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The Disney Channel has set sail on Tiger Cruise, an original TV-movie set against the backdrop of the September 11 attacks. Starring Bill Pullman, the film tells the true story of a naval carrier called into full combat alert on September 11 while children and other civilians were on board. It's slated to air in August. read more


Jeopardy host Alex Trebek, 63, escaped serious injury over the weekend when he fell asleep at the wheel of his pickup truck and crashed into a ditch on a rural road in Templeton, Calif. "I am very lucky and thankful that no one was badly hurt," he said. "My back hurts a little, but I plan to be in the studio this Tuesday for our regular tapings." read more


Fresh from his shocking Super Bowl duet with Janet, Justin Timberlake has been confirmed as a performer at Sunday's Grammy Awards. He'll be joined by Prince, Beyoncé Knowles, Celine Dion and Alicia Keys — all of whom will be lining their brassieres with Shards O' Glass Freeze Pops just in case Justin gets frisky again. read more


Producer Mary-Ellis Bunim, who along with Jonathan Murray pioneered the reality genre with the creation of MTV's The Real World, died Thursday of breast cancer. She was 57. Bunim's partnership with Murray also spawned such reality staples as Road Rules, Making the Band, The Real World/Road Rules Challenge and Fox's The Simple Life. She is survived by her daughter, Juliana. read more


CBS estimates that more than 89 million people saw Janet Jackson's exposed boobie, making it the most-watched Super Bowl since 1998. Final numbers are due later today. read more


UPN is developing a reality show that follows a group of men who are transformed into women by their wives and girlfriends and forced to live together in a house. Potential Tootsies who don't get the hang of acting like a girl will be eliminated. read more


Helen Hunt is expecting her first child this summer with boyfriend Matthew Carnahan, reports the New York Daily News. The pair have been dating for three years. read more


Tina Wesson paid the price for being one of Survivor's $1 million champions as the 42-year-old became the first contestant voted off Survivor: All-Stars. Her fellow Saboga tribemates, fearing that Wesson could pull off a repeat, gave her the boot by a 4-2 margin. Note to Ethan: Start packin' your bags, dude. read more

SUNDAY Survivor: All-Stars It's...


Survivor: All-Stars
It's a shame that Outback winner Tina Wesson had to be voted off, or for that matter, any of those poor, nearly dehydrated bastards. The game is great and all, but the real kick of watching this all-star edition is seeing these already established personalities interact with each other. Ya got Rudy and Rupert forming an alliance; Lex working side-by-side with Colby (Schick's not-so-clean-shaven spokesman); Jerri hanging out with Jenna L.; and even Rob M. mildly flirting with Amber, later noting how "beautiful" she is. (Oh, and they won't milk this possible story line for all it's worth?)

It seems like each successive Survivor edition gets harder and harder. No shelter. No food. No drinkable water. What's next? Maybe they all get splashed with fresh blood and then Jeff Probst will say, "OK, we've just released a dozen ravenous l read more

Amber Tamblyn Finds Religion

Whatever God is paying his agent, it ain't enough. The man upstairs hasn't had as hip a showcase as Joan of Arcadia since Moses parted the Red Sea. The CBS hit has even made, if not a believer, a questioner of its leading lady, Amber Tamblyn. Being on the series, she says, "hasn't changed [my spirituality] that much, but it's definitely helped me to be more interested in religion in general."

The daughter of Twin Peaks' kooky Russ Tamblyn, the General Hospital alumna wasn't taught to put her faith in "a specific religion," she admits. "But I was raised to believe in God. The [basics] of what my father taught me growing up was to find something that I truly believed in, not necessarily to follow his path. He likes to influence me, definitely, [by telling me to] read different things. But he never pushed anything on me."

Between her pop's open mind and the all-embracing subtext of Joan, Tamblyn was overdue for a metaphysical read more

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