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Carmen Electra has signed on to play herself in the upcoming MTV original movie Monster Island. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the telepic will be a satire of classic monster movies, featuring Electra as the celebrity host of a fictional MTV beach concert that goes awry when a giant beast shows up and flies away with her in its beak. Let's hope MTV doesn't scrimp on the special effects. read more

Quote of The Weekend: "I think...

Quote of The Weekend:
"I think the only thing I enjoy more than doing the incredibly easy crossword puzzle, is seeing candid photos of Mickey Rourke looking like a bloated wreck."
SNL castmember Amy Poehler in a commercial parody for The National Enquirer


World Series Game 2
I'll be honest, I'm from the Boston area, so it's been a tough time recently, baseball-wise. Watching this contest would be a little masochistic, unless the Yankees are losing. Since that quickly became irrelevant in the first inning with Hideki Matsui's three-run homer, I checked in only to see if anything changed. And it did. The Yankees got three more runs with the Marlins eking out one of their own. (Now, please picture my totally resigned expression. Thanks.)

Marshall (Kevin Weisman) rocks! For an amazingly awkward guy, he's grace under pressure when it's crisis time, read more


NBC further tweaked its fall schedule over the weekend, moving Third Watch to Fridays at 10 pm beginning Oct. 31. The drama's Monday/10 pm time slot will be filled by the new Kathy Griffin-hosted dating show Average Joe (think Mr. Personality without the masks). Where does that leave Boomtown? Headed for TRIO, I'm guessing. read more


CBS has recruited Andy Griffith, Ron Howard, Don Knots and Jim Nabors to take part in next month's Andy Griffith Show reunion. The hour-long special — slated to air Nov. 11 — will feature the former co-stars reminiscing about the good ol' days on a replica of the show's famous courthouse set. read more


Ex-KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick was among those injured on Thursday, when an unidentified man fired a 9 mm automatic pistol into the crowd at a Sunset Strip nightclub. The 49-year-old Kulick was shot in the leg, and a second bullet grazed his head. Another man was shot in the foot. Kulick was treated in a hospital and released. The gunman was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. read more


The word is out that doctors have temporarily removed a quarter of Roy Horn's skull to relieve cranial pressure. The crucial surgery occurred soon after the illusionist was maimed by a white tiger at his Vegas show on Oct. 3. Horn's skull fragment is said to be stored in a pouch in his abdomen for the time being. He remains in critical condition at University Medical Center in Las Vegas. read more


NBC has ordered five more scripts of new comedies Whoopi and Happy Family, both of which perked up in the ratings this week. Additionally, ABC has ordered four more scripts of freshman sitcoms Hope & Faith, It's All Relative, Married to the Kellys and I'm with Her. CBS, meanwhile, has asked to see more scripts of hit dramas Joan of Arcadia and Cold Case. read more

Hairspray Gal Kisses Mr. Kelly Ripa

In the Broadway smash Hairspray, Marissa Jaret Winokur won a Tony as plus-sized fashion freak Tracy Turnblad. For that role, the diva teased her hair to dizzying heights and even donned unflattering prison stripes! But that's nothing. Next up, she plays an overweight pageant contestant in ABC Family's Beautiful Girl (Sunday at 8 pm/ET). She spends the TV movie trotting around in an enormous squirrel tail — and when she's not wearing that, she sports a bathing suit with a built-in fish tank. Is she ever uncomfortable in such oddball get-ups?

"How can I be embarrassed?" Winokur laughs to TV Guide Online. "I had a tail bigger than my body. I love it. And because I'm also from the theater, the more costumes, the better."

There's just one problem. "You don't even get the full effect of the fishes being in my bra," the 30-year-old laments. "For some reason, they didn't really get the shot, but the fish were in there the whole time. I wanted read more


NYPD Blue's Andy Sipowicz (Dennis Franz) is about to become the victim of a shooting. Well, of a shotgun wedding, anyway. As reported in the new issue of TV Guide magazine, producers have decided to incorporate Charlotte Ross's real-life pregnancy into the show, paving the way for Connie and Andy to tie the knot at last. "We put their wedding on hold last season, and this is just a terrific excuse to take care of business," says series creator Steven Bochco, who is keeping the actual date a secret for now. One thing's for sure: Connie will have ample time to plan the nuptials. As is police policy, her expectant cop character will be taken off the streets and assigned desk duty. Says Bochco: "We've got some really interesting things in store for her within the four walls." Coming up on Blue — Connie files A read more

Meg Ryan Bares All

For years, Meg Ryan held the "America's Sweetheart" title, putting her button nose to work in meet-cute romantic comedies. So what's she doing in a dark, erotic indie thriller like Jane Campion's In the Cut (opening Oct. 22)? Though Ryan has acted in a number of dramas (When a Man Loves a Woman, Courage Under Fire) this is quite a departure. But she doesn't really mind that her latest gig is raising some eyebrows.

"[In the Cut] is an interior exploration, and a genre I've never done before," Ryan says. "I can see why people put me in a box about romantic comedy, and I understand that, because those have made more money than other things I've done."

In Cut, she trades in her perky blond bob for a dull brown 'do, playing a single English teacher in New York City. Things don't stay dull for long, though, read more

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