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Ray Romano can ponder the future of Everybody Loves Raymond in his new Malibu home, which he just purchased for $8 million, the Los Angeles Times reports. The Cape Cod-style crib boasts ocean views (big deal), five bedrooms (that's all?), hardwood floors (got those myself), beamed ceilings (stop the presses!), a pool (probably above ground) and fireplaces in the living room, master bedroom and one of the guesthouses (damn him!). read more


Critics dubbed it a dog, but Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed still managed to collar the top spot at the box office. The not-so anticipated sequel grossed $30.8 million — $25 million short of the first film's debut in 2002. Tom Hanks' star power helped give writer-directors Joel and Ethan Coen their best opening ever with The Ladykillers, which snagged second place with $13 million. The Passion of the Christ slipped to No. 3 with $12.5 million ($315 million to date), followed by last week's top flick, Dawn of the Dead (No. 4 with $10.4 million), and Ben Affleck's new romantic comedy, Jersey Girl (No. 5 with $8.3 million). It's worth noting that Girl grossed read more

SUNDAYThe Sopranos I assume everyone...


The Sopranos
I assume everyone in town, including A.J.'s guidance counselor (David Strathairn) knows what Tony does for a living. (He says he's heard "some.") So is he really putting the preliminary moves on Carmela? Get the feeling the high school's gonna be taking out a "help wanted" ad soon?

Now, I was a knucklehead as a youth. And my buddies were even bigger ones. Drawing on the passed-out pal's face? Yeah, it happened (along with covering his mug with peanut butter and sticking Trivial Pursuit pieces into it to achieve a modern-primitive mosaic effect). But shaving off the eyebrows? Krazy Gluing the face to the floor? Way over the line. All. Out. War.

And speaking of war, putting Feech (Robert Loggia) on a bus back to prison avoided one. (The beauty of owning a cheap car, by the way: Had I been at that wedding, my ride would've still been there when I came out.) But I'm betting Tony's rare act o read more


NBC's news division is coming under fire for devoting two full hours of Dateline NBC to The Apprentice's April 15 finale. Dateline's entire April 14 show will take a behind-the-scenes look at the NBC reality smash, while the April 16 edition will feature an hourlong profile of Donald Trump. "I think it's a disgrace," said former NBC News president Larry Grossman. "It's clearly using the news division to hype the network's entertainment schedule." Dateline exec producer David Corvo argues that, "We're trying to respond to the interest." To that end, rumor has it Dateline is planning to devote six full hours to the phenomenon that is Happy Family. read more


William Shatner is expected to join the cast of ABC's in-the-works Practice spinoff starring James Spader. Last week, the Star Trek icon kicked off a multi-episode arc on The Practice. read more


Madonna's Maverick record label has slapped Warner Music with a $200 million breach-of-contract lawsuit that seeks to end a partnership that began in 1992. The suit alleges fraud and false accounting and comes a day after Warners filed its own breach-of-contract suit against Maverick in Delaware. But I thought music was supposed to make the people come together??? I'm so confused. read more


Soccer stud David Beckham is in talks to play a cameo role in MGM's upcoming Pink Panther feature, starring Steve Martin as Inspector Clouseau. Beckham would play — brace yourself — a soccer player. read more


Bobby Brown was released from a Dedham, Mass., jail Thursday after spending the night for not paying $63,500 in back child support. He was sprung after forking over the cash. Brown called the whole thing a "misunderstanding," adding that he "thought it was paid." Next up for Whitney's albatross: A May 5 court date in Fulton County, Ga., where he faces misdemeanor battery charges for allegedly hitting his wife. On the bright side, at least the dude's keepin' busy. read more

Richard Grieco's Show of Force

His 21 Jump Street crony, Johnny Depp, now headlines blockbusters and vies for Oscars, while his own body of work tends to bypass the multiplex altogether. But despite the fact that his smoldering stare and intense presence should have made him a matinee idol as well, Richard Grieco doesn't give a damn. "Even when the films I've done haven't been good, they've been good characters," he explains to TV Guide Online, "so I'll still take them."

In the Sci Fi thriller Phantom Force (a spin-off of the FX-citing Interceptor Force flicks, premiering Saturday night at 9 pm/ET), the early-'90s teen heartthrob has himself another doozy of a role: a G-man combatting demons of both the literal and figurative variety. "In a lot of ways, I relate to the darker characters," allows the frequent screen heavy, who plays a hit man opposite Burt Reynolds and Charles Durning in the upcoming comedy Forget About It. "Even my writing and pa read more


Despite the dud that was its Charlie's Angels exposé, NBC is forging ahead with its Behind the Camera franchise. The net is developing a two-hour movie that explores the backstage drama at Diff'rent Strokes. Also in the Peacock's pipeline: Behind-the-scenes flicks about Mork & Mindy, Laverne & Shirley and Bewitched. read more

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