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Celine Dion still can't get rid of that pain in the neck. As a result, the diva was forced to cancel her weekend shows at Caesars Palace. (She bowed out of three shows last week for the same reason.) She's expected to resume performances on Wednesday. read more

SUNDAYHelter Skelter The Charles...


Helter Skelter
The Charles Manson killings and trial occurred when I was a little kid, so they didn't really enter my world until the first Helter Skelter aired in 1976, when the whole tale had long since entered the realm of circus and hyperbole. By then he'd become just another bogeyman to us, right up there with The Legend of Boggy Creek, Jaws or Halloween. When my friends and I weren't telling Helen Keller jokes, we were mixing Manson in with the other ghost and monster stories we told lying around the campfire in our sleeping bags.

By the time I graduated college, it was Manson who'd become the joke. After seeing his infamous Geraldo interview and hearing his rantings and songs played time and again on the Stern show, it was easy to get a laugh by lapsing into his delusional drawl.

But you can only laugh at the guy when you don't think about what he did. And though read more


Courtney Love pleaded not guilty in a Manhattan courtroom Thursday to charges that she assaulted a fan with a microphone stand during a concert last March in New York. But the real drama took place in the women's bathroom, where the loony tunesmith held a rambling press conference and announced that, "Mrs. Consuela was the pet name for his genitals." At last, the mystery is solved! read more


It's official: Rupert Boneham is the most popular Survivor of them all. The lovable pirate was awarded a $1-million check live Thursday night on CBS after fans chose him as their fave all-star in an online poll. The runners-up were Big Tom (huh?), Colby and Boston Rob, who revealed during the show that he and fiancée Amber are talking to a network about televising their nuptials. Would they ever do it? Cracked Rob: "If the price is right." read more

Survivor's Jenna Laughs Last

During the Survivor: All-Stars reunion, we learned that Jenna Lewis had recently eloped with model Travis Wolfe, whom she'd only begun dating a few months ago. The third-place finisher has more than mere matrimonial news up her sleeve, though. You see, while Jenna acted like a good-natured chatterbox during her island stint, she's also quite the spitfire. Here, TV Guide Online discovers just how sassy this mother-of-two can be, as she expresses her true feelings about Amber, Jerri and her other Survivor rivals.

TV Guide Online: Congratulations on your wedding. Was that spur of the moment?
Jenna Lewis:
Yeah, it was a spontaneous thing last weekend. He asked me, I said yes. My daughters love him. It is so good for them.

TVGO: You lost the game when you had a small slip up, barely moving your foot during the final immunity challenge.
It's ridiculous how I'm going to relive that moment for th read more


CBS is developing a four-hour movie about Elvis Presley that for the first time will use master recordings of some of the King's biggest hits, Variety reports. It's slated to air next season. read more


Law & Order has tapped acting vet Dennis Farina (Midnight Run, Get Shorty) to replace Jerry Orbach next season. As previously reported, Orbach is transferring to spinoff No. 3, Law & Order: Trial by Jury, which debuts on NBC at midseason. Although Farina's character is still being fleshed out, exec producer Dick Wolf tells TV Guide Online that the 60-year-old Crime Story star will be playing an "Italian cop who's an iconoclast... and a confirmed bachelor." Adds Farina: "He's going to be a little out of the ordinary." read more


Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan has been tapped to host the MTV Movie Awards on June 10... The MPAA has slapped an NC-17 rating A Dirty Shame, the latest comedy from cult director John Waters. The film stars Tracey Ullman as a working-class store owner who turns into a depraved sex addict following a concussion... Jim Carrey is mulling a sequel to Bruce Almighty, Variety reports. read more

Joseph Lawrence Gets Married

This week, Joseph Lawrence fans let out a collective sympathy "Whoa." The 28-year-old actor confirms to TV Guide Online that his struggling WB sitcom, Run of the House, won't return this fall for a second season. You haven't seen the last of Joey, though. He's just taped an ABC pilot, I Married Sophia, and learns next week if the series will join the network's fall lineup.

The pilot casts Lawrence as a once-successful New Yorker whose recent job loss leaves him strapped for cash. Through an illegal website, he finds Sophia — a foreign woman in need of a green card — and marries her in exchange for $10,000. He expects to take the money and run (and they say romance is dead!) but a suspicious INS agent forces the fake couple to cohabitate with her 7-year-old son. Fun, huh?

"It's a great hot-headed romantic comedy," Lawrence says. "It's all about the relationship of these two people. The chemistry is there instantly, but they fight it read more


Frasier ended its storied 11-year run Thursday night with two happy endings, a big mystery and 25.4 million viewers. First, the happy endings: Niles and Daphne became first-time parents and Crane patriarch Martin married ex-model Nina van Horn. Now, for the mystery: After accepting a new job in San Francisco, lovelorn Frasier jetted to Chicago to win back would-be soul mate Charlotte. Was he successful? The freakin' curtain fell before we could find out. Imagine that: A sitcom ending that doesn't spell everything out for the viewer. That's no fun. read more

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