adults. The pic — which begins shooting next month in Los Angeles — also stars Tom Everett Scott, Azura Skye and Ally McBeal's James LeGros. read more

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