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CSI-fueled CBS killed the competition during the third week of the new TV season, ranking No. 1 among total viewers and adults 18-49. Comeback kid ABC, meanwhile, squeaked past NBC for second place, thanks in large part to breakout hits Desperate Housewives and Lost. Speaking of the Peacock, the once-dominant network had just one show in the top 10: ER. The top five shows of the week were as follows: CSI, Without a Trace, CSI: Miami, Desperate Housewives and Survivor: Vanuatu. read more


Rumor has it Nicky Hilton's gonna be a divorcée at the ripe age of 21. Paris' kid sis has reportedly split with her husband of two months, money-manager Todd Mesiter. US Weekly says the couple — whose quickie Las Vegas nups came out of nowhere (as they so often do) — are working on an annulment. Speaking of doomed unions... read more

Gilmore Girls OK. So the newly...

Gilmore Girls
OK. So the newly reunited Rory and Dean can't hang out at his place (thanks to his creepy mom) or in Rory's suite at Yale (thanks to crazy Paris). And Rory's car is just too small for their rendezvous, so they give up. Puh-leeze. What kind of teenagers are they? Seriously. These two need to make like the hormone-crazed kids that they still are and use a little imagination. Oh, and another thing: The Stars Hollow town-selectman election turnout was out of control. No town anywhere (including, I'm sure, Australia, where voting is mandatory) has that kind of voter turnout!

The Latest Old Navy Commercial
What kind of lottery did my eyes just lose? I liked the first Feel Good Fashion spot. And loved the second one, where the girl flips out in history class. ("Thanks... First Guy, for writing things down!") But this one's disappointing. Some lady rejoices over the air in her office? Come on now. No piece of clothing could ever make you ge read more

Dejected Apprentice Diva: ''I Sunk Myself"

The women of The Apprentice 2 continue to take a beating. On last Thursday's show, 32-year-old investment whiz Pamela became the latest Apex femme fatale to be discharged by The Donald. Just hours after her very public pink-slipping, the high-stylin' diva rang up TV Guide Online's Michael Ausiello to chat about bad haircuts, Carolyn's mean streak and a certain havoc-wreakin' munchkin named Stacy R.

TV Guide Online: The Louis Vuitton knockoff you were sportin' on last night's show is winning raves. Where in Chinatown did you pick that up?
That's not funny, darlin'. That bag cost me a lot of money.

TVGO: It's real?
Oh, yeah.

TVGO: Oops.
That's like, $1600 a bag.

TVGO: Wow.

TVGO: Too bad it didn't score any points with The Donald. He was kinda rough on you in the boardroom. I mean, you lost by, what, six cents?
read more


An old friend is checking into NBC's Scrubs just in time for sweeps. As reported first by E! Online, Matthew Perry will direct and guest-star in the show's Nov. 23 episode. He'll play a man willing to donate one of his kidneys to his sick father — played by Perry's real-life dad, John Bennett Perry — until complications arise. Let's hope said complications don't involve anyone by the name of Tara Reid. read more

Gilmore Guy's "Snob Mentality"

Even before making his Gilmore Girls debut last week, Matt Czuchry knew very well how we would react to his character, Yale sophomore Logan. Not only does the smart-mouthed Ivy Leaguer push the buttons of America's sweetheart, Rory (Alexis Bledel), but his snobbery is rivaled only by that of her persnickety grandmother, Emily.

"I could tell people were going to hate me on sight," the baby-faced 27-year-old shares with TV Guide Online. "Logan is completely unapologetic. He'll go off in the summer and crash Daddy's yacht into a buoy, and his dad will fly him away in a helicopter so he won't have to deal with any of the consequences.

"Obviously, this guy is 180 degrees different from Rory and from her past boyfriends, so how could the audience not be kind of spun out when they see him come on? But," he adds with the snicker of a born pot-stirrer, "that's what we're going for."

To make matters worse for the newbie — or, on seco read more


Paramount has delayed the release of Alfie, the romantic comedy starring Jude Law, until Nov. 5. It was scheduled to open Oct. 22, but the studio says the move will allow the film to play through the holidays. read more


The producers of Smallville are preparing a tribute to late Superman icon Christopher Reeve, TV Guide Online has learned. The dedication will air at the top of Wednesday's episode (8 pm/ET), confirms a network spokesman, who declined to provide further details. Reeve had a recurring role on the Superman prequel series as the mysterious Dr. Swann. Meanwhile, production will continue on a computer-animated film Reeve was directing at the time of his death last weekend. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Yankee Irving centers on a father and his baseball-playing son, who overcomes personal obstacles to realize his dreams. Reeve, who was overseeing the production from his New York home via a videoconferencing system, described the film as "captivating, with the perfect blend of warmth and wit." Producers have yet to decide read more


Nicole Kidman is in talks to join fellow Oscar winners Russell Crowe and Geoffrey Rush in Fox Searchlight's upcoming adaptation of Murray Bail's novel Eucalyptus, Variety reports. The story revolves around an overprotective father who decides to marry off his daughter to the one man who can correctly identify the species of each and every one of the thousands of eucalyptus trees on his estate. Somewhere, Fox's reality chief Mike Darnell is thinking, "Hmmm... Where can I get me some eucalyptus trees?" read more


NBC is back in the business of making cheese. The network is developing a sequel to its campy (albeit highly rated) earthquake miniseries 10.5, Variety reports. Part Deux will focus on the aftershocks from the Big One, including volcano eruptions, killer tsunamis and laughable special effects. It's not clear if 10.5 stars Beau Bridges, Kim Delaney and Dule Hill will return for the follow-up. I suppose it depends how hungry they are for cheese. read more

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