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Mark Valley — the star of Fox's short-lived summer series Keen Eddie — has signed on to play an L.A. detective in the ABC pilot Joe Green and Eugene, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The role of Eugene — Joe's inept brother — has not yet been cast. The potential series is being helmed by Eddie creator Joel Wyman. In other development news, the writer and director behind Armageddon (Shane Salerno and Michael Bay) are reuniting to create a character-based crime drama for ABC. read more

FriendsIt's a shame this week's...

Friends It's a shame this week's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy cameo was wasted on the unwatchable Good Morning, Miami when Ross is an obvious candidate for the Fab Five treatment. Kyan would have shown him how to use the spray-on tanning booth. And what was the point of Jennifer Coolidge's guest spot? She's hilarious in Best in Show and Legally Blonde, but for a moment I thought I was watching Anna Nicole Smith.

Survivor: Pearl Islands Drake wins the reward challenge but lets Morgan win the immunity challenge and votes off Burton instead of that Harpo Marx on speed, Jon. Y'all better hope Rupert doesn't come back from Morgan's camp a cannibal.

Threat Matrix I popped in during a Survivor commercial break to find the gang trying to contain an ebola epidemic spread by an infected dog while Kelly Rutherford's trapped in a yellow hazmat su read more


The WB has given the green light to a full season of Angel, which has performed well on Wednesdays. According to Variety, the Frog network had an option to cut back to 13 episodes if the show tanked. In related news, ex-Buffy the Vampire Slayer scribe Doug Petrie is developing a contemporary take on Lost in Space for the WB. read more


That's Moore, Sir Roger Moore to you. The erstwhile James Bond was knighted by Queen Elizabeth on Thursday for his work as a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF. You may recall the 75-year-old actor collapsed last May while appearing on Broadway. Well, he has since been fitted with a pacemaker and is doing just fine. read more


Elton John and Bernie Taupin are taking their act to the small screen, signing a deal with Warner Bros. TV and producer Shaun Cassidy to develop a musical drama for Fox. "It's a soap opera with the emphasis on the opera," Cassidy tells Variety, adding that Rhapsody will be more Moulin Rouge than Cop Rock. "There's a murder mystery and a power struggle and a big, grand love story." And if Moulin Rouge taught us anything, it's that love is a many-splendored thing, love lifts us up where we belong, and all you need is love! read more

Roc Star Relives Sniper Tragedy

Having tackled everything from jail to Yale Drama School to network sitcoms, you'd think that ex-Roc star Charles S. Dutton had seen it all. But during last October's Beltway-area shootings, while many couldn't help but notice his uncanny likeness to Virginia police chief Charles Moose, Dutton was witnessing the worst of that horror first hand.

"I live in Maryland," says the three-time Emmy winner (that includes last month's trophy for his Without a Trace guest spot). "Those guys [suspected gunmen John Lee Malvo and John Allan Muhammad] were about 15 miles from my farm. I was there during a majority of the shootings."

So when the offer to play Moose in USA Network's D.C. Sniper: 23 Days of Fear (airing Oct. 17 at 9 pm/ET) came in, Dutton wasn't so sure about a small-screen trip back to the scene of the crimes that killed 10 people and injured three others.

read more


Am I the only one who thinks Bob Guiney is coming off as a major sleaze on The Bachelor?... If you haven't already noticed, we have added a search function to Entertainment News and Insider that allows you to access stories as far back as 2000. Go ahead, search for something: You know you want to. read more

NYPD Blue Cop Out?

Although Esai Morales survived the shocking NYPD Blue season finale in which his character was gunned down, Lt. Tony Rodriguez still may not be long for the 15th precinct. "I can't say that I'll be on the show for the whole season," the actor tells TV Guide Online. "I have a deal at ABC to do my own series — drama, dramedy, whatever."

Even if this does turn out to be the 41-year-old heartthrob's final year as a regular on the beat, it isn't likely to be his last visit to to the set. A la alumna Kim Delaney (who returns for a weeks-long story arc in episode five), he notes, "I hope that if I leave, it's in a way that I can come back." (Memo to Mr. Bochco: No body bags, please.)

As it is, Morales is surprised that he has been so warmly embraced b read more


ABC has signed a deal to bring the hit British reality series Wife Swap to the States next summer for a six-week run. However, the U.S. version of the show — in which women from different social backgrounds switch families for two weeks — will be called Trading Moms. Producers apparently felt American audiences would be offended by a program titled Wife Swap. (Personally, I find Trading Moms pretty icky, but that's just me.) read more


Limp Bizkit angered Chicago concertgoers while performing at the "Summer Sanitarium Tour" on July 26 — and now, they're suing! According to court papers obtained by, Fred Durst and his band performed for only 17 minutes. During that short time, they allegedly showed "obscene and profane messages to the crowd via four giant monitors," while Durst yelled "disgusting homophobic and anti-gay statements." The lawsuit seeks a $25 refund for each of 172 ticket holders. read more

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