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Question: What does the ...

Question: What does the General Lee's car tag say (from Dukes of Hazzard)? — Brian

Televisionary: Georgia, CNH 320.

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Question: I was watching ...

Question: I was watching M*A*S*H recently and the episode was one where the man who plays Col. Sherman Potter was on it, but as a different character. Was this a fluke, or were the producers trying to screen-test him or something? — Cat, Shepherdstown, West Va.

Televisionary: It wasn't intentional, Cat, but it served as a screen test just the same. Harry Morgan (Dragnet) joined the long-running series as Potter, replacement for the late Lt. Col. Henry Blake (McLean Stevenson), in 1975. But he first appeared on the show a year earlier as crazy Gen. Bartford Hamilton Steele in the episode "The General Flipped at Dawn."

Morgan impressed the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences enough to garner an Emmy nomination for the guest spot; impressed the producers enough to cast him as Potter, and impressed the Emmy voters enough to win himself a statue in 198 read more

Question: I guess this is a ...

Question: I guess this is a question for you rather than FlickChick because it involves Evening Shade, but it's really about Burt Reynolds, its star. I was reading somewhere that Boogie Nights was a comeback for him, but I don't get it. Wasn't he already doing OK with Evening Shade on the air? How is that a comeback? Seems like he was doing all right to me. — Billie R., Savannah

Televisionary: Well, "comeback" depends on how far up you go and how down you were, Billie. And Reynolds, despite his Evening Shade success, had fallen pretty far and taken some major hits — many of them self-inflicted — by the time Nights came out in 1997. And it's worth noting that it wasn't his first comeback by any means.

In the late '70s and early '80s, Reynolds was named No. 1 Box-Office Star of the Year five times in a row and was flying high. But then came a read more

Question: Do you know where ...

Question: Do you know where The Mountain is filmed? — Jessica W., New York City

Televisionary: That I do. Vancouver, B.C., Canada. And exteriors were shot at Alberta's Lake Louise Ski Hill.

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Brady Boy Behind the Camera

As Brady Bunch devotees will recall, Bobby Brady grew up to become a race-car driver. But Mike Lookinland, the actor who played the youngest Brady boy, went racing down a different career path. After toying with the ideas of being a chemical engineer or an architect, Lookinland returned to the film industry, only this time behind the camera. He's currently the first assistant cameraman on the hit WB show Everwood.

"Where I am now is the pinnacle of the path I started on about 15 years ago," says Lookinland. "When I got back into the film business after college, I started out as a production assistant. At first I was working my way up toward joining the DGA [Directors Guild of America], but one day it occurred to me that assistant directing is mostly political and organizational, whereas assistant camera is mostly technical. I realized that in the long term, technical appealed to me over political. So I have been doing camera ever since."

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Hundreds of friends and family turned out Friday to remember late actor-activist Christopher Reeve at a memorial service in New York. Among the guests were Hillary Clinton, wannabe first lady Teresa Heinz Kerry and Reeve's Superman leading-lady Margot Kidder. The service was held at the actor's alma mater, the Juilliard School. read more

SNL's Election Fever Heats Up

Backstage at Saturday Night Live, Will Forte is washing some makeup off his face in his dressing room. He apologizes profusely as fellow cast member Seth Meyers extends his comparatively dry hand to say hello, giving Forte a moment to finish cleaning up. You'd never see that kind of teamwork between the respective candidates they've so deftly portrayed during this political season. (That's Forte as President Bush and Meyers as Senator Kerry). With Election Day nearly upon us — and Forte's face now clean — the duo tell TV Guide Online about the nifty impressions you'll get to enjoy all over again on Saturday Night Live's Presidential Bash 2004: The Great Debates. The NBC special, which skewers everyone from Gerald Ford to the present-day nominees, airs tonight at 10 pm/ET.

TV Guide Online: What personality traits have became shorthand for impersonating Bush and Kerry?
Seth Meyers:
I found a couple things about Kerry: read more


Fox has decided not to move ahead with The Partner, its Apprentice-esque reality series in which young lawyers were to battle it out for a job at a major law firm. The show was supposed to debut this month, but got replaced by My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss. read more


R. Kelly and Jay-Z's problem-plagued "Best of Both Worlds" tour came to an abrupt end Friday night when a member of Jay-Z's entourage allegedly pepper-sprayed Kelly during a show at Madison Square Garden. Kelly was subsequently booted from the tour and the singer's lawyers are considering legal action. R. Kelly and Jay-Z have reportedly been feuding for months. read more

Biggest Loser's Lizzeth Lost

The voting process on NBC's The Biggest Loser (Tuesdays at 8/pm ET) has quickly gone from survival of the fittest to survival of the fattest.

Both in the series opener and last week's episode, the teams eliminated their lightest members — and kept larger-sized contestants for their potential to lose more weight. Never mind credit for those who tried hardest. That strategy spelled doom for Red Team's spunky Lizzeth Davalos, 24. Before the big weigh-in, she woke up at the crack of dawn to go jogging, in a failed attempt to shed extra pounds. Here, the California girl tells TV Guide Online about her weighty dilemma.

TV Guide Online: Have you stuck with the diet?
Lizzeth Davalos:
I've managed to keep up. I'm losing weight and meeting my fitness goals.

TVGO: You set out to inspire your family. Did you ultimately do that?
Yes, I am helping family members and friends, so I definitely achieved that. They were just b read more

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